Children are Addicted to Sex Games – Panic Among Parents

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Video Games Addict Children are Playing Sex Games

We all have heard about the word addiction. We start assuming about drugs and alcohol, but nowadays sex games have prevailed among teenagers.

On the other hand, the World Health Organization has recognized video game addiction as mental disorders.

Things go more dangerous these days because children are struggling with sex games disorder.

Young kids who used to play video games online get their hands-on direct and indirect links of nude games.

It is based on multiple stages where a player can choose single or multiple players to have sex virtually on the screen of their mobile phones or PCs.

Adult Sex games have reached to the next level. The contemporary technology in terms of 3D virtual reality headsets has integrated with the best graphics that make multiplayer online sex games lifelike no time ever before.

Moreover, haptic sex inventions provide players real-life sex experience because it has become more physically interactive.

So nude games on the web are attracting young minds and they are experiencing sex on virtual spaces in terms of sexual games available on the web alongside multiple partners.

“We are assuming that erotic games are the drug of choice for young teenagers, said Dr. Nicholas Kadaras. He is an addiction psychologist and C.E.O of Omega Counseling. 

“Online sex games or video games online have developed to get the young teens hooked at a very young age, Kasdaras added that.

“Sex games suddenly trigger such hormones in a teen’s brain similar to the drug use.”

“On the other hand drugs like Cocaine increases the level of dopamine and similarly, it increases when children get involved in sex gaming on the web using phones and computers, he further added that”.

What are Sex Games? Sex & Nudity in Video Games

Nude games are also known as Eroge. All the games online that represent nudity, porn material and other kinds of sexually explicit graphics are porn video games.

Online sex games are based on fictional stories in which a user plays a character such as Vampire Notes.

In this game, the user plays a vampire girl who has never met with the human beings before.

Whether you allow it for sexual urges or resist sexual urges it depends upon the video game player.

So, in short we can say erotic games are actually games of sexually explicit nature.

So an ordinary game could change into sexual element likewise strip poker, and board games developed to arouse the player.

So, games that arouse sexual desire or excitement are known as Nude games.

Today, these sorts of games are highly popular among young slot that used to play these sorts of games secretly on their mobiles and laptop desktop computers connected to the internet.

Therefore, young teenagers addicted to erotic video games have made their digital phones and PCs a sex box.

Adult video games were designed for couples to build sexual tension and encourage each other to have time for foreplay and delay gratification.

However, young teenagers are playing adult sex games to fulfill their sexual fantasies without any partner.

They just visualize a character in the game to be as a character and then press buttons to play the game to release their sexual desires.

Therefore, it happens even more dangerous than porn videos on the web.

History of Sex Games in a Nutshell:

1) Online Sex Games in 1980s:

The video games include sexual themes that were initially introduced in the year of 1981.

It was based on softporn adventure. The game was reportedly sold more than 2500 copies.

Later on, in the year of 1982, Japan’s Koie founded by the husband and wife team known as Yoichi and Keiko Erikawa, they both have released the first erotic computer game.

The game has included sexual explicit graphics. Furthermore, the couple has also released another adult game known as “Danchi Tsuma o Yuwaku. It was typically a role-playing adventure game.

In the year of 1986, the online system that is currently known as Sierra on-Line has developed an adult game.

It included graphical adventure and later on got fame as King’s Quest series.

The game was softporn adventure and the video game has got low sales initially but at the end of the day it has become word of mouth and become hit and came up with several sequels.

2) Sexual Games in the 1990s:

In the year of 1990s CD-ROM technology came in and plenty of adult games were introduced alongside featured adult video clips.

The games were pre-loaded with real-time 3D graphics and all the games were nothing more than porn. However, sex games had an actual story and plot.

In the mid-1990s, adult video games have come up with the new series known as the Gals Panic series.

It did not have sexual images, but it shows slowly reveal images of models in a very sexual way of undress. The game had plenty of sequels and the last one released in the year 2002.

3) Adult Sex Games the 2000s:

After the start of the twentieth century, the publishers have got plenty of policies against the depiction of nudity and sexually explicit content.

The popular brands like Sony entertainment have allowed nudity in its PlayStation brand of consoles.

On the other hand, BMX for the PlayStation 2 had to face censorship in American release and GameCube had not featured sex and nudity in video games.

4) Sex Games in the 2010s to Onward:

In the year 2010 onward when the internet is available on cell phones, tablets, and laptop desktop computer devices, adult sex games are on the rise.

Nowadays, every young child even has access to online sex games where they can play with nude characters.

Moreover, the porn official characters have been introduced in animated form. However, video games addicts visit plenty of websites online to play nude games online that is so alarming in the digital age.

Sex Games on Android, MAC & on Windows Devices are on the rise

The windows and mac computers are widely used worldwide and today these contemporary OS devices are known for quite a few things.

