How to Spy Without Having the Phone (Updated)

spy someone without target phone

A person can be miles away from his child. However, can he know his child’s activities without having the phone? Yes. He can do it with the help of a cheap app on his phone. Many apps detail every text or call the child makes or receives. Yes, you can do this with the help of some spying apps like TheOnSpy software. This unique app can get complete data on your mobile, tablet, or internet.

TheOneSpy and at least 11 other apps let a parent and employers’ kids’ and employees’ location. Approximately these apps are in use worldwide about 500,000 times. Smartphones like Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone lets you install such applications. However, you will find plenty of websites claiming to retrieve such information. You should always be aware because most of them are scams. There are very few such applications that let you find such data.

Is Spying On Another Phone Without Physical Access Possible?

No spy application can remotely access someone’s precious data from a phone. One-time physical access to the target phone is necessary. You must install an app enabling users to spy on the target phone. It will sync information, like calls, messages, location, Voice calls, and browsing history. Users can also spy on passwords, keystrokes, snapshots, and live screen recordings.

So, the best way to spy on someone’s cell phone without having it is to install a spy app first. So, you need to find the app that empowers remote spying on the phone. You can spy on someone’s phone without having it, but. One-time physical access to your targeted device is necessary.

Top Spy Apps Scams For Spying Without A Target Phone

The web is full of apps to spy on another cell phone without having it. Usually, you can see one-feature spy apps. They claim it to monitor and track cellphones without targeting phones. The truth is no app can spy without physical access to the target device. Here are the top 10 apps to spy on cell phones without having them. Let’s discuss them one by one below:

1. Remote Text Message Tracking Apps

Do you want to track text messages sent and received without physical access to the target phone? Let me tell you, and you cannot do that. You can find the best text message monitoring solutions, but physical access is necessary to spy on text messages on another phone. So, the question arises;

Can we spy on SMS without the target’s cellphone?

The answer is a big “NO,” and a text messages spy app is installed on your target device first. Then you can read sent and received SMS on android and iOS devices. Most apps offer a rooted and no-jailbreak solution to monitor text messages on another mobile phone. So, choose a non-rooted and jailbreak text messages tracker to spy on cellphones messages.

2. Call Recording On Target Phone Without Installing Software

People prefer to have hidden call recording solutions. Further, they want to access another phone without physical access. They lurk towards the apps that offer call recorders without one-time access. Additionally, they choose free call recording apps to record and listen to calls. People are more like to face scams and lose their time and money.

Use a legitimate and result-oriented secret call recorder to listen to calls. Fair solutions always stress the one-time physical access to the target phone. First, they complete the installation process. Then users can use the features to record remote live phone calls on another cellphone.

3. Remote Keystrokes Logging Apps Without The Target Phone

Remote Keystrokes logging solutions capture applied keystrokes on another phone. So, they can read text messages, passwords, and email keystrokes without installation software. No such apps on the web offer remote key loggers to spy on cellphone-applied keystrokes.

So, you have to find cell phone spy software that works after at least one-time physical access. Further, it offers a feature to capture keystrokes on another phone.

4. Internet History Tracking Apps Without Touching Target Phone

Do you want to spy on someone’s internet history on someone’s cellphone? People lurk towards the internet history monitoring apps that don’t need installation. Technology may have become advanced. There is no such solution for remote internet history tracking.

You cannot access someone’s browsing history on their phone without having access. So, you must get the internet history tracking software. Use the app on another phone after one-time access and track websites and bookmarking.

5. Location History Tracking Apps To Remote Track Phone’s Location

Location tracking someone’s cell phone without the target phone is possible. However, it is a hectic and time taking activity. You may use the Find my device method to track your android phone’s location. Further, you can use the Find my iPhone method to track your lost/theft iPhone location. Apart from free cell phone location tracking ways, you cannot track cell phone locations without the phone.

You have to find a spy app that offers services to track and track the target phone location. However, you must install the app on the target phone to track location history. Further, you can monitor real-time and exact cellphone location.

6. Social Media Spying Apps

Social media monitoring apps are floating on the web. But people who want to spy on Facebook, WhatsApp, and SnapChat without a target phone cannot do that. Accessing social media logs is not impossible without installing software.

You must find out and install social media spying software to read deleted text messages. Then you can spy on WhatsApp, SnapChat, and others. You cannot spy on instant messaging apps without your target phone. You must have one-time physical access on another phone. Then you can monitor and track IM network activities on someone’s cellphone.

What Is The Best Method To Spy On Someone's Phone?

The best way to spy on someone’s cell phone is to use a mobile tracker app that works without the target phone. However, you have to get one-time physical access to the target device. Further, users can activate the features without accessing the target phone by using the online dashboard.

Top 5 Things A Spy App Should Have To Spy On Another Cellphone

  1. Spy software can hide on the target device
  2. Remote access to target phone MIC & cameras
  3. Remote online dashboard to control the target phone
  4. Non-rooted spy software for cellphones
  5. An app that discourages spying on cellphones without physical access

What Is The Best Spy App To Spy On A Cellphone Remotely?

TheOneSpy is one of the best remote spy solutions for cell phones. It has all the traits users want to expect in an app to spy on a cell phone. It is easy to install and takes a few minutes to complete the configuration process on the target phone. App has features to remote control cameras and microphone of the target phone. Further, users can block websites, the internet, and text messages without physical access to the target device. Users can also spy on cell phones and sync data through its web based dashboard.

TheOneSpy Features To Spy On Someone's Cellphone:


Spying on someone without having a phone is a scam. You cannot monitor and track cell phones without installing spy software. So, use a simple and trusted cell phone surveillance app, like TheOneSpy. It offers remote monitoring after one-time access to the target device.

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