Tips for Parents to Prevent Unwanted Adolescents and Teen’s Pregnancy


Adolescents and teenage pregnancy are one of the most talked social issues in the modern societies of the world. However, the ratio of unwanted pregnancy among teens and adolescents may differ, comparatively in the developed and under developing countries of the word. This is not less than a blow to parents either a father or a mother when they have recently have come to know their young child has come with the news “I am pregnant”.

Stats says about Adolescents & Teens unwanted Pregnancy

Almost 38% of young tweens and teens have a child before they turn 15-18 out of high school, get them into trouble to get a reasonable job or secure future. On the other side, if girls move out from parents home then stats show that 68% of teens will end up mired below the poverty line.

US stats of Texas, Dallas County has spent $12 million paying for tweens and teen’s unwanted birth ages 15-19.

The UK has highest unwanted teenage Pregnancy Rate in Western Europe

The United Kingdom has still highest adolescents and teenage pregnancy rate in Western Europe, according to the “Office for National Statistics.  The UK has lower teens and tweens pregnancy rates than just Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Hungry and Latvia that are comparatively far under developing countries compared to the United Kingdom.

States further stated that

In the year of 2014, UK had 6.8 per 1000 15-17 years old, as compared to the 1.1 in Denmark and 1.3 in the Netherlands.

“Figures are horrible to know that how much work still needs to be done” However, in many countries we have record high level of teenage and Adolescents unwanted pregnancy, but there are number of countries of Europe that have low level of teenage pregnancy”, Sexual Health charity FPA’s Head of Program Paul Casey stated that.

Ultimate threats to Pregnant Adolescent/Teen’s Life

According to the researchers

If a teen has got the unwanted pregnancy that will double the risk of being committing suicide. Pregnancy really impacts the mind of tween or teens emotionally such as fear factor, lack of support from the society and even from the parents to some extent and fear of being unable to deal with the birth of a child financially may lead a teen to kill themselves, Swedish researcher stated that.

Researchers further added that

“Teenage motherhood has known as an important predictor for committing suicide attempt”, writing in the Lancet medical journal

Writing in The Lancet medical journal, the researchers said: “unwanted Teenage motherhood proved an important predictor for suicide and suicide attempt.

Reasons behind Adolescents & Teenage unwanted Pregnancy

There are plenty of factors that have involved and comes to gather that can get your tween’s pregnant. Let’s describe all of it one by one.

Media Influence: Technology

Today we are dealing with the media influences that are impacting on young generation to the fullest. Young teens and tweens often get inspired by the media such as from romantic movies, sexually arouse through carnal content such as pornography and others. However, the technology has also has impacted a lot such as the excess of cell phones and the use of social messaging apps.

Technology is the highest and ultimate factor that gets teen’s unwanted pregnancy. Young teens use dating apps such as Tinder, Yahoo, Facebook, Snapchat and then have a hookup with the opposite gender online and then meet with the unknown peoples and have sexual relationships.

Social media apps are one of the most influential factors that play a role to have relationships via cell phone connected to the internet and parents are unaware of the facts that teens are going to meet someone after having a chat conversation, text messages, audio and video conversations on the instant messengers.  At the end of the day, a teen or tween may get the encounter with a stalker, sexual abusers and teen has left nothing, but with disappointment.

Drug Abuse

Party life is a present time trend among tweens and teens and they may abuse by the drugs within the hidden parties in whereabouts. Mostly peer pressure gets the teens and tweens to do parties with the fellow boys and even with the older ones and unsafe sex in the parties lead young teens towards unwanted teenage pregnancy.

Drugs such as alcohol and marijuana make teens unconscious during the parties and encounter with the stalkers and sexual abusers become imminent. Even predators are also present in the families or in the near neighborhoods where teens sexual molested before reaching to the period of puberty and some tweens and teens get pregnant before telling their parents. Some teens don’t like to have sex with their boyfriends without protection and at the end of the day things discovered into the pregnancy.

Teens pregnancy prevention
Teens pregnancy prevention

Tips for parents to tackle unwanted Adolescents & Teen’s Pregnancy

Have a discussion

It may sound crazy to you, but it is very important for the parents such as moms to sit down with the young girl and to share the facts about the sex. Having such detailed and positive information about the sex will help out teens to make their choices either good or bad. Tell your teens I will tell you when you will be able to sexually active. So, try with your teens to avoid sex until she gets how to be safe.

