Importance of Fast Internet While Using TOS Top Spying Features

internet speed and top tos spying features

TheOneSpy is one of the best cell phone monitoring app these days. It offers plenty of spying features that empower users to get the job done with sheer power and accuracy. No doubt customers’ purchases totally invisible and stealth mobile tracking software, the expectations become high and they want the results out if it at very according to the product’s description. But on the other hand, the cell phone spying program also describes very important conditions to get the best results which users usually ignore and they don’t get the stuff what actually they are looking for. Today we are going to explain why users got fatigue while using Top TOS monitoring features due to unawareness.

TOS Customer Expectations

When customers got the subscription of mobile phone spyware and then login into the TOS online control panel and then get their hands on the robust features. They just want to monitor the target device by using the Top TOS features such as phone bugging, GPS location tracking, and IM’s social media and last but not the least call recording of the phone tracking app. But they don’t aware of one thing, that a stable internet connection for monitoring software for cell phones such as TheOneSpy is necessary.

Otherwise, they will not be able to get the job done as they are expecting. We believe in customer care and therefore if there is the issue while using the spy app other than the issue of the weak internet, you can contact our talented and well-organized customer care representatives 24/7. Let’s discuss the TheOneSpy top spying features that require the fast internet connection.

Issues a User May Get Due to Weak & Unstable Internet

More Time Consumption

Cell phone spy program runs with the help of a stable internet connection, but irrespective of that, low internet connectivity will take more time to perform any function on the target device sent by the user. Ultimately, users will have to wait to see the results they are looking for. Let’s suppose users will not get the results in real time while using the MIC bug of TOS cell phone monitoring software and having a low internet connection.

Pending results

Results will remain pending, and users will not be able to get on time, such as the spycam bug of the mobile phone spying app. When the user sends the command to the target device, the target device will get it even if it has low internet connectivity. Still, the user will not get the videos of the surroundings and will remain pending. At this stage, remote control on the target cell phone without having physical access depends on your internet speed. When the internet is stable, all the requested data can be viewed on the online dashboard.

Device May does not get the commands.

There is a vast difference between low internet connectivity and unstable and low bandwidth internet. The standard internet may perform a function or command the user sends on the target device. On the other hand, having an unstable and low bandwidth internet connection device may not get the commands the user sends on the target cell phone device.

Unable to upload the log files

A low internet connection of the target cell phone device will get the bugging commands sent by the user, such as the camera bug of the remote cell phone spy software. The command sent by the user of the camera bug on the target device will be received, but the files in response to the command will not be able to upload due to the low internet connection.

Incomplete log files

The unstable internet connection of the target mobile phone device provides incomplete log files to a user. Because the internet connection that performs back and forth will give a user incomplete files, and a user will not be able to get real-time monitoring of the target cell phone gadget. Suppose a user sends the command to the target device with an unstable internet connection; they will get those results when the internet connection becomes stable and vice versa.

Top TOS Spying Features & Necessity of a Stable Internet Connection

Bug their phone

A stable internet connection will enable users to get the best results on time. When a user uses a bug on their phone and sends a command of MIC bug on the stable internet device, they will get real-time surround voices and conversation on the control panel. On the other hand, a stable internet connection also enables a user to get surround videos of the target device through a spyvidcam bug with complete time stamps and images and photos of the surroundings by using the camera bug of the mobile phone surveillance software.

GPS Location Tracking

A stable internet connection empowers a user to track the real-time GPS location of the target cell phone device. On the other hand, if users have low internet connectivity, they may not get the results at all, and an unstable internet connection may provide a user with the GPS location of a target dev. Still, it would not be real-time, such as the current GPS location.

IM’s Social Media

Social media platforms are ubiquitous among people, especially in the young generation, and they do text messages, shared media files, chat conversations, and VOIP calls. Low internet access to the target device will spy on instant messages, chat logs, and messages logs. But VOICE-related activities, either in the videos or audio, would not be able to be tracked by the user with low internet connectivity. The user could not get text messages, chat conversations, audio and video calls on social messaging apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Line, WhatsApp, and others with low bandwidth internet.

Call Recording

The user can record and listen to the calls happening on the target device by using the call recording of the phone monitoring app when the target device is connected to a fast internet connection. However, a user may not be able to get the real-time recording of the calls having low internet connectivity due to unloaded files of calls recording on the TOS control panel. In short, if users want accurate and efficient results when using top TOS features, ensure the target device is running a high-width bandwidth internet connection.


The user should remember that phone bugs, GPS location tracking, IM’s social media, and call recording perform at the peak of their expectations if the target device has a stable and fast internet connection.

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