10 Ways to Track Android Cell Phone Without Being Detected

10 ways to track without being detected

When it comes to Android OS cell phones we can make the pretty logical argument that none of the consumer pieces of tech in history have evolved as Google’s owned high –tech android technology. Today, worldwide people love to use android mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, there are plenty of reasons why people are looking forward to getting ways to track android cell phones and gadgets without being detected. Technology in modern times has made its way to the next level and nowadays, it has become possible within the presence of the number of spy apps that are floating on the web. Most of the software is capable of tracking android because of the compatibility with Android in particular. In This particular post, we will tell you why people want to monitor android and what choice they should make while choosing a spy app for android and remain hidden to reach their goal.

Who Really Wants to Track Android Cell Phone Without Being Detected?

Intrusive and illicit surveillance on someone’s android phone is a crime. Therefore, you need to know about the legitimate reason to track android phone without being detected. In the following conditions, you can spy on any cellphone device to the fullest.

Digital Parenting on Android

Parents are at the top of the list that really wants to track their kids and teens whereabouts, by chasing their GPS location of android. Moreover, they want to get access to the information about data stored in their smartphone in terms of calls, messages, browsing history, social media monitoring on Android and plenty of other stuff as well.

Facts: PEW Research center

  • YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat social media apps are popular among teens
  • 95% of teens say they have access to smartphones
  • 45% of teens say they are constantly remains online on cell phone & 39% are boys
  • 27% of teens bullied online, stalked and trapped by cyber predators due to the usage of social media on cell phones

1 in 5 parents tracking kid’s GPS location trip to school for their safety, ABC News reportedly stated that

Employee Monitoring on Company’s Android Devices

The second most are employers who always try to keep a hidden eye on their employee’s activities on the company’s owned Android smartphones and gadgets. The workplace has its significance when it comes to productivity, privacy and as well as business protection from lazy, disgruntled and dishonest employees. Social media activities and unauthorized access to the company’s confidential data by someone who is insider can put reputation and protection of the business organization at stake. Moreover, rogue employees sometimes leave the workplace without taking consent of their bosses.

leaving rouge employee

Facts: According to A Survey IDC (International Data Corp)

  • On Average employee waste 21 Hours per week online at workplace
  • 21% -31% of the employees admitted to leak out company’s private data likewise financial or product data, via email
  • 30% – 40% of internet access by the employees at workplace is spent on personal activities
  • 58% of company’s data tempered by the current or former employee
  • 48% of the employers thin worst security breaches happen due to employees

77% of the U.S Company’s employers want to keep tabs on employee’s emails, internet access, android phone calls, social media activities and willing to perform live screen recording

Install TheOneSpy Android Spy App to Monitor Cell Phone Without Being Detected

Do you want to remain sneaky while monitoring someone’s cellphone? You can do that by using a hidden android spying app on the target device to track the phone without someone’s knowledge.

Step1: Subscribe for TheOneSpy Android App

If you are looking forward to tracking the android device of your kids and teens or employees without getting caught then you need to visit the official website of TheOneSpy. In addition, you need to get a subscription to the cellphone tracking software for Android. Once you have got it, then you will receive an email alongside the credentials.

Step2: Physical Possession of Android

Now you need to get physical access to the target android device and once you have it then you need to get started with the installation process. After you have ended up with the installation process successfully then you need to activate it on the target device. However, if you don’t get caught and remain hidden while tracking the android tablets then you need to wait for a while during the activation. A sudden pop–up will appear on the android screen. It will assist you in how to make the android surveillance software sneaky in terms of tracking someone’s mobile phone without them knowing. Follow the given instructions and after that end up with the activation process.

Step3: Use Credentials & Access to The Web Portal

It is the time to use the passcode and ID that you have received through an email sent to you at the time of the subscription process. When you have access to the online control panel, you will have multiple ways in terms of the best spy apps for Android that empowers you to monitor android activities without being detected.

Track Android Phone Without Being Detected Using Hidden Mobile Phone Tracker Tools

  • Surround Monitoring

The end user can remotely get control over the target device MIC and record surrounds sounds and conversations on android using MIC Bug app. In addition, you can control android’s front and back camera by using Spyvidcam Bug to record surround visuals. However, it further allows you to capture photos remotely using camera bug app for android.

  • Live Screen Recording

The end user can access to the screen by performing live screen recording by using Android screen recorder let you make short videos. You can get access to the recorded short videos having access to the control panel. The end user can perform live Chrome screen recording, social media screen recording, YouTube screen recording, email and SMS screen recording.

  • Call Recording

You can record all incoming and outgoing calls on android using secret call recorder for android and further you can save the recorded data over the internet.

