How Can Parents Spy On Tumblr?

Spy On tumblr

Social media is our bread and butter these days. Youngsters are second to none when consuming the internet and social media. There is a digital social platform that you would have seen on your kid’s cell phone –Tumblr. Do you know? Why is your child spending hours and hours on their phone screen connected to cyberspace? Social media has made parents spy on their kids for no time ever before. You should also know why it has become necessary to spy on Tumblr. Know about Tumblr, threats, and reasons to monitor cellphones.

Tumblr Micro Blogging App In A Nutshell!

It is a cross between WordPress and social networking platforms. So, users can also use it for micro-blogging to share them with friends, followers, and general users. You can say it is like a digital diary of your kids.

But, the digital diary is accessible to everyone to share their thoughts. So, Tumblr can see each other’s blogs, reblog videos, and photos of your choice. So, Tumblr is a platform that brings people of the same interest to one platform. It is one of the most popular social media platforms among underage teens.

Users can use it for many reasons, like posts, sharing photos, videos, and links. Further, share your content with your friends and followers. Everyone can follow your blog and share their thoughts about it. Users can also share their blogs on other platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and others.

What Is The Minimum Minor Age To Have An Account On Tumblr?

Tumblr terms and services say that a user must be age 13. But in most European countries, a user must be 16 years of age to use Tumblr. Further, the Tumblr Tipping feature requires the age of 18. But, so many young kids under the age of 13 and 16 are using Tumblr, and parents want to spy on Tumblr to see their activities no time ever before.

Have you ever thought about why to spy on Tumbler’s micro-blogging platform? Tumblr has gained sordid popularity over the years. The inappropriate content stumbles into the user are feed.

Why Do Young Kids Love To Use The Tumblr Micro Blogging Platform?

Tumblr is a social platform allowing young people to invent new interests and topics. It also brings the people who love to do micro blogging and social media activities under one platform. So they can instantly get feedback on their micro blogs. So, it promotes many online communities around the globe. It has a very active LGBT+ community. So, youngsters can learn about their sexual identity and know about their community at a safe end.

What Are Alarming Signs For Parents That They Need To Know About?

Many things have made Tumblr so famous worldwide. Likewise, rapid communication and several mediums have contributed in its popularity. Further, metaphors, Pop music, slang culture, and other introduced trends.

According to the stats, almost 5.3 million young users are using Tumblr. The social platform is for talented and creative people. But inappropriate content is also available on the digital social messaging app.

First and foremost –parents need to be aware of all the negativity about social sites and the availability of illicit content. It has the most excellent rating, 17+, which allows it to attract more and more users to the platform. According to the manifesto of Tumblr social, fewer than 13 may use it, and it is also famous for its moderation.

An Italian Research Team Alarming Parents Against Unsupervised Usage Of Tumblr

An Italian research team has their research on Tumblr. They said that pornography and adult content is on the rise on Tumblr.

The consumption of Pornographic content is available on Tumblr. It is relatively less compared to the other social platforms. But, it is on the rise day after day.

The production of sexual content is minimal, but its penetration is very quick on the site. Men aged 50-55 and young ladies between the ages of 20-25 are frequent viewers of adult content on Tumblr. The researchers have found that almost 28% of users get their eyes on pornography. Ultimately, young kids and teens become obsessed with it.

Parents can prevent inappropriate content from reaching their teens. They can use tumblr spy software and viewing each activity on the instant messaging app. Parents need to set parental control on teens’ screen activities. The monitoring tool is the only option to make browsing safe for your young lot.

Interaction with the Sex-offenders

Young teens are millions who use Tumblr for micro-blogging. Further, share videos and photos. So, sex offenders can comment on and follow every blog and media they share. They comment, like, follow, and do chats with the young teens as their admirers. Later, they lure teens with adult and porn links to groom them online and then ask them to meet in person. So, sex offenders exchange contact with teens via the Tumblr micro-blogging platform. So, parents must consider spying on teens on Tumblr social platforms.

