Hack Snapchat Manually or with Spy Apps

Hack into Someone’s Snapchat manually & with the best spy apps

We have recently looked at some manual methods to take control of the Snapchat account. Moreover, we have accumulated some best spy apps that allow you to hack Snapchat on your target phone. Do you want the best spy apps to hack into someone’s Snapchat? Are you looking forward to manual methods to take over the Snapchat account on the target phone? Snapchat messenger has caught my eyes due to several reasons, like its target audience. Most of its users are young teenagers, and parents have shown concerns to protect them from online vulnerabilities. Generation Z is tech-savvy because it is the first generation to grow up with technological devices, the internet, and social media networks.

Do you know Snapchat has a privacy loophole? It will not alarm the target person that someone else has login to your Snapchat account on another device. So, you have a better chance to hack into someone’s Snapchat account using our manual method.

Manual Method to Hack into SnapChat on the Target Phone

Here is the following manual method that you can use to hack into someone’s Snapchat account. Let’s discuss the method that is as follows:

Hijack SnapChat Account with Shoulder Surfing Method

You can use a method “shoulder surfing or shoulder jacking” that requires having a steely determination to get confidential information of Snapchat account. It requires following things hack into someone’s Snapchat.

  • Passwords
  • PINs or confidential keys

Seemingly, it is a useful and proven, and very effective technique to hijack Snapchat account easily. In the name of cyber awareness you can do an experiment first with your friend to hack into Snapchat account. Here are the following steps that empower you to take over Snapchat account.

Step1: Get Access to Your Target Person's Vicinity

You have to sit right next to your target person at first. Further, perform the shoulder surfing method. Try to engage your target in a healthy conversation and get her attention.

Step2: Go to the Login Window of SnapChat on Your Phone

Secondly, you need to visit your cell phone installed with the Snapchat messenger. Further, you need to tap on Snapchat to visit the login window. You should know the phone number and the user name and tap on the favorite point of hackers, “Forgot your password”.

Step3: Tap on the Forget Your Password

Remember, this is the port of call for hackers that are willing to hack into someone’s Snapchat account. It is the security test of any social networking app, like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and many more. Tap forgot your password, and you will see a pop-up for how you want to reset the password. You can choose the option via phone.

Step4: Enter the Phone of Your Target Person

You need to enter the phone number sitting next to your target person and wait to perform a shoulder jack to steal her confirmation code from his phone screen. You need to see the dropdown notification on your target phone screen and memorize the six-digit number and suddenly involve her in a conversation to distract her mind.

Step5: Put a New Password Instantaneously

You should put the confirmation code and add a new password instantaneously. Now you have hacked into your Snapchat account.

The Difficulty You can Face Hacking into SnapChat Manually?

You can take control of the Snapchat account of your child using the manual method, but you could face difficulty when it comes to dealing with the extra layer of security of Snapchat. You can successfully steal the password forgotten using the social engineering method. What do you do when the target person logs in to their account and try to recover her account? So, you have to steal the verification code of your target Snapchat user sitting right next to her.

However, Snapchat has an extra layer of security to get complete control over the target SC account. You can see, monitor, and track the activities of the target person’s account for a while, but to deal with the extra layer, you should have the best spy apps at your disposal to get rid of hectic ways to hack into Snapchat.

Top 5 Best Spy Apps To Hack & Spy On SnapChat Account

Here are the following one-feature Snapchat hacking tools are available on the web that empowers you to spy on someone’s Snapchat account whatsoever.

SnapChat Screen Recorder

Screen recording for Snapchat is one of the well-known spy apps.

  • It enables users to watch and record every activity on the target phone without hacking into someone’s Snapchat account.
  • Snapchat screen recording can record back-to-back videos of instant messenger screens and save them into their dashboard.
  • Users can download the videos and watch live activities on social networking apps.
  • It empowers you to record live screens on a target person active with instant messenger.
Screenshots Spy

You can use screenshots spy software on your target device and schedule several screenshots. It will capture back-to-back screenshots of Snapchat messenger activities. Further, users can send them to the web control panel. Users can watch the captured images and stay updated about the social networking app activity on the target cellphone. Moreover, users can screenshots to get confirmation codes of Snapchat received on target phone to get complete control on Snapchat account.

Screen-Time Monitoring & Restriction

Screen-time is an application that you can use on a target phone to block every app that you believes is inappropriate. You can hack into someone’s Snapchat to block it from 1 hour to 12 hours. The target person cannot access social networking apps.

Password Chaser App

Password chaser is an application that lets you view every password target person has entered into the Snapchat account without them knowing. You can secretly steal the password applied to the target Snapchat account.

Keystrokes Logging App

Keystrokes logger is software that works on target devices secretly. You can use it to spy and hack keystrokes applied on Snapchat messenger. Using keystrokes logging software, users can capture and record text messages, quick chats, and many more.


These spy applications are one-featured tools, and you have to install them back and forth on the target device to hack into someone’s Snapchat. To complete the job, you can use the best Snapchat hacking software with all these features in a single application. So, for example, you can use TheOneSpy to spy on your Snapchat account on another phone.

TheOneSpy is the best spy software for cell phones to monitor and track Snapchat accounts on another phone. You can use it on your target cell phone and use its powerful features, like Snapchat screen recording, keystrokes logger, screenshots, screen-time, and many more to spy on Snapchat.

It depends on the intentions because struggling parents can spy and hack a Snapchat account on their kid’s phone. However, you cannot hack into Snapchat to breach someone’s privacy. You have to take the consent of the target person; otherwise, it would be a crime. Moreover, you can monitor Snapchat unless the target device belongs to you.

A best Snapchat hacking app like TheOneSpy works secretly on another phone. Further, it works on a rooted and non-rooted phone. It remains sneaky while spying and hacking into Snapchat account and remains undetectable. TheOneSpy can hack a Snapchat account, hide the app icon and not leave its footprints behind. It requires one-time physical access on the target device active with the self-destructive messaging app. Users can use its multiple features to track and hack Snapchat messenger.

Yes, you can use any of the below spy apps for Android phones active with the Snapchat messaging app. These apps have all the monitoring and spying capabilities to hack someone’s Snapchat secretly and remotely and they are fully compatible with all the latest Android smartphones.

  1. TheOneSpy
  2. OgyMogy
  3. SecureKin

Do you want to set parental control on your kid’s Snapchat account? You can read this post and hack Snapchat manually, and with the best spy apps to protect your teens from stranger danger, sex-offenders, online dating, and form potential risky activities of the teens.

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