Extra Reasons That Make TheOneSpy Employee Monitoring App Reliable

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Do you know the digital devices you provide to employees can betray you at any time? So, employers have no other choice but to use employee monitoring apps. The monitoring apps do not let workplace technology cross you. Further, keep sneaking and supervising your employees during working hours. Monitoring employees in the workplace has now become a widespread practice.

A majority of companies are engaging in this practice. They ensure that their employees are efficient and faithful to the company. Now Question arises of which is the best employee monitoring solution. Which app takes care of workplace technology and does not work against the company’s policy? Here we are introducing TheOneSpy app. It is the best app to monitor workplace technology, like cell phones, tablets, PCs, and MAC.

What is TheOneSpy Employee Monitoring Software?

TheOneSpy is an application. It works on any digital device, like cell phones (Android & iPhone) and computers (Windows & MAC). It is the world’s best employee monitoring app. Allows users to monitor and track employees’ activity on work tech. TheOneSpy is easy to install. Let employers sneak into cell phones and computer activity with timestamps.

It has multiple products for cell phones and laptops, and desktop PCs. Employers can install the app and further hide it on the target device. Also, use features, and get regular updates about employee’s activities. It also offers a separate online dashboard. TheOneSpy is easy to install, takes a few minutes to configure, and the interface is friendly. It will remain invisible on another phone or computer device. Besides, let users monitor employees without them knowing.

TheOneSpy Products For Cell Phones & Pcs:

Here are the following products that you need to know about in the following:

7 Ways Our Software Not Let Work Tech Betray You

Here are the following reasons that make TheOneSpy app not allow phones and computers to work against your business firm:

1. Emails Sent Or Received On Phones & Pcs Will Not Remain Private

Employee monitoring software is beneficial for business professionals on business-owned devices. It will not let your employees keep their sent and received emails private.  Further, monitor documents and attached files privately on phones and computers. TheOneSpy will keep tracking every email on the target device. It also leaves no privacy for business security and productivity. TheOneSpy has a feature that is as follows:

Email Monitoring on Phones and PCs:

Employers can use TheOneSpy Features for smartphones and computer devices, like Email tracking. It will empower you to track, and check emails’ inboxes, starred, spam, trash, and other folders. You can also see employees’ Gmail accounts’ social and primary email folders. Besides, you can track email chats and text conversations between your employees and clients.

2. Removal of Internet History Would Not Let Employees Hide It

Many employees at a workplace access phone and computer browsers. So, employees involved in suspicious activities are more likely to remove history. Employees would do things to use business-owned phones and computer browsers. But, TheOneSpy will never let employees hide their browsing activities. Here is the feature to monitor browsing history:

Internet History Tracking Feature on Smartphones & PCs:

Internet browsing history is one of the most powerful features of the TheOneSpy app. It empowers users to spy on browsers active on business-owned devices. You can watch visited websites and URLs. Employers can also track bookmarked web pages on business-owned devices. So, employers can access any website employees have visited. Also, discover all the browsing history data on the target device using the TheOneSpy dashboard.

3. TheOneSpy App Will Not Let Business Phones Private For Employees

Employees always use business-owned phones and tablet devices like they are using them. However, business phones are not private. Employers can track them for their business safety and productivity. TheOneSpy has the best employee monitoring app. It empowers employers to record and listen to live phone calls. Also, check text messages, chats, conversations, and contacts, and secretly capture keystrokes. So, employers can use the following features and not let business phones private:

Live Call Recording

A call recorder is one of the best features. It is best for recording and listening to business phone calls and saving data to the dashboard. Employers can listen to phone calls with a complete time stamp. They can record and listen to live calls on business phones without knowing.

Text Messages Monitoring

Text message tracking allows employers to read text chats and messages. TheOneSpy can monitor cell phones, like android and iPhone devices. Employers can read cellular messages on another phone.

4. A Hybrid Workforce Will Not Be Able To Hide Their GPS Location

Many business entities permit employees to take business laptops to their homes. They allow their workers to be hybrid. But many employees become greedy and start working for more than one company. So, they keep one device with another company, which is too risky.

So, employers use employee monitoring apps on business devices. They can track the GPS location of employees. It will follow the live GPS location, location history, and route maps of employees. Here are the features of TheOneSpy to track your hybrid workforce GPS location:

Live GPS Location

Do you want to check your employees working from home and their location? Use our live GPS location tracking feature. It allows employers to track the live GPS location of employees monitoring devices.

Location History

Businesses can also track location history with TheOneSpy employee monitoring app. It empowers users to monitor daily and weekly location history with timestamps.


Employers can set Geo-Fence using Google Maps to set allowed and restricted areas. It helps businesses to receive alerts via emails. Employees who visit other business firms while working from home are traceable.

5. Monitor And Track Every Word Employee’s Type On Phones And Computers

No matter what your employees are typing TheOneSpy has a way to monitor it. Employers usually use password keystrokes on business devices. They also browse websites on cell phones and computer browsers. Also, visit websites and web pages. Further, use social messaging apps and other chat rooms to converse with clients. Employee monitoring solution has a feature that allows employers to capture keystrokes.

Keystrokes Logging Feature

A key logger is a feature that can capture and record every typed keystroke on smartphones and PCs. The Keylogging app lets users capture and video live keystrokes on any business device. Keylogging is the best feature for business professionals. It allows users to capture keystrokes on business phones. On target phones, employers can record keystrokes, like passwords, emails, and text keystrokes.

6. Keeps On Monitoring The Productivity Of Employees On Work Tech

Companies worldwide recruit thousands of employees. Also provide them with PCs, phones, and computers. Without the supervision of employees, it costs so much to business professionals. So, they have to use an employee monitoring app to track their employee’s every action. So, big companies and small businesses endorsed TheOneSpy. It is one of the best for employee supervision. It is a surveillance app that allows employers to measure employees’ productivity. Here are the features that monitor the productivity of the employees:

Live Screen Recording

Screen recorder allows employers to record short videos on phones and desktop devices. Further, send videos to TheOneSpy dashboard. Employers can watch live recorded videos to witness the activities of the employees.


Employers can capture screenshots one after the other after scheduling phones and PCs. Businesses can see the captured screenshots and what they do on business devices.

Screen Time

Employers can increase business productivity. They can block time-wasting apps on business phones and tablet devices from 1 hour to 12 hours. So, employers can block the apps during working hours to boost business productivity.

Live Screen Sharing

Employers can share business phone screens with their online dashboards in real-time. They can see what their employees are up to on phone screens.

Surround Recorder

The surround recorder takes over the PC and the computer’s microphone. It will record chats, sounds, and discussions. It helps employees to listen to the live surroundings of the employees.

7. Access To Every File Or Document Employees Uses

Employers want to see every file or document they have pulled from business devices. Employers wish to supervise the time-to-time activity of their employees on business devices. Likewise, many rouge employees do suspicious activities. They temper the business files to sell them to competitors to make easy money.

TheOneSpy is one of the few employee monitoring solutions that catch every activity. Here are the following features employers can use to see every file employees can access.


TheOneSpy has the no.1 arsenal of monitoring products. Likewise, it offers plans for android, iPhones, windows, and MAC devices. Every monitoring product has plenty of features. They are best for surveillance on business laptops and desktop devices. Employers can also watch ad track business phones, tablets, and iPods. Join hands with TheOneSpy and keep tracking your workforce at your chosen time space.

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