How to Spy Without Having the Phone


A person can be miles away from his child but if he needs to know the activities of his child, he can do it easily with the help of a cheap app in his phone that gives him complete detail about each and every text or a call the child makes or receives. Yes, this can be done with the help of some spying apps like TheOnSpy software. This unique app can get you the complete data on your mobile, tablet or any other internet connected device. TheOneSpy and at least 11 other such available apps can let a parent know about their children or an employer to know about his employee’s location and email transactions. It is estimated that these apps have been downloaded worldwide for about 500,000 times. Smartphones like Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone lets you install such applications. Though you will find plenty of websites claiming to retrieve such information you should always be aware because most of them are scams. There are very few such applications that let you find such data.

There is no any spy application, who can access remotely/hidden way, extract your precious data from target device, unless once a time you access physically and install source of the app like TheOneSpy (#DirectorTOS).

Text messages can be delivered to you with the exact time and date of delivery and the number from which it was sent. But the actual question is can these applications retrieve old and deleted text messages and deliver them to the parents or the employers? Well, TheOneSpy and one more such application have the ability to do so. Though the number of messages being retrieved mainly depends on the features of the phone being monitored. For instance, fewer texts can be retrieved from a phone with less memory as compared to a phone with higher memory.

There is no doubt in the fact that such apps are of great use. But it is human nature to abuse such power. It should always be kept in mind that the use of such applications should only be for security and protection purpose of the loved ones. Parents using such applications to protect their children is good but the persons must always abide by the applicable laws. And it is also necessary to obtain the authorization of the person you want to monitor before you monitor a phone that you do not own and don’t have an ownership interest.

There are people in favor of the use of this technology and others are against it. A man in favor of it said that it helped to increase the level of communication between my son and me as the son now always asks before doing anything because he knows that he is being monitored. While a girl against it said that it is an invasion of her privacy and she would rather use her friend’s phone in order to avoid spying. However, anybody who is in the position of using this app must know that this can be misused. And the person using it should be a very responsible person and should only use it for peaceful purposes.

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