Both operating systems and its contemporary devices have ease of use, prevent viruses, and for safe gaming mac computers in particular.

However, android phones enable young users to play adult video games online. Young user has made android devices as their X-rated theaters.

On the other side, apple devices such as Mac laptops and desktops are quite safe for adult gaming.

There is also a huge gap between what is available when you compare offerings for mac computers VS PCs. Out of laptop devices, mac computers happen to one of the best devices for sex games.

So, mac users have plenty of options to play adult sex games.

Apart from macs VS PCs android mobile phones and tablets are more dangerous than ever before.

The contemporary mobile phones of Android OS let user to play heavy erotic games on their phones secretly then mac and windows PCs.

Sex Games & its Brutal Effects on Children

The presence of Sex and violence particularly in video games over the years are one the rise.

Today, it has brutal and dangerous effects on kid’s and teens’ brains.

Sexual Violence has prevailed in a video game and its exposure could have long lasted effects on children’s brains.

Though, adult games have a rating system under children’s age. However, a sex games addict child and unaware parent have to face serious consequences.

No matter what if parents don’t make purchases for video games but young children have many ways to access sexual games online, here is what parents need to know.

The Early Exposure & After Effects

Children that are used to sexual violence in video games end up with the same effects on the brain addicted to drugs.

The sexual games addicts also got issues of desensitization and tolerance issues, according to the researchers.

We have often seen cases in which parents snatch games and kids, on the other hand, ended up with anger problems.

Young kids became more aggressive and less empathetic, researchers further added that.

There are some experiments that say exposure to violence and sexual games end up children less likely to help out injured people, take violent acts non-seriously and get involved in fights all the time.

Moreover, young children addicted to online erotic games think the world is a dark and sinister place.

Video Games are Not for Children

Experts do believe that most of the video games developed companies used to make video games for children to generate revenue. However, video games’ consumer average age should be 31 at least.

Even 50% of the parents allow their children to play more sensible and mature games. On the other hand, video games, particularly for children and teens, can be turned brutal.

New Jersey’s mother recalls a story of her daughter who was playing video games in which her character was approached by other characters and demand from her to do sexual acts.

The daughter told her mother the character then became naked and did some sexual movements. This type of thing we all know happens in role-play games or in nude games.

Other Medium of Access

Since the omnipresent internet has been evolved on android phones, mac and windows computers and PCs, your child is at the brink of sexual violence.

It is possible that your teens are playing sexual video games without your consent.

On the other hand, characters in the game could use vulgar language or turned sexual according to the erotic video game plot and your child becomes addicted to it.

So, there is a dire need for parents to protect children from adult video games to the fullest.

Speaking to Washington post, Jean Twinge from San Diego State University psychology professor reportedly stated that “Men and women in America, the UK and Japan are having less sex than ever before.” it is all because of young boys and girls are addict of video games full of violence and sex.

Teens and young boys that used to of spending most of the time at home on the screen like on cell phones, and on computers are less likely to have sexual encounters.

They are more interested in entertaining themselves on-screen via sexual video games and another medium of entertainment she further added that.

How Parents can Stop Kids not to Play Sex Games?

Parents should know that video games come up with rating systems. If they are making purchases then they should have following things in mind.

Rating pending or RP means the rating of a particular game is still not decided.

EC (Early childhood) – games are best for the ages 3+ kids based on education

E – (Everyone) games allow for everyone based on cartoon violence

E10+ suitable games are suitable for kids ages 10+

T (Teen) best games for teens 13+ up to 18

M (Mature) these games are best for mature one more than 18+

A (Adults) These games are suitable for only adults who are based on anything such as sexual content, violence and gambling etc.

Tips for Parents to Protect Kids from Erotic Games

  • Parents should check the ERSB rating mentioned above before handing over games to kids.
  • Always sit aside with your children while they are playing video games online on cell phones, computers,s or on PCs.
  • Set some ground roles for teens and kids on how long they can play games
  • Set parental control on kids and teens’ phones, tablets, computers, and PCs with TheOneSpy cell phone & computer monitoring app

Conclusion: Set Parental Control on Kid’s Digital Devices

Parents should monitor their children‘s games and even conversations while playing games to make sure they are not playing inappropriate games. Read all conversations on games that allow having conversations online with other players. Always optimize supervision on teens and kids cell phones, computers and PCs. You can perform parental monitoring with the TheOneSpy and keep yourself updated regarding what kids and teens are doing on their phone, and computer screen. It will inform parent’s time to –time reports and empowers them to remotely stop teens if they are involved in playing online sex games. You can monitor and record live screen activities, capture screenshots, remotely block websites, remotely block the internet and last but not the least live screen recording of phones and laptop desktop computer screen.

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