Should You Allow Teens To Watch Game Of Thrones?

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Nudity and Violence: This is what GAME OF THRONES has for Children

As you enter in parenthood, you get yourself introduced to limitless concerns about your children’s safety. The questions of allowing your teenage daughter to have a boyfriend and 13-year-old son to have night-outs keep you awake at night. You know that there is certainly a right time for everything, but you are uncertain of that right time. Likewise many other parents, you are not clear when you should introduce your kids to matters such as sex, violence, and drugs. While some wait for their children to reach puberty, the others start discussing these topics with kids near the age of 8. However, the situations can turn out to be uncontrollable if your kids learn about these things prior the appropriate time and from a source other than you.

Unfortunately, our new generation learns about most of the sensitive subjects from television shows, movies, and the internet. These mediums regularly expose teenagers and underage children to content inappropriate for their ages. The major television shows and movies provided by television networks and filmmakers are not family-friendly and one of its illustrations is HBO’s blockbuster fantasy drama series Game of Thrones.

The sensual TV show has been gaining tremendous popularity over the years. It was first premiered in 2011; its seventh season recently started in July 2017, and it would conclude with its eighth series in 2018 or 2019. The American drama series has got record viewership on HBO and has an extensive international fan base. It has been acclaimed for its plot, story, and characters but it has also been criticized for its frequent use of female nudity, violence, and even sexual violence.

Game of Thrones Overwhelm Popular Pornography Sites

Stephen Dillane, who is portraying the character of Stannis Baratheon in Game of Thrones, compares the frequent objectionable scenes in the show with the German porn from the 1970s. Reportedly, the return of Game of Thrones series even influenced Americans to turn off the old-fashioned pornography to watch it. At the time of the premiere of the seventh season of GOT in America, the most popular porn site experienced a 4.5 percent decline in the viewership. This decline is greater than the downfall in porn site viewership reported during the sixth season of GOT. The website experienced a 5.2 percent decrease in visitors during the super-sized finale episode of the sixth series.

Game of Thrones Teaches Children Horrific Life Lessons

It is effortless to fell in love with the Game of Thrones because the plot is so addictive, characters are so realistic and the setting of medieval times is exemplary. If you put the sex and violence behind bars, there are many reasons to admire the show. But there is not even a single reason to allow children watching this show.

Read Detailed talk about Game of Thrones for children

Game of Thrones is a story of nine powerful families fighting for the control of a mythical land of Westeros. It is mainly focused on the political tactics and war situations where rape and sexual abuse is common. There has been at least one explicit scene in every GOT episode. As the plot is complex, the chances of children equal and under the age of 13 understanding that plot is negligible. Moreover, it generates uncertainty and distrust among children. They learn that they should not attach to anyone, even to their pets because they would lose them. If you choose to be noble or weak, you will either be killed or overwhelmed by the evils. The show also deals with incest that is a very sensitive topic and too early for children to be introduced to this concept. The odds of your kid learning best things from this show are insignificant, and exposing to graphic sex scenes, rape, drinking, and violence are higher.

How Young Is Too Young to watch Game of Thrones      

If you see from the perspective of a father or mother, the Game of Thrones is absolutely not for children. The perks are inconsiderable and the perils are countless. Allowing your kid to watch Game of Thrones is more like permitting him/her to watch pornography or even something more horrible.

Do not let your children between the ages of 10 to 18 to watch Game of Thrones. Explain to them why you do not want them to watch this show, and they can watch it when they would reach a specific age. Some parents think that they should not let their children watch such shows alone. They should watch them together so they can discuss it later. There is just a simple question for all those. Would you feel comfortable watching frequent sexual violence and explicit scenes of Game of Thrones with your children? Surely, you would not. So, the only solution is to disallow your kids watching all such shows until they grow older to deal with intense violence and sexuality.

How Parents Can Block Access to Game of Thrones

You can prevent your kids from watching Game of Thrones putting parental control on TV at home. But what if they watch the show on the internet? This is where you can take the support of TheOneSpy monitoring application that allows parents to protect teens and tweens from exposing to pornography and sexually explicit content both on their mobile phones and computer devices. You can block YouTube and all other video streaming sites on home computers that host Game of Thrones. Also, you can spy internet browsing history of their mobile phones; can take screenshots to see what they are watching on their phones in real-time; can sneak into their mobile phone gallery to view the videos downloaded from the internet and received from other sources. The Camera and MIC Bug can help you spy on your kids when they are away from home.

The Bottom Line

Parents can better understand how difficult it can be to stop children from doing something. If you stop them from watching or doing something, they would end up doing it behind your backs. So, the best way is to talk to them and instill good personal judgment in them. At the same time, you can monitor them to protect them from the cruelties of the adult world.

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