Infographic – How to Monitor and Manage Workplace

employee management and monitoring at workplace.

It’s customary almost for every organization to monitor not only the employees themselves but their activities, internet use, social media whereabouts, calls, text messages and all other relevant doings in the office. The research conducted by TheOneSpy shows a number of relevant perspectives in the employee monitoring. More than 80% of the employees working in various offices have never had an interest in their work and out of this 60% confess spending office hours in their personal businesses.

There are some reasons associated with employees’ non-work-related activities, and few include, no passion for work, lacking proper expertise and a leading boss, strict work environment and others as well. When an employee spends office work in private jobs, it causes the company losses and these might be monetary, financial, concerned with the property and can affect the ultimate productivity as well.

According to an American report, the organizations where employees spend 1-2 hours on internet surfing and social media have suffered 40% losses in their productivity and outputs. The boss and the managers can’t control the employees and staff completely for monitoring their activities and records, the use of monitoring apps for keeping eyes on the team would work much better. We would remove this fact with an excellent quote, if you have 1000 employees, and they all spend one hour of their office timings on the activities having no concern with the job, the company will face a loss of $35 million annually.

The Infographic comprises detailed analysis of data on how the employees work when they are in offices, how they kill their time even being at work, their passion and interest in jobs and how many are those that perform private jobs while they are on the duty. In all the analysis, government employees were found with minimum passion and engagement in the work. Despite the financial losses and security, various breaches have been reported in many organizations and finally the police came up with results that proved it was the outcome of an inside; an employee who was working previously for the company.

Employees have been being monitored by their bosses, managers, and organizations. 60% of the managers take on the internet use and activities of their staff, 43% never forget to check the emails of their employees for making sure they are doing the right business without leaking company’s secrets and private information. Almost every organization now has directed its authoritative bodies to monitor employee’s emails, internet use, social media whereabouts, and activities during working hours and locations as well.

No matter how powerful and robust monitoring software you are deploying, the employees can manipulate it, but TheOneSpy monitoring application is well-reputed for its reliability, security and genuine reporting ability. Not only the employers have utilized this app to spy on their staff and workers, but the parents and other individuals also love monitoring their teens and beloved respectively with TheOneSpy app. The security performance and tracking ability of the app speak louder that it’s second to none in the market.

how to monitor and manage workplace

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