How Is The Spy App Helpful For Cerebral Palsy Kids?

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The growth of cell phones is rising day by day among kids. The usage of mobile phones gets started elsewhere – we are talking about kids with cerebral palsy. Young kids get problems at birth like spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, severe and arthritis. They have nothing to do but spend time on cell phones and the internet. Disabled children live a difficult life, but thanks to technology that has embraced them wholeheartedly. However, cell phones are harmful in many ways. Therefore, spy apps come in handy to set parental control on kids living a normal life or handicap.

Before we discuss why spy app necessary to monitor kids with disabilities, we talk about Cerebral Palsy. Let’s get to know about it, and later we discuss why monitor kids with disabilities that spend time on phones and the internet.

What Is Cerebral Palsy?

CP is a problem that could occur in toddlers, and most probably at a child’s birth. It affects muscle tone, bone movements, and motor skills and child’s brain. A child usually has an issue to move their coordinated bones of hands, legs, and other joints. It also disturbs other functions like breathing, bowel control, bladder, talking, and easting. Cerebral Palsy usually attacks a child’s brain happened before the birth of a child.

So, parents more likely to provide digital devices to children that have semi-cerebral palsy issues. In severe form of cases kids are unable to hold smart devices, and unable to use phones. So, kids cannot plat angry birds, and make phone calls typical to normal kids who are cell phone addicts.

Sesame Enable Company Modifies Phones for Disable Kids

Sesame Enable is a company that has come up with the modified Android and iOS smartphones for disable kids. So, the kids with Cerebral Palsy can control devices with their head movements. Apart from Sesame Enable, many other companies have introduced cellphones to disable kids that can use cell phones and the internet no time ever before.

Disable kids with Cerebral Palsy, spinal cord injuries, severe arthritis, and others, kids can use control cellphones, and use the internet, Oded Ben Dov Company CEO said that.

Kids who can speak need to say “Open Sesame” and the cell phone screen turned to on mode, and they can look at the screen and the camera of the device interconnected with the kid’s head movements.

More than a million kids in United Stated would benefit from using such a cell phone Ben Dov further added that. However, parents have provided these kinds of devices provided by other cell phones companies, Seasam Enable is not alone. According to the reports, more than 6 million Americans have some disability issues.

Petter Wilderotter, President, and CEO of the Christopher & Dana Reeve foundation said that. Cell phones that work with the voice and with the head movements of disable kids potentially have changed their lives. So, Cerebral Palsy kids become more independent in communication and interaction via mobile devices.

Why Is A Spy App Necessary for A Kid’s Disability of Cerebral Palsy?

Kids with a cerebral palsy disability could face many issues while using phones and the internet. We know that kids are more likely to use social media, online games, videos, and browsing activities. So, disabled kids are more likely to have the following issues. To counter the problems, spying software is necessary to set parental control on kids’ smartphones.

4 Reasons to Use a Phone Spy App for Kids With Cerebral Palsy

Here are the following reasons that would make parents to use cell phone spy app to set parental controls on kids with cerebral Palsy.

Excessive Screen-Time

Disable child who has no other activity but to use digital phones and PCs are more likely to spend time on the screen. Normal kids these days are spending hours and hours on the mobile screen connected to cyberspace.

It would be unimaginable how much time would a disabled child spend on digital devices. In our opinion, they would become addicted to smartphones and cyberspace because they have no other activity. They would love to make friends online and interact with their community online. So, monitoring kids with cerebral palsy are necessary to protect them from excessive screen-time.


Young kids are more likely to become the victim of cyberbullying. So, children with disabilities face bullying and online bullying that we cannot imagine. Bully kids have traits and bully week children, and they use inappropriate language and do body-shaming the disabled adolescents.

Therefore, parents have to make sure cyberbullies don’t interact with their disabled children on social media. Cyberbullying will damage their disability issue, and they will lose their self-esteem. Even normal kids face cyberbullying excessively, and what could happen if bullying happens with the kid with cerebral palsy. You have to spy on their cell phones using any reputed mobile tracker app.

Accidently Access to Adult Content

Almost 70% of young kids accidentally find internet porn. Today, cell phone devices have become x-rated theaters. Therefore, disable children who have nothing to do other than using cell phone devices and cyberspace are more likely to strike with porn online. Cyberbullies and other young devils can also send porn links to your kids at their emails, social media networks, and on another medium where your child love to spend time.

So, necessarily use a secret monitoring app to set parental control on kid’s cell phone devices. It prevents the target person from adult websites, links, and images.

Violence Online

The web is full of violence, and you may need to filter websites, applications, and social platforms for your disabled child. Kids with Cerebral Palsy could have brain issues, and they are likely to be sensitive. Parents have to protect kids from content that is full of violence. It could impact negatively on your patient child. Don’t offend when they spend excessive time or watching something inappropriate on the cell phone screen. You can use mobile spy software on kid’s phones to filter inappropriate sites and measure screen-time.

Why Monitoring Software is the Best Solution for Kids with Cerebral Palsy?

Cell phone technology is the only source of entertainment for disable children because they have no other way out to spend their time. Usually, the child with such a horrible disease has no friends, and parents cannot stay with them 24/7. In a situation, phone technology comes handy, and become one of the best friends with children who cannot walk and speak like a normal human being. Spy software for cell phone is a guardian angel for disable children. It can protect them online from too much screen-time, violence, cyberbullying, and adult content.

What Phone Spy App Should Parents Consider for Disabled Kids?

TheOneSpy is the best cell phone parental control and spy software that parents can use on their mobile device and then handover it to their kids. It works at the back end of the device and provides time-to-time reports about the cell phone activity of your child. It monitors the screen using a live screen recorder and captures screenshots. It allows users to measure screen time, filter inappropriate websites, view installed applications, and monitor social networks.

Parents can use mobile spying apps on kids’ cell phones and protect kids from cyberbullying and violent content. So, you can say it makes cell phones and the internet child-friendly and safeguards kids 24/7.


It is the parent’s responsibility to give enough time to their kids with Cerebral palsy and enable them to use phones without any hesitation of online dangers. Cell phone spy is the best solution to entertain your disabled child online without any fear and danger of body shaming, and many more.

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