Employees Time Wasting Activities at Workplace – Infographic

employees time wasting activities at workplace

No matter what if your employees are regular and reach office on time and you may think you are getting work done. You probably are not aware of the fact that employees usually waste time within working hours. They do plenty of activities that ultimately become the solid factor of wasting time. They visit emails, social media apps, and websites, cellphone calls, text messages, browsing activities, and get involved in gossips. Let’s discuss how much time usually employees waste time at a workplace in multiple activities within working hours.

How Much Time Employees Waste within Working Hours?

According to the stats, 33% of the employees waste 30 minutes every single day and 31% waste 1 hour on regular basis at the workplace, according to the survey. Moreover, 16% wastes 2 hours, 6% waste 2-3 hours each working day, 2% waste 4 hours and 3% rouge employees waste 5-6 hours daily. However, 60% online purchases occur during working hours worldwide.

Employees Time Wasting Activities Stats

50% of employees make cellphone calls and text messages, 42% waste time in gossip, and 39% waste time on browsing activities. Moreover, 38% of employees use social media, 27% get a meal and smoking breaks and 23% visit emails at the workplace. However, only 60% or less of the time is utilized for productivity.

Time Wasting Due to Interruptions at Workplace

An average of 56% of employees are interrupted in a single working day. Every employee takes more than 3 minutes to switch tasks, and experts say almost 2 hours are spent regularly at the workplace.

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employees time wasting activities at workplaces

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