Top 10 Best Phone Spy Apps with Unique Traits

top 10 best phone spy apps with unique traits

Phone spy apps are rated on their features, price, control panel, customer support, OS support, and many other factors. Today’s review seems typical, but it covers various traits of the best cell phone spy software, and we discuss how these traits distinguish spy apps from each other. We have tested all the apps that can track cell phones by purchasing their licenses. The information we share is our personal experience of using phone tracking solutions. Before we go into detail about cell phone monitoring apps, we must know why people use these apps. Is using a monitoring app on another phone legal or not?

Why Do People Use Spy Software For Cellphones & Is It Legal Or Not?

Spy apps are worth buying tools to monitor and track text messages, web history, social media, emails, VoIP calls, passwords, GPS location, screen time, and sending data to spies through an online dashboard. People are more likely to use phone monitoring apps to keep an eye on kids, teens, employees, and their loved ones.

According to a survey on the legality of phone spying

A survey of more than 2,000 people from the US and UK asked people what they thought about spying on the mobile phones of children, employees, and loved ones connected to cyberspace. The survey received alarming responses.


  • More than five respondents believe that spying on another mobile phone is illegal.
  • A quarter of the people who took part in the survey were unaware of the legality of cell phone surveillance.
  • More than 18% of participants said that spying on someone’s phone is legal.
  • 29% of people say they don’t know about it
  • Almost 50% of people say that it is illegal to spy on a cell phone without consent.

Generally, it is illegal to spy an app on someone’s cell phone without consent. However, in many cases, spying on a cell phone without them knowing can become legal, such as spying on your teen’s phone for their safety is legal.

You can monitor the cell phones that belong to you no matter who is using your cyberspace-connected cell phones.

Also, you can discuss this with your lawyer because there is always a legal gray area. Technology is a newborn compared to the law and can change from case to case.

List Of The Best Phone Spy Apps With Different Characteristics

Here are the following top 10 phone spy apps with unique attributes to know about. You can choose any of these apps to spy on cell phones with regard to their characteristics.

No.1 TheOneSpy - First No Rooted, Hidden, & Undetectable Spy App for Cellphones

theonespy no root android monitoring

TheOneSpy is one of the few phone spy apps that is unique and has many features compared to other spy apps that have made the world more popular. No.1. The spy app has different products, subscription plans, dashboards, and traditional and exclusive features in each product. It has four spy solutions for Android, iPhone, MAC, and Windows. It provides innovative monitoring features that help you spy on any iPhone device.

Best Unique Features of TheOneSpy App:

  • The first cell phone spy app that works without root and monitors all social messaging apps without root, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Line, Viber, and many more.
  • Hidden cell phone tracking software empowers users to spy on target phones and listen to their microphones and cameras to record surroundings with surround audio and video recording.
  • Stay undetected on any cell phone device, no matter if the target phone is active with anti-spyware apps. In addition, store sync call logs, message logs, social media logs, and location history logs on the dashboard.
  • Spying on a cell phone remotely is possible with their best features that work on the target phone without access after a one-time installation. It captures screenshots, keystrokes, and GPS locations and remotely blocks message calls.
  • A package with an exclusive set of features, Like Live Spy 360, which offers real-time screen sharing, camera streaming, and real-time listening.
  • A package with parental control solutions to monitor your kids at the time and place of your choice.
  • Anti-Sexting & Sextortion Apps to Protect Your Teens
  • Anti-Cyberbullying Tools, How to Record Real-Time, Filter Websites/Apps, and Limit Screen Time

TheOneSpy is not the only cellphone spy app; It is a brand that introduces several spy products for mobile phones and computer devices. Spy software has unique attributes compared to any other spy app.

No.2 OgyMogy - Hidden & Remote Cell Phone Spy app

ogymogy phone tracker

OgyMogy is one of the best phone spying apps that offer Android spy tools with hidden and remote capabilities. It is an app with unique characteristics that made it rank second on our list of the best spy phone apps. You can enjoy seamless monitoring with this software. It all works perfectly and does not impact the performance of the Device. Spy software offers solutions for Android, Mac, and Windows devices, while monitoring software has a different set of features that has the following features:

OgyMogy tops the list of traits that set it apart from others:

  • Hidden Spy Solution to Record Cell Phone Calls, Read Messages and Capture Keystrokes
  • Remote Monitoring of Text Messages, Phone Calls, and Key Registration
  • Remains hidden while GPS location tracking and social media logs,
  • Remote data synchronization is possible using an online control panel
  • Hidden Phone Spy App Listen And Watch Cell Phone Surroundings

No.3 FlexiSpy – Most Expensive & Powerful Spy Software For Phones

flexispy phone spy app

Flexispy is one of the first phone spy apps. Although the app has many different characteristics, it is by far the most expensive phone spy app in the industry that hides all its capabilities to spy on phones. So, Phone Tracking Solution Flexispy comes with features that make the monitoring process easy for you. You can use it to monitor your employees and kids for their security.

The main features of Flexispy that you need to know about are:

  • Flexispy isn’t very flexible when it comes to subscription plans.
  • $419 is a huge amount for a subscription on Android, iPhone, and computer devices.
  • Don’t offer discounts even on Valentine’s Day and Christmas.
  • Even traditional phone spy feature sets are too expensive for other trustworthy spy apps to offer them at low prices, such as call recordings, social media monitoring, GPS location, and more.

No.4 Mspy – Rooted & More Likely To Detectable Phone Spy

mspy phone tracker

Mspy is a well-known brand for spying on phones. It is a cell phone spy app that will most likely work on rooted cell phones. In addition, Mspy depends on the target mobile phone operating systems and OS versions to be detectable or undetectable. In this way, the phone spy app seems confusing and uncertain. It provides you complete access to the targeted person’s activities on their iPhone.

