How Can Identity Theft Ruin The Businesses & Life Of Your Teens?

how can identity theft ruin the businesses life of your teens

Identity theft is on the rise. Do you know modern technology is playing a pivoting role in stealing someone’s identity for criminal and immoral purposes? It can bring life-shattering consequences, and you may have to face business vulnerabilities, the security of your kids, and financial issues. Today, look at how identity theft can ruin your privacy and shake up the life of your teens no time ever before. However, you can prevent identity theft better than ever with monitoring software for cellphones and computer devices like TheOneSpy.

What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft means someone has stolen your personal information without your knowledge. It consists of many ways, and each one can ruin you differently. You cannot protect your digital identity unless you have put some privacy and equip yourself to protect your data, particularly on the web. Fraudsters can steal your credit card details, taxes, files, emails, and social media profile information.

Identity theft occurs that could happen at any time to anyone. It is a broad term that refers to stealing someone’s private information, like social security numbers to create new fake accounts for purchasing or doing fraudulent activities.

The information is at risk whenever you put it on the internet using technological devices, like cellphones, PCs, and computer devices. Are you not monitoring your business devices and cellphones provided to your teens; you will remain helpless against identity theft and could be a victim.

According To FTC’s Consumer Sentinel Network Report About Identity Theft

The cases of identity theft have risen from 2019 to 2022, according to Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC’s Consumer Sentinel Network CSN report says that identity cases are raising and doubled over the last 5 years.

  • Almost 15 million Americans victims of identity theft in 2021, and thousands of cases remain under the carpet.
  • FTC has received almost 1.4 million cases of identity theft in the last year
  • Identity theft made a dent in the U.S economy, and thieves have reportedly stolen $52 billion from Americans.
  • More than 50% of Americans have become the victim of identity theft in 2021 & 2022
  • Identity theft is more likely happen to young kids and teens
  • Social media teen users are victims of identity theft

Why Is Identity Theft Dangerous For Businesses & For Your Teen’s Life?

Let me tell you that business professionals, a layman, and young children could become the victim of identity theft at any point in time. Everyone has their information online, and it is easy to steal someone’s identity from the web these days. However, many age groups face multiple types of scams due to their stolen identity, like baby boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Generation Z. So, identity theft could become dangerous for business professionals, and as well as for young teens no time ever before.

How Is Identity Theft Life-Shattering For Teenagers?

Social Media Accounts Can Embarrass Teens

Social media accounts can bring joy and entertainment to teenagers, but vulnerabilities as well. Young teenagers are likely to use weak passwords on their social media accounts. Moreover, they upload photos, videos, and nudes. Hackers can control your social media accounts and get their hands on your photos and videos.

Teens can face embarrassment once their private data is a breach on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and others. Online predators and cyberbullies can also create fake profiles using photos and information you share on social media networks. So, identity theft can bring life-shattering consequences for teens. Parents should look after teens online to see what they share online on their social media profiles.

Teens Are More Likely To Share Info Online

Young teenagers are likely to share their personal information, like home address, contact number, and location on social messaging apps. They share info on Facebook, SnapChat, and many other social networks. Cyber bullies can create fake social media accounts with the same info that your child has shared, and online predators put adult content, and cropped photos with erotic possess to slut-shamming the victim. Child traffickers and sexual predators can approach your teens online using their information in real life for sexual motives and kidnapping purposes.

Parents Don’t Check Credit Reports.

Usually, young teens use their parent’s credit cards secretly and make a purchase online without their parents’ knowledge. So, identity thieves can easily steal information from your teens, and parents remain clueless for months and years. Teens could allow identity thieves to get loans and other monetary advantages. Young teenagers are not hesitant to offer their friends a credit card to get movie theater passes or anything else. A false friend can misuse the credit card and leaves you empty.

Teens Could Lose Cell Phones At Any Time.

Young teens are obsessed with smartphones and the internet. They use cell phones to transmit and store data. Cell phones are easy to lose and steal. So, a thief can snatch a smartphone from your teens, get their hands on the data, and later blackmail your child for money or wrong motives.

Teens Use Public Wi-Fi.

Identity theft is possible on devices connected with public Wi-Fi. Hackers can easily access the information that your teens have stored on smartphones. They don’t realize that hackers, scammers, and online predators are more advanced in technology. Therefore, public Wi-Fi connections can bring life-shattering issues for your teens.

How Is Identity Theft Dangerous For Business Professionals?

Here is how identity theft can ruin your businesses that you need to know about:

Hackers Could Hack Your Email Accounts.

Business professionals don’t bother to use weak passwords, similar passwords, and easily guessed passwords on their phones and computer devices. People are more likely to forget their phones idle at offices and could lose their email accounts from unauthorized access. Stolen email accounts would become more vulnerable for business professionals rather than seeking access to their few messages. Control of email accounts allows hackers to access financial accounts. Hackers and identity thieves know that business professionals likely to use the same passwords on multiple accounts. So, one account can ruin your business, and people can change your email password and owns your many accounts.

