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Switch between Devices on the Same License

You can switch between number of cell phone devices and use same license

One single person has so many people to worry about; their children, their spouse, family, friends and even employees who work for them. It can be very difficult to keep track of the activities of each of these individuals because not only cannot be with them at all times but also because it can be difficult to be upfront about constantly asking their whereabouts. Despite smartphones having made communication and staying in touch easier, monitoring the activities of another can be difficult especially to be able to do so without annoying the other person or bringing about a dent in your relationship with them.

Why cell phone monitoring apps designed?

For this very purpose, monitoring apps have been designed which can allow you to keep track and monitor the activities of those you love. TheOneSpy is one such app as well which has been providing its users with a number of features to ensure that their monitoring and tracking experience of other phones takes place in the best possible manner. The TOS app constantly comes up with new features as well and the latest which the app has released for Android phones is the ability of the app’s user to switch between various devices while monitoring the activities of their targeted phones.

With the TOS app thus you can monitor the activities of more than one device. Here is what this particular feature of the TOS app will allow you as a user to do:

  • You will be able to decide which target phones you wish to monitor
  • Switch between the various devices and monitor them
  • Monitor various devices without losing out on the data of any other target phone
  • Upload all the data of each target phone onto the user control panel which you can then access with ease as long as you have a running internet connection

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Benefits for parents

This particular feature truly has a number of benefits associated with it however people still question why they need this feature. Think about this; what if you have 2-3 children and wish to monitor each of their cell phones? Or perhaps along with your children you wish to monitor the phone of your spouse as well?So say you are monitoring your child’s phone at present, you will not lose out on any data coming from the monitoring of your spouse’s phone; how great is that? Thus using this feature you can with ease keeps track of a number of individuals and be aware of everything that is going on. TOS mobile phone spy gives you plenty of benefits with single licenses.

Benefits for Individuals

If you are an individual and you are father of teen, husband as well and even employers as well. You want to stay update regarding your child online activities, want to know your partner’s location when needed and even want to your single executive employee. You don’t need plenty of licenses to spy on your child, want to track GPS location of your spouse and want to spy on your employee once in a week. You can use single license and switch between the devices of your child, loved one and employee.

Benefits for Employers

Maybe as an employer you have provided smart phones to a number of employees in your company and wish to simultaneously monitor the activity taking place on their phones? How would you go about doing so? This is where this feature of the TOS app can come in handy where you can easily switch between the various devices you wish to monitor and the best part is that while you switch between the phones, you will not lose out on any of the data of other phones.

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