How to Build Better Relations with Your Staff


A professional working environment works on a simple “give and take” principal. Employees are willing to give you loyalty and commitment if they are assured that they will get it in return as well. But as employers, we are often confused as to how we should build a prosperous relationship with our employees. A healthy working environment is not only beneficial to the people but also for the business. Here are some small tips that will help you build a long and happy relationship with your peers and workers.

1- Open door policy

Research shows that the worst possible aspect in hindering relationships is the strong supporting ideology that comes with hierarchical structures. Employees are often scared or even terrified to approach their employers with any ideas or issues that they may have. To break down barriers it is always a good idea to have an open door policy which will not only show you as an approachable employer but also help you build a better relationship with your employees.

2- Always be available

As the boss, you have two options; to either clearly, portray yourself as the boss that has no time for his employees or to make your employees believe that you are always there for them no matter what. The latter part obviously seems more inviting and builds the concept of trust between employees and employers. Trust is the key to many work issues, and if your employees can trust you, it will automatically become easier for you to trust them back as well. Sometimes it is also advisable that you spend some quality time with your employees. This can be done through company picnics and outings.

3- Be fair

Rules and regulations within the work place should be universal and applicable to all. This means no one should be exempt from any policy hence removing any obvious notions of favoritism. The concept of favoritism creates big problems within the company such as grouping and alliances. Being a fair and just employer also means that you yourself should not find yourself above any company rules. If your employees can see that you are as much answerable as they are, they will be more open to you.

Being fair and just also means not pushing your employee’s limits. This includes setting achievable goals and aims. The best way to know whether you are giving them the right amount of work is to imagine yourself in their shoes; would you be alright doing this much amount of work? After all, more harm will be done if you have a disgruntled employee at the end of the day.

Democratic Structures

Having a democratic working environment means you will be including employees in most of the major decision-making areas of the organization. This means you will be allowing them some authority and decision-making area which will in return make them feel important and more responsible for the overall betterment of the firm. According to research, when an employee feels part of the organizational family, they are said to be more motivated and determined at the jobs. Important decision-making areas could be choosing the right tools that they are comfortable working with, setting specific work policies which they feel will be better internalized within the organization or setting some simple organizational goals. If these mainstream areas are adequately worked upon, your relationship will definitely flourish.

Always be Honest

After all, “honest is the best policy” even in the work area. This is especially important because a small white lie to your employees can hinder their trust in you for many months or years to come. Since employee and employer relationships are very fragile, only a small slip can be disastrous therefore it is always recommended to speak the truth even when it will have strong repercussions later on. Speaking the truth will at least save you a lot of humiliation and distrust that telling a lie would have caused otherwise.


As an employer, you need to understand it is always the small things that count the most. For example, letting your employees have some time off will help you enter into their comfort zone. And since your employees are the backbone of your organization it is important to keep them satisfied and happy for the overall benefit of your company.

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