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The access of the internet on the cell phone devices have been turned the entire world into a global village. On the other hand, the rain of Samsung cell phones, tablets, and pads has sent the clear message to the general public that the importance of parental control on Samsung devices is necessary no time ever before. The craze of the Samsung phones among the youth is at their peak and they have turned the number of minors and teenager cyber-victims. Apart from the victimization of the kids and teens in the digital world they themselves living an adventures life and has adopted such foolish methods of using cell phones that has made them not less than a stuntman. Let’s have a look at the reasons to apply parental control on child’s Samsung phones.

Why is it necessary to apply parental control?

Presence of cyber bullies in a digital world

Cyberbullying is the evil that has turned the digital world into the nightmare against young kids and teens. The one who knows about these elements may use some precautions, but those young minors who have recently joined the social media platforms probably the easiest targets for the online bullies. According to the Study of Exploring the online privacy Social Networking & Cyberbullying, 40% of teens become the victims of the online bullies and 28% of young boys bullied online.

Stalkers are active on the instant messengers

Stalkers operate in such a way that none of the teens will be able to judge that; at the end of she would become the sexual victim. They behave in such a generous way teen’s trapped by their friendly gestures and then ready to believe what they are going to say. Stalkers usually become online friends of the teens and tweens and finally meet them in real life for the sake of their dark sexual motives.

Blinds Dating through dating apps

The rise and the rise of one night stand especially on the occasions such as Valentine’s Day, parties, bars teens loved to do things to mingle with the opposite gender. They use dating apps such as Tinder, Snapchat, and Instagram, Facebook and others to find out the one whom they can meet in real life for the blind date.

Child abusers use social apps as cover to harm kids

The child abusers also use the instant messaging apps in order to find out a soft target in the shape of young kids. They visit the social media profiles lacking with the privacy settings and view the complete information and then chase out kids near to their homes or at their schools. In the United States has one of the threatening records of losing on average between four and seven children every single day to child abuse and neglect. So, child abusers use the social media apps as their cover to operate as child abusers and find out their target with the help of digital media platforms.

Excessive use of cell phones cause health problems

Obviously, continuously gazing on cell phone screen of Samsung and doing plenty of activities all day long causes health issues among teens and the minors. They may cause depression, anxiety, eyes side issues, psychological disorder, extra weight gaining due to less no physical activity and plenty of others such as obesity.

Texting turns into sexting

A habit of sending and receiving text messages to the online friends often turned into sexting that arouses sexual feelings in teens and tweens. Finally, they continue this bad habit and become the victim of sexual abusers or stalkers.

Rising habits of self-obscenity

The young teens in a relationship often do activities such as make their videos alongside their boyfriends in compromising way. On the other hand, Samsung devices with powerful front and cameras would be an ideal phone to do that type of risky activity. It is the same as doing sex without the protection. The videos would be leaked out by their boyfriends or accidentally delivered to someone else. Ultimately lead teens towards a real embarrassment and there will be no way out but to do suicide or bearing the humiliation of the people.

Adventures way to use smartphones

Using cell phones behind the wheels is not less than a stunt and kids and teens are the most frequent users of cell phones while driving such as doing text messages and listen to the calls. This kind of habits or stunts leads plenty of teenagers every year to death. It causes 25% of all the accidents and 1.6 million every year, according to the Nat’l Safety Council. Almost 330,000 got injuries in the calendar year, according to the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis Study. NHTSB has revealed that using the cell phone is 6x times riskier than doing bad activities on the cell phone.

Effective ways to set parental control on Samsung devices

No matter how much advanced the device is there to set parental control on Samsung Galaxy S9. The latest cell phone of Samsung is not a headache for you to set parental control on it. You can use technology developed cell phone parental control app on the Samsung smartphone and put your worries to rest.

