Is Social Networking more Vulnerable for Girls than Boys?

is social networking vulnerable in girls than boys

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Social networking these days the most fascinating, time-consuming and fun doing activity when it comes to the use of cell phones connected to cyberspace. The bombardment of technology in the shape of mobile phones in the current world has entirely changed the lifestyle of people worldwide. You don’t have to write a letter and to wait until it’s reached its destiny and then to wait for the response of the person you have sent your letter.

Now, these days technology in the shape of social networking apps has provided such an unbelievable way to instant messaging to communicate with the person you want to. You can send and receive text messages, do chats conversations; audio and video conversations shared media files like photos and videos and send voice messages.

All these activities through social media may seem interesting, but it has the dark side too. In the current world, the young generation that is also known as generation Z has become addicted and is obsessed with the use of social networking apps such as Facebook, Tinder, Line, Vine, Yahoo, Snapchat and plenty of others alike.

According to Study: Social networking is not great for mental health

There is no secret any more social media is not great for mental health for young girls and boys. However, studies have shown a number of times that it is more vulnerable to a girl as compared to the young boys. According to study addictiveness of young girl and boys to the certain features of social messaging apps lead them to certain vulnerabilities such as poor psychological well-being in adolescences. Moreover, it is dramatically true that it’s stronger for girls than boys.

Study reveals that

Researchers from the University of Essex have collected the data of more than 10000 families in the U.K from 2009 up to 2015. The children in the study were in the age of 10 to 15 and mental health was assessed through a credible survey that has measured happiness and well being from the parts of their lives such as schools, peers and other social and emotional challenges.

Results published in BMC Public Health

  • Young Girls use social media more than boys did, and their mental health suffers a lot. The young girls with the age of 10 were found spending 1 hour on the social networking apps on their smartphones connected to the internet.
  • 7% of young boys under the age of 10 found spending less time compare to the girls on social messaging apps.
  • At the age of 15 the interest has grown up and 43% of teens have found using the instant messengers a couple of hours every single day. However, 31% of young boys under the age of 15 have used social networking apps for at least one hour each day.
  • Teens at the age of 10 have found health issues such as lack of happiness and also have emotional difficulties as compared to the young boys.

Social media has put teens at stake compared to boys

If we correlate the vulnerabilities of social networking with the above-mentioned study, we will easily come to the point that young teen’s online security is at stake compared to the boys. Because the more teens spend the time on social media using the cell phone the more they will have an encounter with the social media hazards and dangers as compared to the young boys.

Vulnerabilities for young girls and boys faced via social media


Cyberbullying is a phenomenon that has captured the social networking apps and none of the girl or young boy can say that have experienced bullying online. However, most of the young girls are the victims of online bullying because they are the ones that want to interact with the opposite gender and spend more time compared to young boys in the digital world. Bullying is everywhere such as in the schools, on the streets and sometimes schools are horrible places to go for both girls and boys


Stalkers are the ones who always chase young girls online and they are mostly adult or teenage boys and even older ones. They want friendship with teens online and after having couple meetings on social media they try to exchange contacts, personal information and want to meet teens in real life. On the other hands, young boys usually become the victim of child abusers but in a quiet few numbers.

Child abusers

Child abusers are the ones that usually chase young children especially young boys online. They visit the number of profiles online that lacks security and then get their personal information such as school name, complete name, and home address and then chase them in real-life. Pedophilias are present in a large number of social media platforms.

Health Issues  

Having stated above, young girls usually got health issues more than boys because they spend more time on social media platforms. Young girls usually got depression, anxiety and plenty of others that can put teens are health in danger.

What bad habits Girls and Boys got through the digital world?


Young girls having an affair online with anyone often got involved in sexting and they spend a number of hours. Therefore, they put themselves in real trouble and often get teens’ health issues.


Young girls are more likely to make short semi-nude videos compared to the young boys and then post it on social media platforms. Reluctantly, young girls usually put themselves into trouble as compared to the young boys and often got blackmailed by the intimate partner.

girls shouting gif

Teen’s sneaky texting codes

It is the habit that young girls usually involved in more as compared to boys. They used different types of sneaky texting codes in order to dough their parents to send a hidden message to their friends or boyfriend online. Therefore, it is a real parenting challenge: sneaky texting codes of teens can put teens into real danger.

  • LH6 =lets have sex
  • 53x =secret way to type sex
  • POS =parents over a shoulder
  • MOS = mom over shoulder
  • IWSN = I want sex now

Social media trendy challenges

Social media challenges are on the rise such as burn and scar challenge, blue whale video game challenge and plenty of others alike. It is reportedly stated that young teens are more likely to involve in social media trendy challenges because of their emotional level and often put themselves into trouble as compared to the young boys.

How can parents prevent their girls from social media vulnerabilities?

All they just need to do is to install the parental control software on their teen’s android phones and they will be able to keep an eye on the activities to the fullest. Android parenting app enables parents to monitor the social media apps activities of kids and teens on the target Android phones with IM’s social media. It enables a user to view IM’s logs such as text messages, text conversations, audio, and video conversations, shared media files such as photos and videos and sent or received Voice messages.  Parents can use live screen recording of the android monitoring software and can do live screen recordings such as Facebook live screen recording, WhatsApp screen recording, Yahoo live screen recording and all others alike. However, the user can do YouTube screen recording, SMS, and email screen recording.

Parents can prevent teens from all social media vulnerabilities with the help of a remotely phone controller. They can stop the habit of sexting while teens have found in sexting, they can block the internet if the girls are sending semi-nude photos and videos and last but not the least to block the incoming calls of strangers. Parents can also view call logs on the android phone of teens and get to know to whom young girls having a conversation with.

Android monitoring app further allows parents to bug the android phone of young girls and they can record the surround sounds and voices with the MIC bug app and can capture surround visuals when teens are having party night with their friends with a spyvidcam bug of the android spy app. They can also remotely captures the images of the surround with a camera bug app of the android tracking software.

Moreover, they can view the Android browsing history such as visited websites and apps to the fullest. Parents can view the sneaky text messages with messages monitoring of the Android parental control software and can view iMessages, SMS, MMS, BBM chat messages and heads up tickers notification. Parents can also track their young girls and boys location if they have not come in the home in a given time with GPS location tracker.

They can track pin-point location and can view the current and exact location along with the location history and get to know at what place they are present at the moment because over the years the trend of blind dating via social media affairs in young girls and boys is on the rise. So, they may be going to meet a stalker or pedophile, parents can protect them with the android parenting app.


Young girls and boys both use social media on their smartphones and the teens that spend a few hours in social networking have an increased risk of depression compared to the boys who spend less. However, the CDC monitoring the rise in the rise of teen depression and cases of suicide among young girls as compared to the boys. So, parenting has become an essential part of the digital world and parents just need to use the parenting software.

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