Stolen Social Security Number SSL

Social security number, as well all know consists of 9 numbers. The first three digits refer to area number, the second three digits refer to group number, and the last three digits are serial numbers. Identity theft is one of the fastest-growing crimes in the United States. People can steal your SSN to get detailed information about you. Identity thieves can use SSNs to get the credit in your name, and the victim remains clueless. You have to pay the credit you did not use through credit card.

Credit Card Details Theft

Credit card theft is one of the vulnerabilities that businesses could face. Employees can use a business phone or PC to make an online purchase during working hours using their credit card. It is not necessary that someone out of your office could breach your privacy. Your colleague can see your credit card details while you make an online purchase and later uses the information. Employers are likely to make online transactions with their managers via credit cards. A disgruntled manager can sweep the information and leave your wallet empty.

Unsecured Browsing Activities On Business Phones & Pcs

Business owners and the workforce are more likely to use their business cell phones, tablets, and computer devices to browse multiple websites. They don’t bother to browse the internet safely and often share valuable information on unsecured websites. Hackers can seek all the valuable information from an unsecured website and steal your identity and other informative details about you. Employees usually don’t bother after receiving alerts from browsers like chrome, safari, and others about unsecured websites. Employers should monitor their business phones and PCs to block sensitive websites and spy on the business PCs and phones to prevent employees from unsecured browsing.

Scrapped Personal Details Of Businesses

Business professional often deletes their data and store it in their PC or recycle bin folder. Anyone can recycle the data and get their hands on the recovered bills, statements, confidential documents, and other identifiable info. Similarly, your workforce can delete the company’s intellectual property and send it to the recycle bin folder. You can prevent your employees from the risky practice by keeping an eye on computer or cell phone screens to protect business privacy. You may need a cell phone or computer monitoring software to look after every activity of your employees.

Is There A Way You Can Protect Your Identity From Fraudsters & Identity Thieves?

You can prevent all the activities your child, employee and you being a business professional could do that makes all of you to become the victim of identity theft, and privacy breaching. But you need to take action to spot potential fraudulent activities of your employees, and risky activities of your teens online with TheOneSpy software for cellphones, and computer devices. It offers services to monitor cellphones, tablets, PCs and computer devices for data backup, live screen recording, keystrokes logging, web filtering, and to record live activities in phone and PCs surroundings.  Further, you can use remote lock unlock, location tracking, location history, and to capture screenshots from cell phone and PC screen.

How Is TheOneSpy Beneficial For Business Professionals & Parents?

Here are the following ways you being parents and business professionals prevent identity theft and data breaching vulnerabilities:

Benefits For Parents
  • Parents can spy on teens’ phones and computers in real-time by capturing screenshots and live screen recordings to prevent teens from sharing nudes and info on social media accounts.
  • Check your teen’s online activity on PCs and smartphones with TheOneSpy powerful features to prevent teens from using parent’s credit cards. Parents can check the online shopping activities of teens using computer monitoring software.
  • Remotely hack your target phone’s front and back camera to get live camera streaming using front and back cameras. Further, share the live screen of the teen’s phone to the TheOneSpy dashboard to watch live activities on the phone screen with live Spy 360 features.
  • Track your teens lost or theft cell phone location with location tracker features of cell phone spy software. You can create Geo-Fence from where their teens have lost the phone and check the pin-point location.
  • Parents can remove all the data stored on the phone to prevent thieves from accessing private data stored on their phones.
  • You can block internet access if your teens use a public Wi-Fi network to prevent hackers from stealing information and data from cell phones remotely.
Benefits For Business Professionals
  • Employers can spy on employees’ emails to prevent identity thieves from stealing valuable information. In addition, users will get alerts whenever unauthorized access happens to business-owned computers and PCs using computer spy software.
  • Employers can spy on emails with the Email spy feature to view what emails employees send and receive. Moreover, use a screen recorder on target PCs to record live computer screens to view live email activities of employees.
  • Employers can monitor unsecured browsing activities on cellphones, PCs, and computer devices with a browsing history tracker tool powered by the windows spy software. Users can also view visited, bookmarked, and unsecured websites on cell phone browsers using spy apps for cell phones.
  • A business professional can create data backups of business devices and monitor every activity of employees on business phones with TheOneSpy. You can watch weak passwords, apply password keystrokes, share information via messaging apps, and many more.

It is difficult to prevent yourself from identity theft these days. However, TheOneSpy guarantees you to safeguard your teens from sharing information online and on social networks. Moreover, you can prevent yourself and your workforce from identity theft. Cell phone and computer monitoring software is one of the few tools that can prevent teens and businesses from identity theft, at least when teens and employees use cell phones and computers connected to cyberspace.

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