How Employees Can Benefit from Our Tracker


One of the many useful features offered by TheOneSpy Monitoring App is the tracker feature. What is the tracker feature? The tracker feature is our offering that enables you to track the location of every device that you install our monitoring app in – and with it, its owner. Being one of our most covetable features, the tracker can be used in many ways. However, we’d tell you how it is particularly useful for employers looking to keep an eye on their employees. Employers, do you often send your employees out to run errands for you? To pick up a parcel from somewhere, to courier goods to a customer, or just to get you a cup of coffee? Do you often wonder why they take three hours to dispatch a package from a courier service office that’s only a block away, and then come back with a load of excuses for the delay (“My car broke down” “It was the traffic…”)? We know most of you would nod in agreement, which is why TheOneSpy offers its tracker feature in the first place: to detect when someone is being dishonest to you. If you’re an employer who is skeptical of their employees’ activities outside of the office, especially when they’re sent on official errands, you absolutely need to get our tracker feature. Simply purchase a license for TheOneSpy Monitoring App and install it in your employees’ mobiles or tablets. Once you have done that, you will be able to monitor their location through their device’s location. So if you sent them eastwards to meet a prospective client, and TheOneSpy tells you that they are, in fact, somewhere due north, then you know you’re being fooled. There could be tons of reasons, some legitimate but mostly illegitimate, which your employees present for their detour on an official assignment. You don’t have to brainstorm on that, either. Make sure what they were up to on their detours by using TheOneSpy’s microphone feature, and never be fooled by your employees again. Learn more about the microphone feature in our next blog posts. Stay tuned!

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