Teens on the Verge of Predators Due to Tinder Blind Date Feature

teens on the verge of predators due to tinder blind date feature

TheOneSpy Could Sweep Parental Mess on Valentine’s Day

Love does exist! The word love is blind ruining the lives of many teens since technology has introduced dating applications. Youngsters who believe that love is blind are continuously trying to date someone due to Tinder’s dating app. Tinder has rolled out the “Blind Date feature” just in time for Valentine’s Day. Users can pair up without watching photos on others’ profiles. Popular dating app Tinder launches a new feature blind date just in time for the day of love. However, parental concerns arise, and young teens get trapped by a predator and could lose everything in the name of so-called

Per independent, the feature is known as “Fast Chat: Blind Date” has launched by Tinder on February 10, after almost 41% of Generation Z showed their interest in going on a blind date. The feature is available in Tinder’s Explorer section and allows users to have conversations without viewing each other profile photos.  

Did You Know? How Many Teens’ Victims of Blind Dating Violence

  • Almost 1 in 5 teens become the victim of date rape violence
  • Young people ages 12 to 19 are more likely to experience a high ratio of rape & sexual violence
  • Teenagers ages 17 to 19 face the highest ratio of stalking
  • 1 in 3 teens in the U.S become the victim of physical, emotional, and verbal abuse from an unknown dating partner
  • Almost 40% of teens in the U.S go on date on Valentine’s Day to have sex

The stats are horrible, and technology is continuously favoring psychopaths, online predators, stalkers, and serial sex-offenders to victimize young teens no time ever before. Therefore, dating apps could let your teens go on a blind date with unknowns, and they are on the verge of predators due to the newly launched “Blind Date” feature.

How Does the Tinder Blind Date Feature Work?

Tinder Fast Chat: Blind Date feature matches users with anyone following the preferences, and users both decide to have a conversation for a while without watching each other’s profile. Users will have to answer a couple of icebreaking questions, and tinder will pair them up based on mutual interest.

Further, they will have time to chat to know the interest, demands, commonalities, and choices for a blind date. Users can pair with someone they got matched with and go on a blind date. As we all know that the feature has launched just in time for Valentine’s Day, teens are on their phone screens to use a Tinder feature and to have someone’s attention for the day love, and hereafter.

How can Parents Prevent Teens from Blind Dating?

Parents are worried about the safety of teens online. They want to know what teens are up to on the occasions like Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, and many more.  Parents want to keep an eye on teens no time ever before. Cell phones are a wild beast for teens because they enable them to interact with people online without knowing in person. Valentine’s Day has just arrived, and tinder has launched a new threat for teens’ safety “Fast chat: Blind Date” feature. How can parents protect teens from blind dating habits?

TheOneSpy - Tinder Spy App Is The Best Way To Protect Teens From Predators

TheOneSpy is the best parental control app that is a hallmark to safeguard teens online. It is an application that enables parents to spy on cellphones and tablets connected to cyberspace. You can avail multiple services and solutions within no time to spy on Tinder on your kid’s cell phone device. Here are TheOneSpy features that prevent from fear of teens’ interaction with predators and you can prevent them from blind dating.

Get 50% FLAT OFF as a new user. TheOneSpy offers parents to protect teens from cyber predators try to chase your teens on Valentine’s Day for a blind date.

TheOneSpy Features To Spy on Tinder App Installed on Your Target Cell Phone.

Tinder spy app is the best solution of TheOneSpy that allows parents to monitor and track every activity of teens on cellphones, and on dating apps, like Tinder.

Parents can use TheOneSpy on the target phone and use its features to keep tabs on teens’ phones. You can read text messages and record live phone calls. Further, you can record live cellphone screens to see what your child is doing on dating apps like tinder. You can view installed apps to know if the child has installed a dating app. Parents can also watch kids’ activities using a live camera streaming feature to view teens’ surroundings in real-time to prevent date rape and sexual assault incidents. TheOneSpy can also let you listen to phone surroundings in real time to protect teens from predators. Further, you can track your teen’s Geo-location and location history while he/she is on a blind date.


Do you want to prevent your teen from a blind date? Are you looking forward to spying on your child’s cellphone to catch blind dating plans? You can use TheOneSpy and protect your teen from blind dating using apps like Tinder. You can look after your child and also digital well-being on this Valentine’s Day with TheOneSpy Valentine’s Day discount offer.

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