  • IM’s social media

You can track android installed social messenger apps logs in terms of text messages, text conversations, shared media files in terms of photos and videos and WhatsApp Voice messages.

  • GPS location tracker

Parents and employers can remotely track the GPS location of android using GPS location tracking app. Moreover, you can get a location history of android and can mark safe and prohibited areas on the MAP.

  • Text messages spy

Track text messages on android sent or received and further do surveillance on SMS, MMS and head up notifications

  • Email monitoring

You can monitor all sent/received emails of Gmail on android using email monitoring software and even you can read the content.

  • Remote Android controller

The very best thing about this tool of android tracking spyware is that you can remotely control your target device. It lets you view installed apps remotely, you can block text messages, block incoming calls remotely and even you can block the internet access on your target Android in an emergency situation.

  • Browsing Activities

You can keep tabs on browsing activities happen on android cell phones and gadgets and get to know about visited apps and bookmark websites with a complete time stamp.

  • Screen Shots

TOS Phone spy software let you to remotely capture Android screenshot and you can set multiple commands to get screenshots at once.

Popular Android Spy Apps & Their Features to Track Phones Without Being Detected

There are plenty of cell phone tracker apps other than TheOneSpy that can monitor android phone without them knowing. Take a look at the following top 3 apps that you can use to track any cellphone device running with the Android operating system.

OgyMogy - Android Phone Tracker App

Do you want to track cell phone devices running with Android OS? OgyMogy is the best option for you to track your cellphone device without being detected. It is a legitimate cellphone monitoring software that works secretly on the target cellphone device. It keeps the target phone under constant surveillance and delivers instant results on the web control panel. You can use the online portal and activate its features on the target device. OgyMogy features empower you to track android cellphone secretly. You can install the OgyMogy android tracker app on your target device by visiting its webpage and subscribe to the phone tracker software. You can use the following mentioned tools to monitor any android phone without being detected.

Top 10 OgyMogy Features To Spy On Android Without Them Knowing

There are following features that provide you ways to monitor android phone without being detected. You can use every single feature on cellphone device and get complete insight.

  • Surround recorder
  • Live Camera Streaming
  • Screen recorder
  • Browsing history tracker
  • Geo Location
  • SMS logs
  • MIC bug
  • Recorded calls
  • VoIP call recording
  • Social media monitoring

FlexiSpy – Hidden Android Monitoring Software

It is the most advanced android monitoring software to date. It can track everything on the cellphone device no matter where you are! It gives you the privilege to monitor phones secretly and not leave a clue to the target device user that someone has kept an eye on him. It works sneakily and let you snoop into the android phone without being detected. The monitoring software for android is pack with dozens of spying tools. Flexispy features work at the back end and send the tracking activities of the cellphone to the dashboard. It is one of the best tools for setting parental control on kid’s phones. It is also suitable for tracking business-owned devices.

Use Flexispy Robust Features To Spy On Android Phone Without Being Detected

When it comes to the features of the particular cellphone tracker, you can see the following. You can use these features for discrete tracking of any cellphone device to the fullest.

  • Record phone calls
  • Track device location
  • Track Digital communication
  • Manage internet usage
  • View media
  • Free Mobile Viewer
  • SMS Messages
  • Keylogger
  • Geo –Fencing
  • Social networking spy

MSpy – Secret Spying Software For Android

MSpy cellphone tracker is known as the No.1 choice for parental control on digital devices running with Android operating systems. You can remotely and secretly monitor any android phone of your child without being detected. It has dozens of features that provide you several ways to track a cellphone device without your kid’s knowing. The application offers the best services, and it ranks among the top brats of cellphone surveillance software. You can install it on the target device activate the features of your choice. Every feature enables you to monitor a cellphone device and keeps you updated to the fullest. The application requires physical access to configure and complete its setup.

Use Top 10 Mspy Features To Track Android Phone Without Being Detected

You can use the following mentioned state of the art features of Mspy cellphone tracker for android. Take a look at the following features that can make a real difference and will never disappoint you.

  • Manage calls
  • Track Text messages
  • Read messaging apps
  • Track android location
  • Control apps and programs
  • View Multimedia Files
  • Track Emails
  • Block websites
  • Monitor Browsing history
  • Websites Bookmarks

"Android phone tracker provide you multiple ways to track each and every single activity happen on the target device and its effective, accurate and efficient in terms digital parenting and for employees tracking."


Android phone tracker provides you multiple ways to track each and every single activity happen on the target device and it’s effective, accurate and efficient in terms digital parenting and for employees tracking.

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