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Remotely capture screenshots of target mobile phone device screen activities

At times we need to have evidence about the wrongdoings of the other person. Mainly they are meant for correction. Specifically, they are meant for the parents and employers. And even the category of spouses is involved in that. The world of smartphones brought a tremendous technology, called the Screenshot. It has been a part of the computerized world. But how would someone take the screenshot of some other person’s smartphone? That’s where Spy Screenshot feature of TheOneSpy comes handy. It enables the user to take the screenshot of the other person’s device without being notifying him or her.

How Does TOS Spy Screenshots work?

It’s pretty simple to use the TheOneSpy Spy Screenshots feature. It works exactly the same way, as it is done on the personal device. All else that is required:

  • TheOneSpy Premier Application Account
  • A smartphone or a Tablet with the Internet Connection
  • TheOneSpy App Installation on Targeted Android Device
  • It captures the screens of the targeted Android device after every 15 seconds.
  • Upload all captured screen image on the dashboard for user perusal.
  • Screen capturing can be scheduled from dashboard and user can set custom time of capturing screens from 15 sec to 60 sec.

The shots retrieved from the feature can be stored in the control panel for future usage. There is no hassle of taking the shots of other person’s device. But to be precise, the person monitored should know that he or she is being watched. It is mandatory.

How Does TOS Spy Screenshots Helpful?

The screenshot feature is most advance surveillance tool to keep a tab on your kids and employees digital devices’ screens.  With the screenshot solution you will get:

  • Take multiple screenshots of the target cell phone screen
  • All screenshots images stored on a secure control panel.
  • Remote button to take a screenshot on target cell phone
  • Store millions of screenshots on TheOneSpy control panel for future use.
  • Screenshots saved online remotely and automatically.


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Benefits for parents

The teens are not much aware of the present day world. The crime ratio is increasing day by day. Although there have been some measures taken against the odds, still the criminal log is not diminishing. In such situations, TOS Screenshot monitoring feature helps the parents to make their children learn what side they are traveling. On the other hand, parents can remotely capture screenshots of kids and teens activities online and further they can get to know what sort of activities they are doing on cell phone screen using TheOneSpy screenshot tracking.

Benefits for Individuals

An individual can use this tool on someone else device and further capture screenshots in order to know what sort of activities being executed on the device. You can use this tool on the device you own no matter what to whom you have provided. In addition, you can capture screenshots on someone’s cell phone device having proper consent. End user can capture more than one screenshot at once by sending multiple commands using TOS app web control panel. Once the command has been sent to the device it will start capturing number of screenshots at once.

Benefits for Employers

Mainly such features are meant for the parents and employers. And in some cases, it becomes useful for the spouses. On account of the employers, the screenshot feature helps them to keep the evidence of all the wrongdoing an employee does in the office. Present day employees heavily depend on this savvy device to leak the secrets of their office. And it is definitely harm for the businesses. To avoid such circumstances, the Spy Screenshot feature comes handy, to curb such corrupt employees. Indeed TheOneSpy wants to make the societies free from all harms!

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