Main Features of Mspy Phone Tracking Software:

  • Root is required when it comes to spying on messenger logs.
  • Detectability or non-detectability depends on the brand of the operating system and the cell phone.
  • It offers basic and premium plans to spy on a cell phone with or without rooting.
  • It has several social media monitoring features that can work without root.

No.5 SecureKin – Credible & Free Parental Spy Software For Phones

securekin parental control app

SecureKin is a new product on the market, but there is little that distinguishes it from other spy apps and so-called spy apps for the parent phone. Securekin provides its services to set parental controls on Android and iPhone devices. It is one of the few free parental control apps that offer real-time location, browsing history, screen time, activity logs, app lock, location history, and keylogger.

Main features of the Securekin app

  • It is a free parental control software for cell phones.
  • Works on Android and iPhone for free
  • Securekin is an anti-parental spying app for phones
  • Easy to download from the Google Play Store to get started
  • It has all the features that the best spy app should have.

No.6 Hoverwatch – Best Parental Spy App For Cellphones


Hoverwatch is known for its parental cell phone spy solutions. It has the best tools for parents, but it is often marketed as a free phone spying app to set parental control on kids’ phones. By using this, you can access the targeted person’s call logs and read their messages. The app has some features that raise questions.

Hoverwatch Traits You Need to Know About:

  • Make False Job Claims Without Root Parental Spying Solution
  • False Claims That It’s One Of The Free Parental Control Apps It’s Not
  • There’s no way to tell if it’s a phone tracker app or a parental spying app
  • The Most Expensive Parental Control Software to Meet
  • Received bonuses to work in stealth mode

No.7 ikeymonitor –Undetectable Cell Phone Spyware

ikeymonitor phone spy app

Many phone tracking apps on the internet openly state that they are undetectable, and iKeymonitor is one of them. It is a spy software with limited features, but it makes huge claims about spying on cell phones. It helps you monitor your kids’ activities so that you can protect them from being involved in risky activities. The cell phone tracking app sometimes features malfunctions and fails to upload logs to the dashboard.

iKeymonitor Spy App Hidden Traits Everyone Should Know

Most likely to become detected and unable to transmit Android security indicators.
Offer No jailbreak iPhone spy app solution, which means it has limited tools depending on iCloud credentials
Most of its exclusive features are starting to malfunction
Require root to monitor social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, and many more.

No.8 Mobistealth A Reasonable Phone Spy App


However, over the years, spyware has lost its essence because the old passion has faded. It enables its user to view what is happening on the targeted Device in real-time. This way, you can stay up to date about their interests. Mobistealth has some features that set it apart from other cell phone monitoring solutions.

Mobistealth has several characteristics:

  • One of the oldest cell phone spy brands in the market.
  • It has traditional and typical features that are inclusive for users.
  • Not updated its features for long.
  • Mobistealth lacks the exclusive features that other spy apps offer at the moment.
  • It has become a traditional phone spying service to spy on messages, call logs, GPS locations, etc.

No.9 XNSPY App – A Very Typical Phone Spy App

xnspy cell phone spy
  • XNSPY is ranked 9th place on our list of the best cell phone spy software. Do you know why? XNSPY is spy software that claims to have all the features the entire spy industry offers, which seems funny. It couldn’t provide the features they claim on their web pages. So, hidden and undetectable, rootless cell phone spying is no longer a myth, but in the case of XNSPY, it is still a myth.What traits does XNSPY have at the moment?
    • It is one of the few apps that can damage your mobile phone.
    • Marketing Fake Spy Tools to Attract Your Target Audience
    • The spy app has features that don’t work properly
    • A web-based control panel is as complex as the language used on a webpage.
    • It is not possible to sync data of call logs, message logs, IM social media, GPS location, and more.

No.10 Spyine – Scam Spy App for Cellphones


Many brands of phone spy apps are floating around the web that have nothing to do with spying, and cell phone monitoring and spyware are one of them. Users can use it to monitor their kid’s activities on their devices. Moreover, employers can also benefit from this app as it also helps in monitoring workers’ activities during working hours. However, it is marketing strategies that successfully deceive people online.

Spyine doesn’t have traits; it’s a scam:

  • Online customer fraud is one of the features of a spy app.
  • A spy brand is not an app that can spy on cell phones.
  • More chances to sell the services of other brands
  • Spyine doesn’t have a powerful spy solution that can produce results


Cell phone spy apps are useful when you want to spy on your kids to protect them from online predators and overt activities. Business professionals can improve business productivity and identify data theft and employee time-wasting. So, you should spend money and choose phone tracking software wisely. Also, don’t use the phone tracking app for illegal purposes; otherwise, you may face legal consequences. We recommend using apps like TheOneSpy on your target phone to take care of your kids, business, and pocket.


Spy apps work discreetly in the backend on the targeted Device. After you have done the installation and configuration on the targeted Device, the app will start to collect monitored data. This function permits you to monitor all activities on the target person’s gadget.

The iPhone spy software integrates stealth monitoring capabilities. Consequently, in the process of installation, the software won’t reveal its presence to the target person at all. This way, we can monitor the live activities without the knowledge of the owner.

To select the best software, you need to visit user reviews to see what other people say about how well it does its job. Additionally, you should verify its compatibility and functionality and ensure it works according to your expectations. The best solution to this issue is to take a closer look at the performance of the app.

You can download the iPhone spy apps by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Pick up the app subscription directly on its official site.
  • Jailbreak the iPhone
  • Now, you can download and install the spy app on the targeted Device.
  • Through your username and password, log into your web portal.
  • Start monitoring remotely
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