Cyber bullying on Micro-blogging Network

Body shaming in photos and videos is massive. We know teens do not use community guidelines. So, they become victims and witnesses of cyberbullying. Sometimes teens involve in bullying online. It will affect teens’ emotions and mental health. So, using the Tumblr platform without parental supervision and parental spy app is risky for teens.

It May Convert Into An Online Dating Platform.

Young teens also start indulging in immature relationships due to peer pressure. So, when a young teen sees so many likes, followers and admirers start communicating with them. Youngsters could use it as an online dating platform.

Tumblr Has Everything for Young users

Young user can view a dozen of things on Tumblr. It enables users to search for any keyword or subject; using a tag, you can reach and view plenty of things. Kids get used to incorrect and use complex abbreviations.  It often leads them to inappropriate content for an average user. Young kids and teens can search for fashion trends. They read the book review, and while searching, it might be possible to see something racy.

Having options to set allows a user to go into default settings, and a user has to know how to do the safe search. It is not rocket science to find those settings that restrict the search. Parents are the ones that can teach their kids and teens to make search safer.

Young user can search keywords such as “suicide” or “anorexia”. Further, access to dozens of pages related to the added keywords put into the search tab. The access to any images, habits, and behaviors, teens go for explicit content.  They also share images and photos which glorify dangerous habits and destructive behaviors.

Tumblr enables users to access the content which may trigger terrible things,” According to Susie Roman, National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) Director of Programs. Tumblr is a source of spreading the disorders to those viewing images to getting help, she added.

Social networking platforms face similar issues with links, images and explicit content. Messaging apps have active band accounts, photos, and descriptions. It leads to dangerous activities. Tumble social is enabling it to monitor its content; wrong links and images. Parents need to spy on Tumble by using the software that allows viewing all activities of kids and teens.

How To Spy On The Tumblr Micro-Blogging Platform?

Have you read all the threats a young user can face on Tumblr? Now, you are ready for parental spying on Tumblr social. Find the Tumblr spy app first; you can save time on the web. You can use TheOneSpy as the best Tumblr monitoring software to protect your kids no time ever before.

Use TheOneSpy App As Your Best Tumblr Spy Software.

You can activate the TheOneSpy app on your kid’s cell phone device with the Tumblr app. Get a subscription plan and one-time physical access on a teen’s cellphone to configure the spy app for Tumblr. Once you complete the successful installation process, log in to the dashboard. Further, you can use the following features to see, restrict, and record every activity of your child on Tumblr.

Tumblr Spy Top Features To Spy On Micro-Blogging Social Network:

Live Screen Recording

Parents can install the TheOneSpy app on phones and use features like  on demand screen recording. It enables you to record short videos on the target phone screen active with the micro-blogging platform. Further, send the videos to the dashboard. Parents can access the dashboard to watch shared blogs, media, adult group links, and other explicit activities of teens.


Parents can use Tumblr spy features, like screenshots. It enables you to schedule screenshots on the Tumblr screen. It will start capturing images of the screen one after the other. You can use choose intervals, like after 15, 30, 45, and 60-second intervals, to capture screenshots. You can keep an eye on every activity of your child on Tumblr. Moreover, you can see teens’ likes, comments, and chats with fellow Tumblr users.

Keystrokes Logging

Keylogger is one of the best features of the Tumblr spy app. It lets parents spy on passwords, keystrokes, chats, and messages and searches for exact keystrokes on a micro-blogging network.


Do you want to prevent teens from using Tumblr all day long? Use our screen time feature. You can block every app active on your child’s cellphone from 1 hour to 12 hours to limit screen time. Further, limit their exposure to Tumblr at night when online predators are more likely to be active.


There is no doubt about that; Tumblr’s blogging app allows those users who are creative and artistic minds. There is still a kind of stuff which explicit and inappropriate for young users. Therefore, a Track tumble digital app is the best tool to safeguard teens from all the nightmares they are facing from the online world through Tumblr.

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