How is VoIP Call Recording Possible

how voip call recording possible

People love to take notes when talking with a client to remember necessary matters and key points of a voice chat. Sometimes, you forget to note crucial points and cannot keep yourself up. VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) comes in handy these days on social networking apps. The technology has recently been introduced that empowers you to record and listen to voice calls. We will cover how VoIP call recording is possible on cell phones active with social messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Hangout, Viber, Line, and Skype.

What is VoIP Call Recording?

You may want to record social media Voice calls on someone’s phone. IM’s VoIP call recorder provides you with a secure way to record voice and video calls. People these days look forward to listening to the incoming and outgoing voice chats on instant messaging apps.

VoIP call recording enables you to play the recorded voice chats as many times as you want. It will have the record of every voice chat you have done on IM’s apps.

Most voice call recording apps deliver the recorded data to the user-friendly dashboard. People can re-play all the audio and video voice chats whenever they need.

Apart from VoIP call recorders, many hectic ways are available on the web that claims to record live VoIP calls on social networking apps like Facebook, Line, WhatsApp, Skype, and many more. Do you want to record Voice calls on instant messengers? Well! You have to get your hands on the best VoIP call recording software to record and listen to the voice chats on social messaging apps in real-time.

Is It Possible to Perform VoIP Call Recording on Android No-Root?

Yes, it has become possible in the last two years. All in one spy brand named TheOneSpy android spy software became the first spy software that offers social media voice call recording. It is an application that you can install on your target rooted and non-rooted android phone.

The spy solution that record voice calls can hide app icon on the latest OS versions of android phones. Moreover, it can remain hidden and temper-proof. It can record voice chats on IM’s apps without root and save the conversations to the dashboard. Spy app for android can record one-sided voice calls in real-time audio and video to the fullest.

Types of VoIP Call Recording Possible You Need to Know

Usually, there are three types of VoIP call recording like hosted recording, hardware/Appliance, and software/Application based recording. Today, we describe software-based recording. The android spy app powered by TheOneSpy introduces an application that records live one-sided voice calls of multiple social networks without them knowing.

TheOneSpy Call Recording Types:

Here are the following social networking apps that VoIP call recording is possible using non-rooted android spy software.

Top Voice Call Recording Service Provider In 2021

Here are the following android spy apps in the business these days that offer VoIP call recording solutions on social networks that you need to know about:

  •         TheOneSpy
  •         OgyMogy
  •         Flexispy
  •         SpyEra

These are spy apps for android that offer Voice call recording features on popular social networking apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Vine, Skype, and Google Hangouts without rooting the target phone.

Who Wants to Record VoIP Calls on Social Networks such as Instant Messengers?

People these days look forward to record and listening to the voice calls on social messaging apps active on mobile devices connected to cyberspace. The question arises, what makes people record calls on IM’s apps no time ever before.

Why Do Parents Want to Listen to VoIP Calls?

The social media-obsessed youth has made parents insecure, and kids are vulnerable to stalkers, child abusers, sex offenders, and bunny hunters. Do you know why? Young teens spend hours on messaging apps for voice chatting, texting, and sexting with strangers. They also exchange contacts and make voice and video calls on Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social networks with strangers. Therefore, parents want to safeguard teens from online predators, and they want to monitor cell phones and record social networking VoIP calls.

According to the Pew Research Center:

  • More than 70% of parents are worried about teens’ excessive social media apps and mobile screens.
  • One out three teens become the victim of cyberbullying via text messages, chats, media, and audio calls on social media
  • 56% of teens are addicted to Instagram, and they share photos and voice chats
  • 22% of teens do sexting via text messages and via voice calls on WhatsApp, Facebook, and others

What Makes Employers Listen to Employees’ Conversations?

Customer care service is the backbone of a business. It keeps its clients loyal to the products by dealing with them humbly. However, bad dealing with clients can make your client carried away, and they will not bother your product again. Employers these days want to monitor chats, messages, emails, and voice conversations of employees. Employers do want to record clients’ voice and text conversations on social media and cellular networks. Employers can record live phone calls using call recording software but cannot listen to voice conversations on social messaging apps. Business professionals also want to record disgruntled employees’ VoIP calls and phone calls to prevent the leakage of business secrets and information.

  • 40% of employees monitor employee’s voice and text chats and emails
  • 12% of employees waste working hours via voice calls and chat on social media
  • 5% of employers have reservations over their customer care representatives
  • Every second employer wants to listen to voice calls on business devices

Top 5 Benefits of VoIP Call Recording on Cellphones

Live VoIP call recording has many benefits only for parents, employers, and many individuals. Here are a few advantages you can use get using the TheOneSpy VoIP call recording app.

Enhance Customer Care Service:

Business professionals can improve the customer care service of a business. Employers can record VoIP calls of customer care representatives with clients. You can get to know your employees are doing productive customer care and satisfying clients. So, prevent any misdealing of your employees with clients using social networks and on phone calls conversations. Employers can save the data of the recorded calls to the online dashboard of a cell phone monitoring software.

Increase Business Productivity:

Employers can improve and enhance the productivity of their employees. Bosses deploy workers to engage clients via emails, phone calls, and social networking apps. You can monitor text conversations, voice and video chats in real-time by using a VoIP call recorder on business phones. You can train your employees and record voice calls during training sessions.

Identify Kid’s Inappropriate Voice Conversations:

Parents can use voice call recording software on kids’ cell phones connected to cyberspace and active with social networking apps. You can record live voice and video calls on Facebook, WhatsApp, line, and skype to prevent online hookups with strangers. Young teens interact and respond to strangers online and often make VoIP calls to get to know each other. Parents can listen to the voice chats in real-time and know and plan in VoIP chats on social messaging apps.

Keep Data of Calls that Happen on Social Networks:

You can preserve the live calls on instant messaging apps inbound and outgoing. Users can use the VoIP call recorder software. It can record voice calls on the target cell phone without root and save the data of the calls to the online control panel. VoIP calls data enable busy parents to listen to the voice conversations of teens to stay updated.

Resolve Disputes:

TheOneSpy is one of the few spy apps that can resolve the disputes between your customer service representatives and clients. VoIP call recording empowers you to listen to the conversations happening between employees and clients. It helps you to identify that your employees are doing a great job or just wasting time.

Legality to Spy on VoIP Calls on Cell Phones

Well! You cannot do wiretapping using spy apps on cell phones unless you have got the consent of the target phone user. You can perform VoIP call recording on the phone you own like, your kids and business phones. You have to get the consent of the target device used to prevent cyber-crime that can put you in prison. Parents can record VoIP calls on smartphones to protect kids from inappropriate voice calls with strangers. Employers can listen to the employees for the sake of business safety and productivity. So, apart from parental controls and business productivity, you cannot breach someone’s privacy.


Do you want to record and listen to the VoIP chats of your teens and employees? You can use the best spy app for VoIP call recording known as TheOneSpy to protect your teens from poetically risky interactions on instant messaging apps. Moreover, you can identify the customer care services of your employees by listening to the voice calls to the fullest.

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