Digital Parenting Mistakes That Every Parent Should Avoid

digital parenting mistakesthat every parent should avoid

Digital Parenting is essential, but it becomes problematic. With the rise of digital devices, the internet, and the emergence of social media, parenting has become challenging.

However, there are plenty of digital parenting blunders among parents, and they still have a lot to learn about digital parenting dos and don’ts to ensure their children’s safety. This post will explore the common mistakes in digital parenting and provide an effective solution.

Digital Parenting is no less than an art that every parent should learn and impose on their kids and teens for their online safety. There are following parenting blunders that every parent should avoid.

What Happens When Parents Allow Their Kids Into The Digital World?

Kids are not mature enough to understand the uprising threats and issues. They take the online world as a fun playground. However, it also comes with several threats and issues that kids do not minimize. Children may encounter cyberbullies, online predators, and sexual harassment. So this can cause different mental and physical problems like headaches, eye strain, stress, loneliness, social isolation, anxiety and depression, and others.

The Top Mistakes That Parents Make

Here are some mistakes that parents make during parenting, and they need to avoid for the kid’s safety and security.

Lack Of Awareness About The Digital World

Parents don’t know about about the digital media and their problems. They are unaware of social media trends and dangers like cyber attacks, predators, and sexual harassment. it’s essential to be a vigilant parent and actively know about the latest trends and threats


Parents should know about kids’ activities and not allow the internet at an earlier age; if they connect, they must check their day and night online activities.

Ignorance About Teen’s Sneaky Texting Codes

No matter what parents have to do to make sure that their teen’s Tutor is not a pedophile, they don’t know about the contemporary natural parenting challenge of teen’s sneaky texting codes.

According to Barak’s data, more than 10 million text messages are delivered by teens every month, including in the form of texting codes.

They use texting codes before their parents and don’t know their meaning. Today, teens use text codes such as GNOC =GET NAKED ON CAMERA, MOM =Mother is over the shoulder, 1174 = meet at the part spot, LMIR = meet in real life, and hundreds of others. So, parents have to be aware of the contemporary messaging codes that teens use on their cell phones, instant messaging apps, and even through emails.


Monitoring kids’ activities and reading their chats will help you to know their virtual conversation and find if they need help in the areas of improvement.

Don’t Know About Their Activities And Think Limiting Screen Time Is The Solution

Control of excessive screening is not only a solution that your child is safe and secure. They might use cell phones for limited-time access, access inappropriate content, and open nude links. This increases the rate of pornography, moves their intentions, and destroys their innocence.


Limiting screen time is good, but remember to maintain proper checks and balances. So, check what your kids are doing while using the internet, which websites they access, and what type of content they use.

Lack Of Privacy Settings On Kid’s Device

Parents often forget to set privacy settings before providing smartphones, tablets, and pads for their kids and teens because contemporary gadgets and phones allow the user to set privacy, such as to ON and OFF the location of the phone and to restrict the cell phone browser with the password and to set the password on certain cell phones apps to prevent kids and teens from using particular cell phone apps and browser.


Parents should take a step away to keep their privacy by setting strong passwords and monitoring their activities.

Don’t Considering Parental Control

Parents don’t realize setting parental control on their cell phones and gadgets has become necessary, and they cannot monitor kids’ and teens’ cyber lives with the Naked eye but consider parental control. Busy parents especially must get the best parental control app to keep a hidden eye on their kids and teens’ activities, cell phones, and the internet. They have to know about their text messages, audio and video social media app calls, shared media material such as photos and videos, and private chat conversations, and they need to control that activity with parental control software.

Solution With TheOneSpy Parenting App

Improve your digital parenting responsibility and protect your kids and teens from all cyber issues. Parents should install TheOneSpy app on their kids and teens’ devices. Once done, they can monitor kids’ and teens’ activities 24/7.

They can spy on passwords teens have fixed on their devices with the password chaser app. Parents can get all the keystrokes applied to the target cell phone, password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, and email keystrokes, and it will provide all teens with sneaky texting codes and keystrokes. It empowers the parent to view the social media IM’s logs.

The user can view logs of social media apps such as private chat conversations, audio and video conversations, and shared photos and videos to protect kids and teens from self-obscenity.
Furthermore, parents can spy on teens’ phone calls with a secret call recorder of the parental control software and listen and record the calls to the fullest.
You can read the text messages sent or received on the target smartphone, such as iMessage, SMS, MMS, and heads-up ticker notifications. Parents can remotely block activities even sitting at their workplaces; they can block incoming calls, text messages, and even the internet remotely.

Don’t worry. TOS spy 360 of the cell phone tracking app empowers you to listen to the surround sounds and voice conversation in real-time with spy 360 live surround listening. However, parents can view the surrounding visuals of the teens with Spy 360 live camera streaming by hacking the phone’s camera. Further, a user can view all activities on the kids’ and teens’ cell phones with Spy 360 live screen sharing. It will enable parents to share the live screen of the cell phone with the online control panel of the TheOneSpy software.

Kids Safety Tips that Parents Should Know

Be vigilant, parents, check kids’ activities and teach them about online dangers to save them.

  • Avoid setting digital devices like computers and laptops in their rooms by connecting to the internet.
  • If they use social media, keep their passwords strong and tell them not to share their personal information
  • Always turn off the Wi-Fi for particular periods such as sleep time, study, and eating time.
  • Teach about online bullies and predators that can cause danger.
  • Always actively support them and create an open environment to communicate their issues.


Digital parenting is no less than art, and every parent should learn to avoid all the digital parenting blunders. TheOneSpy is the parenting control app that teaches and helps parents to do parenting effectively.

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