The Negatives and Positives of the BYOD Policy


Schools in America have begun to adopt the BYOD policy which is the bring your own device policy in schools. This is done to make the classroom a more interactive place and for children to be trained for practical life. Within the policy, it is said that schools would be responsible for purchasing the cell phones which would be distributed to students who would have the option of bringing their own tablet computers and smart phones to school for the purpose of a class project. The policy does, however, ban the use of these devices amongst younger children but does allow older students to bring their gadgets to class. Since the initiation of this practice and with it gaining roots in modern schools over time, the practice has been criticized for causing issues such as cheating in exams, cyber bullying, viewing of inappropriate content in class and distraction from studies to occur. This has lead schools to now find solutions as to how these problems can be dealt with due to the introduction of technology in schools.

Considering the negative aspects associated with the use of gadgets and cell phones by students, most people state factors such as cheating, cyber bullying, restlessness, headaches, and distraction from work to be at the top of the list. These problems, however, aren’t seen to be very difficult to deal with by school authorities and asking students not to bring their devices to school wouldn’t help get rid of these problems in any way.

There are risks associated with this BYOD policy and these include the breach of data, theft of information which is private, maintaining network security because when a number of devices are logged onto one system, the spread of the virus is very much possible with constant sharing occurring between teens. This system also has the potential of bringing about a further divide between students belonging to different income families.

Arguments in favor of this policy statement that with students being allowed to bring their devices and gadgets to school, it allows the school itself to save large amounts of money. The money which is being saved would otherwise have to be spent on buying computers for students to use. The money that is being saved can instead be used in helping those students who may have a weak financial background and may be in need of financial assistance.

Furthermore, students can also be instructed in how to make use of their devices and how to handle them in the correct manner. Additional programs can also be developed by the school so that students can be taught regarding cyber bullying and how this problem should be countered in an effective manner. Parents too can help out and even install parental control software’s on their child’s computer and gadget for additional security.

In-house rules can also be developed by schools which students would have to follow with respect to using devices. Safety measures taken by the school could include encrypting the network of the school to restrict students from going too far into the virtual world.

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