Free Spy Apps For Android Using You As Products?

free spy apps for android using you as products

Parents and employers got fascinated with the free spy apps for Android. Seemingly, they are doing well for themselves. No one wants to spend money if they got something for FREE. In reality, nothing is free of the cost for the commercial level. You are directly and indirectly paying for those seemingly free services. You are rushing towards the applications on the web because you are using the services for a fee.

Now the question arises, how we are paying for the free applications? Suppose you are a parent, and you want to make sure teens safely on cellphone devices running with Android OS. You will probably go for the free spying applications at first. But you may have listened to an old saying:

If you are not paying for the product, then you are not the consumer, you are the product.

Suppose we are understood for the moment by reading this quotation, but we have plenty of questions. Like you are using free spying app for android then, how you would be a product.

All the free applications on your cellphones make you pay a heavy price –The applications not only get to know about your privacy, like location, usage patterns, and some may mine your private data in terms of free monitoring app for android. You have to take care of your private data and don’t let anyone to breach your privacy. Data breaching has become child play these days, experts have said in a seminar on the name of smartphone privacy conducted by the Telecom regulatory authority of India.

How Free Spy Apps For Android, Not Product? You Are The Product!

Suppose you have opted for a mobile application that enables you to spy on an Android device for free. It means you are not using the service of the android spy app for free. It is using you like a product for their benefits. We know it is not digestible for most of the parents and employers. They look forward to monitoring and track kids’ and employees’ digital activities. But the truth is you are not paying for it. You are not the customer; you are an indirect product that is to sell.

There is no transparency that who is calling the shots. Why free apps used to of breaching privacy? How applications are using the information, Dan Hoffman, the chief mobile security officer at Juniper Networks.

Free Spy Apps For Android Is Threat To Privacy

Not only are we talking about the mobile phone tracker apps, but every application is also claiming for free using you as a product. Suppose you have installed spying software for android on the target device for parenting and employee tracking purposes means you are a product. It is getting your following things once you are having installed it on your target devices. Free android spy app providing you service but selling you all the time in following shapes.

Track Your GPS Location All The Time

Every application that you are using on the cellphone device is a threat to your privacy.  It is getting your location all the time. It is tracking your GPS location because you have permitted them to do so. Remotely and secretly spies on your real-time location history, and many more.

Getting Access To Your Contacts

You may wonder after reading that android applications are getting your contacts. At the time of installation, you accidentally have allowed for permissions.  The thing is not only the free spy app for android is breaching your contacts. It is the case with every free app on the web. Before installing any application asking for permissions, you need to scratch your head for a while.

Get Access To Your Phone Gallery

Getting permissions to have access to your phone gallery is a frequent activity that every android application used to ask particularly, before the installation. Now it is up to you whether you allow a free app to use your phone gallery. It will get access to your private photos, videos, and images.

Get Permissions Of Cameras, Outgoing Calls & Cameras

A study has findings that a free application requests you for permissions. Applications will initiate outgoing call logs and also control the camera of your cellphone device. It means a free spy app for Android can access your target device camera. It will send the information not only to the user’s control panel and to the company’s servers.

Spying On Your Social Media To Target Adds

Free applications on your phone will monitor your social media interests and will target ads. Users may wonder that someone is spying on them. Because every interest you show on social media will become the target of the same kind of ads.

Free mobile applications are likely to 400% vulnerable to track your device location. And 300% more likely to spy on contact books compare to the paid apps, according to the research of Juniper Networks.

Top Findings About The Free Apps For Android Breaching Your Privacy

Apart from free spy apps for android, other applications also get permissions and breach your cellphone privacy for sure. Let’s take a look at the following findings.

  • 25% of the free apps get permissions of location, compare to the 6% paid applications
  • Almost 7% of the free apps have permissions to target messages compared to 1.5% of paid apps
  • 6% of the apps have permission send messages secretly compared to 1.88% of paid apps
  • 3% of the free applications can initiate background calls compare to 2% of paid applications
  • Almost 6% of the free apps get access to the device camera compared to 2.2% of paid apps

Thus, we can say that the free spy app for android is deliberately breaching your privacy. The old saying is true that if you are not paying for the product then you are the product. So, free spy applications are malicious to your privacy because they can capture a large amount of information from your devices.


Rather than opting for free spy apps for android, you should go for the paid spy app. It will enable users to remove their data from the dashboard whenever they want. Paid companies have their policy and will not encourage illicit and intrusive spying for android until the target device belongs to the user. Moreover, a paid spying app for android will take care of your data to the fullest.

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