TheOneSpy Can Help Verify Violent Teenage Bullying


Is your kid avoiding the school playground? Does the silence in your kid’s words speak of something? Has the child started to avoid high school talk? Have you seen a rash on their face/ do they drag their feet to miss the school bus? Have you ever thought that these excuses may be indicative of teenage bullying?

Children feel shy to talk about such issues with parents, even knowing that it is parent’s responsibility to prevent such bullying. TheOneSpy Mobile Monitoring Software has been developed with this in view; it supports both Android and iPhone, with features that help you follow your child’s high school life. Some kids find high school fun; others may look at it as a period of humiliation. This phase shapes a child’s future personality, and it is important to coach a child in dealing with these challenges.

The TheOneSpy app provides parents with complete reports of kids activities. The app keeps track of all the interactions of the teenage and reports this to the parent, over an online user interface on the TheOneSpy website. The app shows all dialed and received Call information, with time and date stamps; the SMS feature lists all the sent/received SMS messages, and Email logs feature help parents access email interactions and access to the email body.

TheOneSpy lets parents read chats of Google talk and iPhone spy without jailbreak letting the kid know. Getting access to this information is important as kids are reluctant to discuss their embarrassments and this app will show what is going on in their lives, right or wrong. These features let the parent know the bothersome events affecting the child’s confidence.

The use of TheOneSpy and parents access to the child phone surrounding its facility of ‘listening’ up to 15 feet area of the phone of the child; this secret feature operates behind the desktop invisible. The software receives the call and lets the parent know what is happening in the kids’ surroundings.

Acting familiar with your child in front of classmates makes them a laughing stock, and your overly protective attitude may lead to them being called ‘mama’s boy,’ daddy’s girl,’ and this is what kids hate.

Feeling that they alone often turn teenagers to substance abuse; may make then visit disreputable places; and be in unhealthy company, which may destroy their life. To find out where the kids are at any time, TheOneSpy’s feature of ‘Geo Live Location Tracking’ not only lets you know their geographic position on a map, it also shows previously visited places with time and date. These details let the parent see where their child is hanging out in. The ‘Geo Fencing’ feature allows boundary setting using Google map which lets you specify locations that visiting which will alert you when left or entered the fenced area. This feature is handy as certain places are mentioned in the software as used by criminals or undesirable elements of society.

TheOneSpy features work in tandem to track down a stolen mobile phone, erase data, and even lock the phone remotely from the online interface. Any SIM card change will be notified with the new SIM ID on the user interface.

TheOneSpy stands out as the fool proof app in child protection software in the market today and can help parents know if their child is subject to cyberbullying and possible abduction. Parents with teenagers looking for some means to monitor their child’s activities should subscribe to TheOneSpy to lessen their worries and maintain a home full of lively teens!

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