How to Block Access to the Internet While Driving

block internet while driving

GPRS has its benefits, but it can be detrimental also. Mobile devices have free access to the internet. It’s helping when you want to connect at schools, offices, or marketplaces. The restriction, like you, can use the internet only on devices near you is removed has been lifted away now. But it can be life-threatening when somebody misuses it while driving the car.

The behavior of parents towards their children is sometimes overprotective. They impose restrictions on their children over excessive internet use o the internet when they are at home. Such kids, going out and as soon as they leave the home premises, feel free to use the internet in their cars as parents now cannot stop them.

With the help of TheOneSpy, this notion that parents cannot control their children when they are not home is negated. With this application’s help, you can channel your children’s driving habits in a better direction. You can tangibly ensure their safety and hold their desires to violate the rules.

You need to install the TheOneSpy parental control application on your smartphone and can check and control your internet usage straight from your home. Internet connectivity will be lost as soon as the applications observe the car’s acceleration and when the vehicle exceeds a specific limit. And the same process will be reversed when the car is slowed down. This will help in avoiding any mishaps because of web usage distractions.

With TheOneSpy, you can:

  • Remotely you can block internet access.
  • Web connectivity can be restricted by setting a specific speed limit.
  • All incoming emails and outgoing emails can be shut down.
  • Instant services like Skype and WhatsApp can be frozen instantly.
  • Stop web surfing that includes queries for search on Google and access to audio-video media files.
  • Facebook kind social media connection can be barred off
  • Activation of the parental control features that TheOneSpy will provide through an online control panel can be done from any device, anytime, as soon as your child goes out in the street.

How Is This Feature Helpful?

When youngsters drive a car, they stop acting rationally and sensibly; They are inexperienced. Friends also push them to over speed the car and get thrilled by the speed. Peer pressures make them speed up the vehicle to the maximum level, and they derive fun from it. The adventurous nature of youngsters leads them to dangerous consequences, and parents fear that children will hurt themselves and always pray for their safety when they leave home.

Externatheir l distractions are always on the road to distract the drivers of a car; still, when youngsters use the internet and browse things while driving, it’s another reason for significant car accidents on the roads; they use mobile phones to check messages every second and lose focus on driving and the road. TheOneSpy can now avoid this mishap by restricting internet usage and letting the children drive more carefully.

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