“Treat Trauma” Rather than Behavior of Kids at Risk: Study says

treat trauma rather than behavior of kids at risk study says

The campaign about the spreading awareness among the masses regarding trauma-informed care, it is basically a framework that helps out educators and plenty of other professionals. It makes them understandable who works with children about the behavior they usually exhibit.  Therefore, plenty of professionals have trained to know about “adverse childhood encounters and experiences” or ACES is rapidly increasing all around the state and at the local level. The term “trauma” means that negative experiences that impacts on the children badly and ultimately they exhibits such behaviors that do seem normal.

ACES includes the number of childhood bad experiences and ultimately negative outcomes appear later in their life. Today we will discuss all those incidents and encounters young children experienced once or the number of times in their lives that at the end of the day influence their behaviors.

ACES or Adverse Childhood Encounters & Experiences

ACES includes number things that young children usually face beyond the school gates, on streets, along with the peers, through social media apps cell phones connected to the internet, online predators and last but the least at parties. All these above-mentioned phases and environment they are living has ultimate impacts on their lives that change their behavior later in their lives. There are following adverse experiences that your child can face in their lives and that becomes a trauma that needs to be prevented and treated at very before they exhibit in their behaviors that you were not expecting.

Child Abuse

Childhood abuse is the very common phenomenon and bad experience that a child may have experienced once or more than once in their lives. The real-life predators and online predators that can harm children and they may have to suffer from such things that can exploit and manipulate their behaviors to the fullest. The rise in the rise of technology in the form of contemporary android cell phones devices makes children closer to the predators that can abuse young kids and teens in the shape of stalkers, child abuse and via online dating experiences. Child abuse and their mental effects afterwards can tell the story about victim children and their irrational behavior. Real –life predators these days are not operating fearlessly as compare to the online predators. Because the predators operating online feel more secure due to anonymity and they use social messaging apps to trap young kids and teens for sexual and abusing means. Therefore, before a young child is going to get his/her digital citizenship parents need to aware them about the child abusers and need to teach them how they usually operate.

Family Household

A family household does matter a lot on the cognitive skills of the children. You may have known of the incidents happen every year of “child run” Why it happens and how parents can get rid of. It is only possible when the environment of the family is stable. If the parents are separated due to some odd reasons and being single mother and father your children may have experienced inferiority complex when they saw their peers hanging out with their parents. On the other hand, if parents are fighting each other all the time then resultantly it will impact badly on the child behavior and he/she may have angry and irritable behavior.

Substance Abuse

Drug addiction and other forms such as the use of alcohol can exploit your child. The reason behind these sorts of activities makes parents responsible because they are not doing parenting job with dedication. Therefore, young children turn to find out to have a fun with the peers and they can bring your child to the hidden whereabouts where substance abuse is a very common activity and at the end of the day your child may become addict off drugs.

Social and Drug Addiction

This could be various types that you can see in the children. Because it is possible that your child is the drug addict, social media addict and last but not the least a child may have the addiction using the cell phone all day long connected to the internet. Today children are the most addict community that uses the internet and finally got obsessed with the use of cell phone, instant messaging apps and even got bad habits sexting being the victim of child predator such as stalkers. Young kids and teens are an addict of text messages, video games, and audio and video WhatsApp conversations on android phones and even to the Facebook Voice messages.

Bullying Cyber Bullying

Traditional bullying does not remain the reason that has the adverse impact on the children behavior anymore.  The modern cyber bullying has come forward that usually operates via instant messengers.  Bullying is basically a use of force, threat or dominates on other and now young children most of the time bullied beyond the school gates. Bullying victimization is always the weak children who cannot defend themselves and ultimately their behavior got fear in their behavior such as not going to school, no peers and stay all the time lonely. The question arises how to make sure that your child is being bullied or cyber bullied. However, it also impacts on children in such a way made children deliberately self-harm activities such as attempt of suicide.

ACES includes all above mentioned challenges and the study says that more of above mentioned traumas a child encountered with are more likely to experience negative outcomes later in life.

The professionals who have attended training in Pineville answered questions about the ways that can prevent the effects of “adverse childhood experiences or ACES in “at risk” youth. Almost 60 professionals have taken part in the latest trauma –informed care training.

Professionals who attended training in Pineville Wednesday answered questions about ways they can intervene to prevent the effects of “adverse childhood experiences” or ACES in “at-risk” youth.

The group has learned how trauma affected kid’s brain leads to behavioral issues at such a young age. However, they also have learned that how caring, nurturing can make a real difference in the life and results of traumatized child, Sheri Hogg one of the trainers at the summit of trauma informed care said that.

Forget the Trauma informed care professionals, parents should learn how to prevent all the adverse incidents that we have discussed earlier to prevent to get the services of these professionals.

How Parents can Prevent Adverse Experience in Children’s Life?

Simply parents need to use the technology that helps out parents to do the parenting job effectively. No matter the adverse experiences could be in cyber life or in real –life. The use of technology can really make difference to protect children from all dangers that can harm their behavior in their later life.

Install Android Cell Phone Monitoring App on Your Kid’s Device

You just need to install the android monitoring software on your kids and teens device and then put your worries to rest. Because once you have installed the android monitoring app on the target cell phone then you will be able to monitor all their digital media and real-life activities and the incidents took place in their surrounds to the fullest. You will be able to monitor their call logs and get to know who kids and teens making calls and what sort of conversations they have made. Furthermore, parents can remotely listen to the surrounds sounds with MIC bug app.

It will enable parents to record and listen to the surround voices and conversations that will help you out to prevent child abuse, bullying and other incidents. Furthermore, you can use spyvidcam bug app to record and view the surround visuals and get to know what is happening in the surrounds of your children having video evidence. However, parents can capture images of the surrounds to know the whereabouts of your children. Moreover, you can track the GPS location of your kids with GPS location tracker and get to know the current and exact location of the children having an emergency situation. You can read text messages they sent or received with text messages monitoring of the cell phone monitoring app such as SMS, MMS, BBM chat messages and even the heads up tickers notification to prevent them to become the victims of stalkers and other real-life predators. You can also protect your child from drug abuse having live monitoring power. You just need to use the spy360 live surround listening and listen to the surround conversations in real-time. You can also view the surround visuals in real –time with spy360 live camera streaming.

You can prevent adverse encounters of the children even in the digital world with live screen recording of the monitoring app for androids. It will enable the user to do the screen recording of all the instant messaging apps such as Facebook screen recording, WhatsApp screen recording, SnapChat screen recording and many others. However, parents can use password chaser, YouTube screen recording, and SMS screen recording. You can view the IM’s logs with the IM’s social media tool of the cell phone monitoring app for androids such as text messages, text conversations, audio & video conversations, share media as photos and videos and WhatsApp Voice messages.

Last but not the least, parents can remotely control children android cell phones with cell phone monitoring app android phone controller. It enables parents to prevent all those activities that can make their encounters with the cyber predators and impact their behavior badly. You can remotely view the installed apps; remotely block text messages, incoming calls of the strangers and even block the internet on the target Android phones to prevent any harm full online activity such as sexting, planning for blind dating and to have conversations online with the strangers or to share compromising photos to anyone online.


I would say none of the parents will prefer to get the services of the trauma care centers to change the damaged behavior of children due to adverse experiences in their lives, so there is need to treat trauma first rather than the behavior. It is parent’s moral responsibility to protect their children from all such incidents that exploit your child later life in terms of abnormal behaviors. All you need to do is to use cell phone monitoring software to make your parenting job easier no matter at what place you are present you can keep an eye on kids and teens real life and cyber life activities to the fullest.

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