Youth Online Radicalization – Infographic

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Virtual world enable young children the opportunity to be exposed to the plenty of prospective that could be extremist. Via subjection to the violent propaganda online or through extremist’s networks children can be groomed to get involved in more extremists views. Alarmingly 75% of young children have got their own digital devices connected with cyberspace. However, average age of child is 12 to have their first mobile phone device. It means, in such a young age kid’s got exposure to virtual world and may become the victim of radicalization. Therefore, child radicalization needs to be stopped, otherwise after a decade world will have to face a generation with extremist and fundamental believes that would unstable the world’s peace.

Journal of Children & Media: Emma Morris says

  • Cell phone, Computers, social media, websites of children could be the portals of dangerous places on earth.
  • Strangers with extreme ideology can groom children to be radical from their bedrooms
  • Social media these days is the biggest weapon of violent extremists
  • Radical people have got technical skills and proficiency causing challenges for Governments, Law enforcement, religious leaders, schools and for parents

What parents should need to know

  • Young children usually targeted by the radical groups via social networks
  • Radical elements attract young kids through conversations on social networks
  • Extremists usually don’t unveil their real identity to their young target children

How Radical extremist exploit young children to their ideology

  • They take advantage of vulnerable young kid’s insecurities
  • They answer to their questions and offer them sense of identity
  • They shaped & groomed their believe according to their extremist ideology
  • They become mentors & friends of children with their best interest at heart

Sings that your child is being radicalized

  • Your child may have feeling that their religion is under threat
  • Adopting intolerant views of others
  • The desperate need of identity & belonging
  • Always try to stay secretive about who they talk online
  • Don’t take interest in mainstream media anymore
  • Possessive about digital devices
  • Increased level of anger

Impact of Radicalization on Children

  • Child can run from house & family
  • Join Violent & highly dangerous groups
  • Become cold blooded & got criminal thoughts

How to Protect Children From Radicalization Online?

  • Discuss with your child about radicalization
  • Win your children trust
  • Don’t be angry & listen to your child problems
  • Guide your child don’t hide anything if someone persuade them online for anything
  • Ask your child about their online friends & activities
  • Set parental control on kid’s digital devices to prevent youth radicalization online

Youth Radicalization Online infographic

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