Explain Save sex

Guide young teens about the safe sex, this will enable young teens to avoid the consequences being a young pregnant hardship that may come into their lives. So, mothers especially play their role in the sex without safety can damage their teens emotionally, physically and as well as psychologically. This will help out parents at least their young teens will have a sex with protection.

Guide your teen “Respect Herself”

Numerous circles of moms have stated that its mom’s duty to teach her teenage girl to take care of herself emotionally and physically. Tell your teens and tweens a
bout the psyche of the young boys that how they act and how they can manipulate teen’s feelings to have sex with them. So, parents first lesson for the young teens that “respect yourself” then people will respect you.

Discuss the consequences

Parents can teach about the consequences to their young tweens and teens that their life will be at stake of getting pregnant. Because, being a mother, you have to deal with your financial matters, health issues and most of the time fear. These are the major factors that can lead teens to death.

Don’t Make Sex a Taboo Subject

Most of the moms have an opinion that sex needs to be discussed with the teens openly and it would be the worst thing to do, “that a mother doesn’t want to discuss with the teens or tweens about the sex.” So, mothers should not make sex “a Taboo subject” It is the most important part of our lives, so parents need to discuss it with the teens, because of their safety.

Apply Monitoring on your teen’s routine Activities

Technology has made parents enable to protect teens from the real and online dangers. Cell phone devices are the biggest factor that can drive teens to have conversations with the people that can lead your teen towards negative activities. Installation of mobile phone spy app on your cell smartphone would be an ultimate relief for parents to get to know about teens routine activities. Parents can record and listen to the calls with the secret spy call recorder of the cell phone surveillance software.

Moreover, they can view sent or received text messages on the cell phone such as iMessages, BMM chat messages, SMS, and MMs. Furthermore, moms can view the social media activities of the teens and the conversation they do with the peers and get to know their all hidden plans. You can use IM’s social media and can spy IM’s logs such as chat conversations, private messages, audio and video conversations, shared media files such as audios and videos and sent or received Voice messages.

However, parents can track teen’s whereabouts with the spyvidcam bug of cell phone tracking software. It enables parents to record the surround visuals by making the short videos on the phone by hacking the front and back camera and even can capture images with camera bug app. You can also listen to the surround sounds with MIC bug of the mobile phone spy app and get to know what is happening in the surrounds of the teens when they are not home.

Parents can track the tweens and teens location if they don’t come at home at the usual time. They can use GPS location tracker of the cell phone tracking software and get to know the current and exact location. Parents can get to know if teens have got un-ethical activities through browsing history of the mobile phone surveillance software such as visited and bookmarked websites.

Sometimes thing goes wrong and parents may have to take rapid action, so parents can use spy 360 live camera streaming to view the surrounds in real time by hacking the camera of the teen’s cell phone. Real-time surveillance on teens enables parents to protect them from ultimate dangers. They can also listen to the android surrounds in real-time with the help of spy 360 live surround listening to the best cell phone spy software.

Having sad earlier, media has its own impacts such as sharing photos and video to the stalker or sexual predator online can put your teens in real danger and they may make plans to meet with the predators in real life. Therefore, parents can protect teens from the stalkers, child abusers and sexual predators with spy 360 live screen sharing. It means anything happens on the cell phone screen, would broadcast cell phone spyware online control panel and parents can view that activity in real-time and take action against it.

Parents can also control teen’s cell phone activities with the strangers with remotely phone controller. It enables parents to block text messages with the strangers, block incoming calls of the stranger and even block the internet if there is communication has occurred between your young teens on social media.


Technology has provided the number of ways for teens to encounter with the strangers and cell phone is the largest factor that provides teens opportunities to communicate with the one that leads your teen to get pregnant. Parents can easily create a communication gap with cell phone tracking software when it is necessary and can stop your tween and teens to do sexual activities when it is necessary. However, a constant period of being updated about teens routine life, parents can surely protect teens to get herself into trouble such as “unwanted Adolescents & teen’s pregnancy”.

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