12 Dangerous Social Media Challenges and Trends Harmful for Teens

dangerous social media challenges and trends harmful for teens

Healthy minds are always in the health society and environment. It takes time to develop thinking of person and notion after suffering from multiple phases of life experiences. When It comes to the question that where is younger generation heading on the wrong path in the modern technological world. There are plenty of factors that have played its role such as communication gap between the kids and teens and parents about sharing a problem.

There is a regular presence of immortal explicit material and misuse of social media platforms and the cyberspace.  The young generation is continuously deviating from the path of righteousness such as children are lurking towards crazy in human social media challenges and trends. Today, we are going to put a light on present time digital insane and dangerous social media challenges in 2019 and trends that has fascinated kids and teens to the fullest and they are putting their lives into real dangers.

“Social Media continuously prevailing evils and terror and the young teens are involved in inhuman social media challenges that are following. Parents should aware of the following 20 dangerous digital media challenges and children should not replicate what we going to tell you about, Karen Joseph TheOneSpy cell phone spy app spokesperson said that”.

1. Blue Whale: The Deadliest Games of all time

blue whale challenge

As you have seen we have put it in the first place, Blue Whale challenge the deadliest online game that persuaded teens to play the game and accept 50 challenges. Initially, the online game provides easy challenges and then after a player has got used to of it than an administrator of the game provide a player tough challenges such as to make whale with a knife on your body skin. However, tasks continue up to 49 such as self-mutilation, running away from home, wake up at 3 am and watch the horror movie and last challenge would be to commit suicide to end the game. Scientists do believe that it plays with the psyche of the player.

2. Gallon Smash

gallon smash challenge

Grocery store employees hate the challenge to the fullest because they have to clean up the stuff that prankster pretends to befall on the floor having to gallons of milk in their hands. However, some prankster does the challenge with each other and through the gallons of milk on each other. One of the pranksters films the entire scene and uploads it for YouTube challenge or any other social media platform to get more likes. It is usually haven’t seen in the United States. In fact, it seems harmless, but it has its own downsides such as prankster may go the hospital with the broken jaw or have to pay the price of the damages they have made in the store.

3. The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge

kylie jenner challenge

The Kylie Jenner lip challenge has inspired especially young teens to the phenomenal lips of Kylie Jenner and it has become a dangerous social media challenge. Challengers have to alter its lips in such a terrible and crude fashion to seem like Kylie Jenner lips. You have to use a glass or a jar in which a challenger have to suck the lips until having a vacuum inside. A young teen mostly gets inspired and try to make their lips look like Kylie’s one and in this effort, they may damage a blood vessel in the lips. Teens usually shared the photos or videos on the social messaging apps to seek comments and appreciation.

4. Dangerous Fire Challenge

dangerous fire challenge

Today young kids and teens are playing with the highly flammable substance without being a professional stuntman. Don’t copy the ones that used to of doing and burn like touches. Rescue teams initially put blame on the sudden combustion, but later realized it was not spontaneous, it was on purpose. Youngsters are doing the dangerous fire challenge for social media fame and often drink too many flaming tequilas to get the stunt as life-threatening. It is insane burning your body skin on purpose and put the videos and photos on social media as proof, is not a wise idea.

5. Skin Eraser Challenge


skin eraser challenge

You may have heard of burn and scar challenge, it is very similar in terms of bearing the pain of a burning skin. It has usually found among the minors of studying at middle schools to erase the skin of their arms by continuously rubbing it with the eraser that creates heat and then finally the skin of your arm start erasing and a challenger has to bear the pain. The longer you bear the higher you appreciated. Young kids films it or capture the photos with cell phone cameras and then share it on the social media.

6. Banana Sprite Challenge

banana sprite challenge

There is a new crazy shit have been introduced and people including young teens and minors ar
e performing the social media challenge. A challenger has to play a monkey role by eating a half dozen of bananas and then drink 1 litter sprite drink. Scientifically, it is difficult to digest bananas with 1 litter sprite; it will surely make you vomit or damages your stomach. However, a challenger may lose his life, if something goes wrong due to the chemical reaction in your stomach.

7. Ice Bucket Challenge

ice bucket challenge

It is one of the funniest and widely performed challenges that you have ever come across with. Even the celebrities, politicians and people you just name it has found doing the challenge and filming to share it for  YouTube challenge or on the instant messaging apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Line, Vine, WhatsApp and plenty of others alike. It consists of the cold ice water in bucket and challenger has to flow it on the head. It seems funny, but the number of deaths has been reported where the cold water hit the head of the person.

8. Car Surfing Challenge

car surfing challenge

Youngsters have seen involved in car surfing challenge, they put their pedals on the running car roof and then try to balance at the tight corners. Car surfing is an insane and inhuman activity that has put the many of the youngster’s life into the dangers. Plenty of deaths have been reported due to accidents of car surfing. However, 9 out of 10 challengers have got serious injuries and the ones who did it ends up with the social media sharing and inspire others to do the dangerous stuff.

9. Sunburn Art Challenge

sunburn art challenge

Sunburn art challenge is one of the riskiest and dangerous social media challenge or trend that has cause skin cancer to the challengers. In this challenge, you have to create a pattern on your body’s particular area and let the sun rays for the number of hours to burn your particular part of your naked body. At the end of the day, you will see a color change of your affected body and the winner gets nothing, but a free skin cancer.

10. Game 72

the game of 72 challenge

The online Game is responsible for many young girls who went missing and then found with an enigmatic claim that she has won “The Game of 72.” You can get the meaning of the game with the digit 72; means a player have to go away from the house for at least 72 hours without having their parent’s consent.  You cannot aware of the story of 4 years toddler that tragically ends up in the warm embrace of a pedophile. The social media challenge hit the police department by storm and has given a local police very hard time to find him.

11. Boiled Water Bucket Challenge

boiled water challenge

Young teenagers don’t aware of the consequences that they will have to stay in the hospital after that, in-case they will survive. You remember the ice bucket challenge that has taken a couple of lives due to sudden impact of partially frozen water. Then think what damage can take place if someone does boil water bucket challenge?  Parents should realize and need to aware of that don’t let your children get involved in such a foolish activity.

12. Cutting for Bieber

cut for bieber challenge

Bieber Fans went crazy when his smoking joint goes viral on the internet. It was not less than a mock campaign that comes up with the tragically to claims lives. To get their Hero back on track, young teens start cutting their skin with the sharp object and bleed and after that displayed the photos on the social media. It has been reportedly stated that teens have cut their skin on the name of Bieber foolishly.

Insane Social Media Challenges 2019 and Trends can Take Your Teen’s Life

trends can take your teens life

Monitor Teen’s Social Media Activities with TheOneSpy

Young teens and minors mostly share these types of stunts, challenges, and trends on social networking apps in the form of videos and photos. So, parents can get to know children activities and stop them doing insane activities with cell phone monitoring software.

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Furthermore, a user can use live screen recording and get to know what they are sharing on social media apps and social media websites. You can do the live screen recording of all the trendy social messaging apps, you can do YouTube screen recording, Chrome screen recording and parents will get to know what sort of videos their teens have posted on the YouTube via cell phone connected to the internet.

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If you have realized using cell phone spy app that your teen is in real trouble, you can track the GPS location with GPS location tracker and get to know the pinpoint location of the target. You can record and listen to the calls with secret phone call recorder and can come to know to whom your children are talking.


No matter what type of hidden activities your children are doing such as crazy and dangerous social media challenges, spying on phones would tell you each and everything you are children are planning for and what they going to do. Keep yourself up to date about your teens and impose monitoring on kids social media and real life with best cell phone monitoring software.

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