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Internet users cannot easily distinguish between spy wares and Hackers, even though the difference is great. The difference and similarities between spy software and hackers can be juxtaposed easily.

When virus sent by hackers is accidentally installed on your computer, it infects your device and other devices that are attached to the infected device. Hackers attack all the information and personal data that is present in the device which includes accounts information, financial data, passwords etc. For the purpose, hackers sometime use strong virus like Torjan also. Spy software works differently. It gives protection to the user of device and keeps it away from accessing harmful and inappropriate data on device. It enables the device user to stay safe.

Hackers can attack and target the data of anyone who uses internet connection on his computers and devices. Their main targets are mostly the agencies, wealthy and opulent .Hackers targets the user whom they know. Spy application are being used by parents for the safety of their children and keep check on their children and their activities. Employers also use the software to monitor their employees and their office routine along with their performance.

The hacker’s intention is always to misuse the hacked devices, to hijack the identities of users of those devices. They are also involved in terrorist activities and illegal ambitions. With the help of hacking, hackers also get involved in theft and robberies after using the user details. On the other hand, tracking and spying software’s help the parents in ensuring the safety of children and in monitoring the employees and their work related performance and in making sure that employees are not indulging in illegal activities.

Hackers are harmful for states and countries too. They steal the information from state run departments and use them against the state .They steal all the important personal data of individuals and agencies, harm their reputation, and drain them financially. Whereas the spy software are useful in order to protect the people who use them in their devices. In addition, this software can help in enhancing the productivity of employees.

The hacker’s activities are illegal as they misuse the personal information and financial data of individuals. They use the credit card information and steal money. Hackers are severely penalized under the cyber-crime act. However, spy software are legal. Parents keep a check on their children by using the software, and they do not have any illegal claim on their spying according to US law. Under the same law, monitoring of employees is legal.

Hacking can be traced when a user see his files appear and disappear at the same time. While using the device, dialogue box would open repeatedly and suspicious activities may occur on the user’s device. Virus may slow down the computer and processing of data on the device. Meanwhile, the spy app work without any interference on user’s device. And the software never harm the device and data on the device.

Hackers, once arrested can be sent to jail for their crime and they can be punished under the cyber crimes act. This will destroy their professional lives and they will be associated with tags of criminals for the whole life. Spy software help in stabilizing the work and family life of individuals, by keeping control on the activities of employees, it helps in increasing the work productivity.

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