How to Install and Monitor Android Phone with TheOneSpy (Updated)

How to install android spy software

The TheOneSpy app is an Android cell phone monitoring and tracking software that is extremely helpful for parents and employees alike. In a world of such uncertainty, everyone wishes to know whether or not the people they love and the people who work for them are safe or not. Parents want to keep a lookout for their teenagers and their loved ones to know where they are at the moment.  They want to monitor their conversations. Employers wish to know whether their employees are loyal to them or not, are making use of work hours for office work, and whether they are faithful to the company or not. Such things are not always easy to track consistently. In such a situation, you should opt for spy app for Android phone.  

How To Install TheOneSpy App On An Android Cell Phone?

Installing TheOneSpy on an Android device is very easy, and by following these simple steps, you can do it in a few minutes. It should be remembered that before getting details and installing the app, you will have to select TheOneSpy package and Premier offers all features that you dream to have. After submitting dues and doing away with all necessary steps, you will be sent an email carrying username and password to log-in to your dashboard and a particular activation key that you will have to use at the end of installations.

  • The Android phone on which the app is to be installed should be in your hands for not more than a few minutes.
  • After getting the device, go to the browser of the Android phone and it might be Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or some other. But recommended is Mozilla Firefox.
  • You will be provided a URL to download the cell phone tracker app in the confirmation email once you do away with the payment process and use that very URL in the Mozilla browser and tap the enter button.
  • It will start downloading TOS download.apk file.
  • Open the downloaded file and use your particular “activation key” provided in the confirmation email.
  • As you will enter the activation key, the app will get activated, and you are done with the installation process.
  • Now you are monitoring the Android phone and can log in to your dashboard with the credentials given in the email. Here you can check all the details, logging files and everything you need to get.

Top Reasons To Monitor Android Smartphones

If you wish to monitor and spy on android cellphones, then there should be some legitimate reason to do that.  Parents, employers, and individuals want to employ an Android tracker app. They want to track kids, employees and to safeguard the data of the cellphone.

Let’s discuss the reasons to monitor and track cellphone devices running with the Android OS.

Why Do Parents Want To Track Android Phone Using Phone Tracker App?

Young kids are obsessed with mobile phones connected to cyberspace. They use cellphones for many activities and spend hours and hours on social media, internet browsing, and many more.  The digital world is full of potential risks and harms for young kids. Take a look at the following potentials risks that kids are facing using cellphones.

Cyber Bullying

Teens addicted to social networks are more likely to face cyber bullying. Online predators are everywhere on social media platforms, and they want to target teens and tweens. They send sexually explicit messages and use abusive language to provoke teens. Most of the teens respond back and often face humiliation.

More than 90% of teens have cellphones connected to cyberspace, and 85% are social media users.  1 out of 5 teens has experienced online bullying at least once in a lifetime, according to the Pew Research center report.

Online Dating

Online dating is on the rise among teens over the last decade. The cellphone devices connected to cyberspace empowers teens to connect with strangers online. They use social messaging apps and typical online dating apps, like Tinder, Snapchat, Facebook, and many more. Online hookups, one night stands, and drug abuse are frequent among youngsters.

More than 24% of the teens used to date online, and 8% used to meet in person for hookups. The majority of the teens meet people on social media platforms, and 31% of the teens send flirtiest messages to strangers.

Dangerous Social Media Challenges

Young teens these days are doing dangerous social media challenges that can harm them to the fullest. You can see plenty of social media challenges, like burn and scar challenges, Ice bucket challenge, Blue whale challenge, and many more.

Access To The Adult Content

Young teens are using their android phones for X-rated activities, and they browse plenty of adult sites on their cellphone browsers that every parent should need to know. The adult content in terms of videos and photos can damage the mental health of your child.

More than 63% of the male teens and 32% of the female teens browse porn on their phones. Teens are more likely to watch adult content at least 20 times a month.

Why Employers Do Wants To Spy On Android Cellphone?

Business communities are on the verge of destruction and business worldwide has fallen. The online attacks on business devices can breach your intellectual property and can mine malware, scams, and phishing attacks. So, protect your business-owned android devices from cyber-attacks and data breaching activities of employees. Time wasting activities of employees on business phones can decrease productivity.

After every 39 seconds, a business device got cyber-attack, and 43% of the small businesses are facing data breaching attacks on business devices, like cellphones, PCs, and tablet devices. More than 90% of business firms lose their data on digital devices due to human error. Email scams are on the rise and your cellphone device could hit with an online attack.

Why Do Individuals Want To Use The Phone Monitoring App For Android OS?

Individuals could have plenty of reasons to use android tracking software. People can clone an old android device and shift the data from one device to another. Moreover, data backup of android devices could be one of the most wanted reasons among individuals to use cellphone monitoring software. People can use the tracking software to retrieve all the deleted data on their cellphone phones. They can also use it to track the real-time location of the lost/theft cellphone device.

These are the above-mentioned reason that why parents, employers, and individuals want use TheOneSpy monitoring software on cellphone devices.

How Can I Monitor The Target Android Phone Using TheOneSpy App?

how to install and monitor android phone.

The best part of this android monitoring and tracking app is that once you have installed it on the target phone, you can begin monitoring data on it immediately. Calls made or received on the target phone, text messages which are sent and received, pictures and videos were taken or received, any information or images downloaded or uploaded to the internet and the Internet browser history can all be monitored using best tracking app for Android.

Furthermore, with the GPS location tracker as part of this Android tracking software, you can always know where your loved ones and employees are giving you some peace of mind.

Where Do I View The Information That Is Being Monitored?

Once the installation is complete, an online control panel will be created for you that will allow you to access the target phone’s information. This panel is created solely for your use and will continue to store the data and activity that is taking place on the desired phone.

Will My Loved One/Employee Know He Is Being Monitored?

No, he will not. This is because not only does TheOneSpy android work invisibly on the phone; it doesn’t produce any kind of notification, sound or vibrations. The icon of the android monitoring app doesn’t even show up in the menu bar which makes it completely undetectable, making it the best spy software for the Android phone.

A Special Facilitation For TheOneSpy App Users

Another fregment of TheOneSpy app is the Dashboard/Control Panel Navigation app, named as TOS Deshboard on AppStore and TOSDesk on Google Play that can also be downloaded from the respective App Stores. This can be used by all registered users of monitoring app and is basically an app through which users can access log files through their dashboard without having to log on to the website. All monitoring features offered can be brought right to the gadgets of the registered users instead of them having to go about the long way of doing so. Thus, navigation with the Dashboard Navigator has been made easier now due to this app offered by TheOneSpy. It not only gives users a reason to register themselves as users of the app but also gives them the additional ease by which they can continue the monitoring of the people they love and who are important to them.


Android monitoring software without a doubt is the best application to install and monitor android devices running 4.2 OS version to Android 11 OS and above. Now, Parents, employers, and individuals can track every activity on android in real-time.

The truth furnishes valuable insight into future threats beforehand. Why not Start Today?
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