TOS Parental Monitoring App: A Watchdog on Teens

tos parental monitoring app a watchdog on teens

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In this modern world, the mobile phone becomes a lifestyle for every generation. Teens are at the top of the list against every generation. Teens are always willing to use phones and try to get their smartphone even in unbelievable young age. So, mobile ultimate becomes an addiction to teens and drag them towards social networking.  When teens involve in a phone addiction, there will be dangerous consequences on the brain. Human’s brain is capable of its development until the age of 25 years.

However, addiction to the cell phone can cause different kinds of personality problems. Teenagers usually spend their time on social media like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter and much more. These sort of social sites connect them with their friends and even with the whole world. These social sites give them a good piece of information but at the same time a complete mess. They finally involve in cyber bullying, sexting, and depression related to use of social media.

Therefore, a cell phone is an obsession for a younger generation. This obsession leads them towards a long time phone conversations with their friends and boyfriends. It includes watching television, texting, playing mobile games, chat, etc. When a cell phone becomes the ultimate choice of teens, it finally leads them towards personality problems. These problems have symptoms for example absent minded, less interest in school work, bad relationship with family members and other extra- curricular activities related to healthy activities like sports.

Causes of an Obsession with Cell Phone/Smartphones

Younger generation especially teenagers have an obsession with mobile phones are often adolescent personality traits. Addiction or obsession with the cell phone makes you shy, worried, pessimistic and unhealthy.  They were always looking for rewards related to the internet and social media instead of spending some time with their family members, friends, school grades and in sports. People have low self-esteem, not- cooperative behavior, usage of drugs and poor diet. Addiction of cell phone may cause you problems like burning eyes, neck pain, and high weight.

How can We Judge Teen Has the Addiction of Cell Phone?

The current young generation especially young teens are very fond of smartphone devices. they usually use social messaging apps on their smartphones in order to do chat, texting, photo and selfie sharing, video sharing, playing games and also use photo application to enhance their photos. The instant messengers such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Tinder, Yahoo and many others apps are the main factor of making teens addicted to their smartphones. All these factor when comes together in a teen’s life, ultimately brought horrible consequences.

What Parents Should Do?

If you want to know that your teen has an addiction of cell phone, there are some signs to keep an eye on your beloved ones. Following are the signs to judge your teen.

  • Most probably your teen is suffering from Anxiety
  • Your teen is suffering from depression
  • A dramatic weight change
  • Unhealthy diet
  • The most common thing is change in sleeping timings

How to Get Rid of all Above Mention Issues?

It’s time to get rid of all problems what your beloved one is facing at the moment. You just need to get a Watchdog in the shape of “TheOneSpy” parental monitoring App. You just need to install this particular App in his/her smartphone, and you will see without keeping yourself all the time with your children, you will keep an eye on 24/7. It will work silently, like a spy agent and you will get access to each activity done by on their cell phone. You will get access all the social sites used by your child. cell phone call logs, sent and received text messages, social media/networking activities. In a nutshell, this is a complete package in the single app, and you will be able to monitor efficiently. So hurry up, do not waste your time in cheap tactics. Just get “TOS” spy app an ultimate digital parenting solution for your kids and teens.

Get Register with TheOneSpy app Today and Avail 1 day free trail version on one month subscription plan.

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