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The Good & Bad of Social Networking Apps

good and bad of social networking

Have you ever thought how much your life has changed over the last few years? Whether we accept this reality or not it’s happened and still, it’s been changing and we have no control on it. Why is this happening to us? Why could we not stop this change? It is because change is unpreventable and it’s the universal truth. The modern technology and the innovations are grasping our lives and making our lives depended on it. But, we need to do the things which can do effectively. The social networking apps and its influence on society are unbelievable. The youngsters are skipping their meals and spending most of the time on digital media platforms without realizing and having awareness fully. On the other hand, we happily bring technological creatures in the shape of smartphones and provide to kids along with the internet connection. What are we doing? Do we have to do this? If, yes then we need to think what is in our hands. We still have plenty of things in our hands and we educate our young generation the Good and bad of social networking apps.

The Good Side of Social Digital Apps:

The following mention attributes we need to adopt and then spread it in our young generation. We should teach them, that is why the social media apps need to be used rather than just wasting our precious time on it. We should encourage our young generation to follow the positive aspect of these social networking platforms. However, we have mentioned the good side of the instant messengers as under.


The instant messaging apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Vine, Viber, Instagram and much other alike are the best tools to connect with the friends in a reasonable way. It is true that many of us have found old school fellows with the help social networks we have had. That’s why these social platforms are very effective in a positive way for relationships. The social messaging apps tethered the whole world in hands. We can talk from thousand miles away from our houses with families, friends, and spouses and even with our employers and employees. It truly has provided us the opportunity to connect with the whole world and we are now able to make relationships even with whom we cannot meet in real world.

Lack of Communication Barriers:

Everyone knows that the instant messengers enable us to communicate with the huge audience available within single social platforms and we have dozens of digital platforms. We can share our thoughts, our ideas, and opinions and even we can get a wise tip from the digital world. When we share our idea or thought on social networking apps, it reaches out even to those who are even not our friends. We can make online groups with the people who think similar to us and can give importance to our feedback and opinions. We can starts campaign against any issue and in the favor of a social or noble cause. In short, we have a broader medium to communicate with the people of the world.

The Gateway of Opportunities:

The social media networks have become a huge part of our lives. When we get access to the browser on the social apps we got updated. The modern world of business is heavily dependent on the social media platforms. They always consider their first priority to publish their advertising of their products. Now we have customized applications for the sake of the promotion of the products. We can build a business online and then promote the product online. Because every-one of us have their accounts on social media accounts and no one gets access more than any other thing than the social apps in particular. The whole activity of promoting goods on social networking apps is known as social media marketing.

The Bad Side of Social Apps:

An Addiction:

Mostly in young teenagers, we have seen that an addiction of using multiple instant messengers and reason can be different to one another. People do text messages hours-an-hours, do calls from the morning and till to the end of the battery of the cellphone device, videos calls and some use the internet in order to get entertainment. All of these moves made by the young teenagers lead them towards the extreme addiction. They could not bear when they forget their smartphone devices in their homes or anywhere else. Let’s imagine for a while when the internet connection becomes limited and what they do in the leisure time. According to some studies, the excessive use of social media can create addiction among the users. The addiction among the users leads them to check their inbox, notifications, and status and finally it becomes part of their routine life.


Without the shadow of the doubt technology in the shape of social networking apps creating the complete sense of isolation. People just gazing their mobile phone’s screens even at breakfast, talking within the company of friends and even in family events and their minds works multi purpose things. They cannot do communication with their friends convincingly and even cannot pay attention what is happening around them.

Social Issues:

The modern day social media apps are creating mess in the life teens and kids and they often become the victim of plenty of issues which are following. Every parent should need to aware of. They are responsible for their security.

Cyber Bullying:

When young teens and kids use multiple instant messaging and dating apps, without the consent of their parents they could be trapped by cyber bullies. Ultimately, the effects of bullying online could long last. They could have plenty of health issues such as deep depression, anxiety and as well as psychological issues.

Cyber Stalking:

Stalkers are everywhere on the instant messengers and they always look forward to catching young and innocent teens. Initially, they use pick-up lines in order to make friends with the teens. Once they have won the trust of the teens, after that they can use them for their own dark desires and often teens got blackmailed.


The sharing of carnal content on the digital media apps is very common. Therefore, young kids and teens encountered by the pornographic content and ultimately got addicted to it. These adult videos and photos can destroy the lives of young kids and teens and a time come when they could not leave to view the adult content which may destroy their brain cells.

Promote Dating in teens:

Young teens and kids use the dating apps such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Tinder and many others alike for dating purpose. They make friends online and without having a complete knowledge they commit to meet with the sexual predators in the real world.

Sexual Obsession:

The rising sexual obsession among teens is due to the social networking apps. Young teen does texting and then start sexting with their boyfriends online and even sometimes send semi-nude videos and photos to their girlfriends and boyfriends when they ask them for. They do this because of insisting nature of their friends and show their loyalty with the relationship. Finally, they found their videos and photos shared on the dating apps.


We have mentioned a few positive and negative points of social media, but it doesn’t make a sense that digital world is either positive or negative. It stands somewhere in between. You will remain wary in spite of these examples tha
t either social media is a good or bad thing for society? We would love to hear about your thoughts and opinion about the question raised… Do you think Social Networks are good or bad?

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