Use TheOneSpy Parental Control app

You just need to subscribe to the parental control software and get the credentials with the help of email. Now install the parenting software for Samsung phone on the target device. After ended up successfully activate the cell phone parenting spyware on the target smartphone. Now use the credentials and get access to the TheOneSpy parental control spyware dashboard. Visit all the parenting tools and use it.

How to set parental control with TheOneSpy Spying tools?

You need to tap into the tools and then create a command and send it to the target Samsung device. Once the command has received on the phone, it will deliver all the activities to the control panel and you will get to know what activities you have to set parental control. Furthermore, their following tools that you need to use to apply parental control to your target Samsung device.

IM’s social media

You can set TOS parental control on your target device and can view all the activities of kids and teens that they perform on social me
ssaging apps. A user can view IM’s logs, chat conversations, text messages; shared media files and listen to the Voice messages. You can come to know to whom target user is texting, chatting and calling in order to prevent them from online bullying, stalkers, and others.

Call recording

You can record WhatsApp calls of teens and tweens on the Samsung smartphones with hidden call recorder app. however, save recorded stuff into an online dashboard. You can come to know whom your child is talking at the moment in real time.

Spy on messages

View sent and receives text messages such as iMessages, MMS, SMS, BMM chat messages and heads up tickers notification with spy text app. What else you need to know about your target Samsung phone, you can read all plans of your teens such as blind dating, conversation with the strangers and their upcoming dangerous activities.

TOS Spy 360

Listen and record surround sounds and conversations and come to know the hidden activities of teens that they have planned before and going to execute with the stalker, child abusers and other that can harm your teens. All you need to do is to use spy 360 live surround listening and you can stop teens to get involved in self-obscenity, to view the excessive use of the phone by using the spy 360 live screen sharing. It enables a user to hack the screen of the phone and then broadcast it live into the online control panel.

However, they can hack the camera of the phone and get live visuals of the surrounds with the help of spy 360 live camera streaming. It means you can come to know where kids and teens and the moment are and what exactly they are doing.

Control Samsung remotely

The user can remotely control the Samsung s8 device with the help of remotely phone controller of the cell phone spy app. you can stop young teens using the cell phone while driving, you can remotely block all the incoming calls, a user can blocked text messages and even block the internet fully.


Now you have ended up with the setting parental control on Samsung cell phone gadget by using the TheOneSpy parental control spy app. All you need to do is to have physical access to the target cell phone to apply parental control.

Use Samsung Device to set parental control

A user can set parental control on the latest Samsung device such as Samsung Galaxy S9 by using the Samsung latest device default settings. This would be quite handy for you view selective content on the smart devices. You just need to follow the few steps to set parental control on the latest Samsung devices that enable you to visit the settings to set parental control by default.


Unlock the Samsung phone and visit the settings. If it is messy for you to find out the settings then you can pull down the application drawer and go the circle icon where you see settings. Make a click on it and open the settings of the phone.

Step 2:

Now go to the user option and you will see a human body like icon and see “Users” make click on it and go the user’s settings menu.

Step 3:

Once you have visited the settings menu, you will have two options, now fix a new user and restrict the profile. While making restriction of the target Samsung phone, you have to add your email ID. Further, you can use additional option to add the account of your child.

Step 4:

Go the restrictions icon box and block the kind of content that you don’t want the target user to get access to it. Now set your password on it and further you can make a pattern or user pin to create a new passcode.

Step 5:

Once you have fixed the password, the list of the app will pop-up on the page, now choose apps you wish your target user to get access. However, you can restrict the target person to get ingress in bad content.

Step 6:

Now go back to the lock screen, you have done with the process to set parental control on the Samsung cell phone.


The user can restrict or set parental control on particular things, but it will not provide you a complete parental control on the target cell phone. However, the settings can be changed on the target phone to get access again to the target material.


TheOneSpy parental control software has known for its supremacy, accuracy, and efficiency over its competitors and over the years it still stands number 1 in world parental control apps congress

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