How to Prevent Stalkers to Use TheOneSpy App for Intrusive and Illicit Surveillance?

how to prevent stalkers to use theonespy app for intrusive and illicit surveillance

How TheOneSpy is virtuous from intrusive & illicit surveillance?

The existing version of TOS doesn’t have included such features that would make it difficult for a victim to investigate. Because the current version of our product for parenting and employee monitoring app fully supports the target if he/she is being tracked illegally such as breaching someone’s privacy without consent. Therefore, no stalker would be able to use TOS against anyone and breach someone’s privacy without permission.

There following stuff TheOneSpy has in its existing version that can prevent stalkers to our app for the illegal purpose that could not end up with violence, Karen Joseph CEO stated that.

Step 1: The user has to accept the terms of service and privacy policy in order to install the parental monitoring application.

install parental monitoring application

The Above mentioned Image is about to make an agreement with product services policy, Before Installation Parents or Employer must accept our T&C and Policy.

Step 2: Once a user has installed the parental control or employee monitoring software on the target device. After the installation process an icon will be visible on the screen of the target device.

theonespy installation process icon

Step 3: You can see Above Image, in our existing app version, TOS Icon do not hide at Application manager as well as on Taskbar. Now user has to make a click on the symbol of an icon “padlock” and user will be able to see following image.

tos icon not hidden

Step 4: User will get a pop-up window that indicates about parental control app is running at background.

It will stay on visible until and unless user makes a click on “OK” button it to hide it. However, after every 4, 5 hours padlock sign will pop-up on the screen to inform the target user that he/she is being monitored.

Sometime Time Parents and Employer request for discreet monitoring of target user, then we have verification mechanism on our dashboard.

Above Image, Buyer needs to verify their contacts and some more information after press “Verify User” Button.

Above image, Buyer need to put “First Name” , “Complete Address”, his/her “Cell Number”, “Target Device Owner Full Name”, “Relationship, Kid or Employee” , “Target device owner age” above 18 or below 18, if above 18 then need to verify his/her cell phone number as well.

Above image, there is another form for putting SMS verification, which received their cell phone and target owner’s cell phone. If mechanism successes then option will come to monitor in discreet mode, otherwise icon would not become hidden from target device.

You can see above image, after successful verification process got completed we will send “Authorization/Acknowledgment Contract Letter” to buyer’s email box, and 1 copy  we will save for ourselves as a proof for written consent. All details are available as well on our FAQs. In case has file a report against the user via our report abuse/violation, and then we are bound to terminate the license of the violator. However, we will cooperate with the victim if he/she is willing to file a complaint against the user. We will provide the evidence to law enforcement agencies on the behalf of the victim having complete documented information of the user that we have got at the time of verification process.

Now coming to the second part of your question, we don’t prevent an individual from being unaware that their device is being tracked. Even in the current version of our product, we alarm the target individual that someone is keeping an eye on him/her.


TheOneSpy is always believed in the world that is fair, free and secured from intrusive and illegal surveillance by the stalkers and others. However it also makes sure that the monitoring app is for parenting and employee monitoring along with the consent of the target person.

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