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switch between multi devices operating systems

TheOneSpy app is the perfect, must-to-try, and reliable monitoring app. It is because of many features, extra services, and special discounted packages. Above all, facilitates the users to switch from one device to the other. Users can also switch from one OS to another operating system. No other monitoring app provides this switching device and platform switch service. That’s why TheOneSpy makes it the user attraction. It is an excellent unique service initiated by TheOneSpy. It lets users enjoy the same license on Multiple devices and different operating systems. The details and incentives of these compelling offers mention below.

Top Spy Products Of TheOneSpy App For Multiple Devices & OS Platforms

TheOneSpy has introduced many spy applications for cell phones and computer devices. Here are the following products that you need to know:

Android Spy App

Our spy app for Android is one of the leading and best-selling solutions. It offers many result-oriented features to spy on any cell phone device. The target device should have an Android operating system. Android monitoring software is one of the best products. That work on rooted and non-rooted surveillance solutions. It takes a few minutes to complete the setup on the target device. Users can use it for call recording, keylogging, and browsing history.

Live screen recording also records real-time videos on an android screen. It is also helpful for tracking GPS location, web filtering, and limiting screen time. Android spy app has remote monitoring features after one-time installation. The TheOneSpy app for android is compatible with all android phones and tablets. Further, it supports all android operating systems up to OS version 13.0.

iPhone Spy App

Our spy app for iPhone is one of the best apps that allow users to supervise iOS devices. It is compatible with Jailbreak iPhones and iPads. iPhone monitoring software offers several spying features to spy on iOS devices.

Users can monitor an iPhone with features like Contacts, call logs, WhatsApp logs, and camera bugs. Users can also bug MIC and SMS logs and view installed apps on any Jailbreak iOS device. The spy solution for iPhone is compatible with all iOS devices. So, users can monitor every activity performed on another iPhone. The TheOneSpy app works on multiple iOS devices and operating systems.

Mac Monitoring App

TheOneSpy also offers spy software for MAC laptops and desktop devices. It supports all devices and operating systems of MAC devices. Users can use it on El Capitan, Lion, Mavericks, Mojave, EL Capitan, and like Mountain Lion.

It also supports devices like MacBook, MacBook Air, iMac, and MAC mini. Users can install the MAC spy application on any other Laptop device connected to cyberspace. Users can spy on MAC with features like camera bugs and MIC bugs. Further, monitor MAC desktop with keystrokes logger, screen recording, and block websites feature. TheOneSpy also offers multiple platform support features for MAC.

Windows Spy Software

Windows Monitoring software is the best solution for users to spy on Laptops and desktop PCs. It is an app that works on the latest operating systems of Windows, like 8, 9, 10, and the latest. TheOneSpy Windows spy solution has many features.

Users can monitor PCs with Windows browsing history and Surround Recording. Besides, use surround recording, Key logger, block websites, and location tracker on any windows device. It lets users schedule screenshots commands on any Laptop and desktop PC running with Windows OS.

How TheOneSpy App Work on Multiple Devices with Same License?

First, you need to have a subscription plan of your choice. You can get spy applications for android, iOS, MAC, and windows devices. Further, get a physical access on target device to start and complete the process. After the successful installation process, login to the dashboard and use the following mentioned features. They will let TheOneSpy on Multiple devices, and Operating systems.

Usage of Switch Your Device Feature

With device switch service-turned-feature, you can use the same license on many devices. Buy a TheOneSpy license for an Android device. You may use it for some time, and the target person changes phone. But it doesn’t change OS, like Android to iOS. You can use that license on the new cell phone as well. It is one of the unique features that TheOneSpy brought for the facilitation of the users. All TheOneSpy users can enjoy this service on Android and iOS devices equally.

It has several benefits and lets the users feel more comfortable when changing the device. Other apps need the users to buy a new license when they change their devices. It could be more delightful if we analyze it from users’ perspectives. Switching devices offer an extra privilege: you can keep your previous device’s data. When you changes, it gives options to the user whether to keep the last data or delete it. Further, users can select the option as per their choices.

Switch your device does not allow users to use the subscribed license on multiple devices. You can switch the device and re-install the subscribed license on your next device. Users can switch from Android to Android and iOS to iOS, which is valid for Windows and MAC. Do you want to spy on many android phones at once? Subscribe for more TheOneSpy plans. You can use one license on a device at once.

It depends on a couple of factors. But you need to pay less for using multiple platform support features. Suppose you want to change the license of your current TheOneSpy license, then visit chat support. You can discuss the issue and your desire to change from one Platform to another. Users can also email if they are still waiting for an instant response from our team. Our customer support representatives will change the operating systems of the license. Suppose the current license is cheap, but the switched Platform is expensive; our team will adjust the license days. They will not charge users more to switch from one operating system to another.

Why Do Users Want To Switch Between The Devices And Use Multiple Support Features?

TheOneSpy spy products are mainly for parents, employers, and loved ones. Parents want to set parental controls on kids’ cell phones and computer devices. Employers do surveillance on business devices for business security and productivity. Loved ones don’t let someone betray them. So, these users want to switch between the devices and use multiple platform support features.

When a teen do changes device from android to another, parents can switch their device. TheOneSpy allows parents to spy on multiple phones with the same operating system. You do not need to buy another license. You can switch your device and use the same license without engaging with the customer support center of TheOneSpy.

Employers may want to change the operating system of their license because employees sometimes change their device, like from windows to MAC. Employers can discuss the issue with chat support chat. They will take a little time and let you know that your OS of the license has changed. So, employers can install the new OS license on the changed device and keep on monitoring employees. The previously observed data will remain in the web control panel. Users can keep or delete the previous data.


Move around, search in the markets. You will return in vain to find an app that offers device switch and platform switch features. These features are whether they are on an Android device, iOS, PC and MAC. It goes vital when the user’s target person changes the device in a hurry. User will take less time to contact the customer service department. TheOneSpy is one of the few spy apps that offer switches your device, and multiple support features.

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