“Say No to Sexual Assault” on This Month: TheOneSpy Supporting With 25% Discount Deal

“Say No to Sexual Assault” on This Month: TheOneSpy supporting with 25% Discount Deal

Wake up, vows against the “Sexual Assault” on this month, spread the awareness campaign against the sexual violence. TheOneSpy mobile parental monitoring application is contributing its share, giving 25% off on its Android packages.

Nothing is impossible, we can eliminate the sexual violence from its roots, and we just need to address the root causes and evil factors which allow sexual assault to existence and penetration in the society. On this April we are inviting the people, whose influence can play a crucial role in eradicating the un-ethical against the norms and value culture of sexual assault in any form such as sexual contact, ranging from sexist attitudes and actions which finally resulted in rape and murder.  We will come up as stronger and unstoppable if come together that’s the reason we are offering new groups to join the great cause which is based on serving humanity. TOS the cell phone monitoring application is working on the same agenda to provide parents right path with its powerful features to protect their young kids and teens from any kind of sexual assault. In the digital world, stalkers, online bullies, and pedophiles use instant messengers and social media to trap young kids and teens to make them victims of sexual violence. TheOneSpy spy software app is going to give 25% off on all its Android packages to show their alliance with the (#SAAM) Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

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It is very important to prevent the sexual violence from the society because is seriously growing issues in the world. Almost 1 out 5 women are experiencing the sexual assault in the United States in their lives and 1 out of 71 have experienced rape attempts, on the other hand even men have also bear the sexual violence victimization.

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