How to Spy on iPhone 12 With Monitoring App?

spy on iphone 12

Are you struggling to spy on iOS devices? You would be thinking about spy on iPhone 12. Individuals have different prospects to monitor the iOS phones like parents want to read teen’s SMS, installed apps, call logs, iMessage, and to track WhatsApp. However, employers want to know the activities of employees on iOS devices.

Parents nowadays want to set parental control on iPhone 12, and employers want to make a check on business iOS latest device, no time ever before. However, many queries could come in your mind, like spying on iPhone without having it, iPhone monitoring with or without jailbreak, and many more. We will only discuss those methods that are logical and possible for you to spy on iPhone 12 and which methods are untrue or false.

In this post, we are going to discuss how to spy on iPhone 12, and we will bring a light on the methods of iPhone monitoring in detail. Let’s discuss it!

Spy on iPhone 12 with iPhone Monitoring App

The latest iOS phones have become a challenge for the spy apps because of their securities, and parents particularly unable to know what teens are doing on their iPhones all day long. Do you want to set parental control on your kid’s iOS devices? You have to have the best iPhone spy app to monitor the iOS. After you have decided to spy on iPhone 12, follow the steps mentioned below.

Step-1: Get iPhone Monitoring App to Spy on iPhone 12

You have to subscribe to the iPhone spy app, but you could waste your time by visiting here and there on the web and finally could have a counterfeit spy app for your iPhone 12. There are a lot of scams, and fake iPhone monitoring apps are running on the web.

To save your time and money, you need to get your hands on a monitoring app that is the best in the business. Very After you have the subscription to TheOneSpy iPhone app, you need to install it on the device.

Step-2: Jailbreak iPhone 12 to Install Spying Software

Before you install the phone tracker on the target iOS device, you have to jailbreak it to process the installation. It will enable you to install the spy software on the target iPhone device.

Step-3: Get Physical Access on iPhone 12

Now you need to get physical access on the iPhone 12 cell phone to start the process of installation. After the configuration of the installation process, you can go to the web control panel of TheOneSpy.

Step-4: Activate the Dashboard to Use Spying & Monitoring Features

Forget about the methods other than the jailbreak iOS device. It would not provide you the insight of the iPhone device of your child or employee directly unless you opt for the jailbreak method.

We know that using the iCloud credentials get access to an iOS device, but what if you don’t know about iCloud credentials. Therefore, there is no chance to spy on iPhone/iPad without jailbreak or without having access to the iPhone. You can jailbreak the iPhone 12 by using the Zeon repo extractor mentioned below.

Now you can use the user ID and password to activate the web control panel of the best iPhone tracker and get access to the tracking and monitoring features to do surveillance on the device to the fullest.

You will get the features like call logs, SMS, iMessages, contacts, installed apps, Appointments, device info, and WhatsApp chat logs. You can use these features on the iPhone 12 and bring monitoring results on the table using the web control panel of the jailbreak solution for the iPhone.

How to Spy on iPhone 12 with Jailbreak Solution?

It is the best way to spy on any iOS device these days. Other than that, methods are illogical and unable to monitor the iPhone properly. We have already discussed that you need to jailbreak the iPhone12 before spying on it by using any iPhone monitoring app. It means you have to jailbreak first, and then you need to choose the best spy app for iOS devices. Let’s discuss the best method to jailbreak the iPhone 12.

Jailbreak iPhone 12 by Using Zeon: Step by Step Tutorial

Jailbreak iPhone 12 by Using Zeon Repo Extractor

Step1:   You need to download and install the Zeon repo extractor to your iPhone 12 device.

Step2: Zeon installation profile downloaded to the settings of the iPhone. All you need to do to go to the settings and make click on the downloaded profile, and then you can install it by using the device code.

Step3:  Zeon will take a little time on your iPhone 12 to get installed. You will see the Zeon app on your iOS device springboard.

Step4:  Make a tap on the Zeon repo extractor app, and it will make ready to install the applications, tweaks, and themes on the iPhone 12 OS versions up to 14.1.

Step5: Now you can make a tap on the Repo, and then you have to copy any repo that you are looking forward to extracting, and go to the app and use the URL on the extract repo, and further tap the extract repo.

Step6: It will extract the repo, and you can get your hands on the apps that you can install on your iPhone device. You have done the jailbreak of iPhone 12, and you can install the iPhone spy app jailbreak solution on the target device and use its online control panel to spy on iPhone 12.

Is It Possible to Spy on iPhone without Jailbreak?

We know that plenty of spy apps for iPhone are promoting and claiming to monitor the iOS devices without jailbreak, but it is not right. Spying on iPhone 12 without jailbreak is illogical unless you have used the iCloud method.

The iCloud works unless you have the iCloud credentials of the target iOS device. What would you suppose to do if you cannot have access to the iCloud credentials of the iPhone? If you have the iCloud password and ID, then you can spy on iPhone 12 without jailbreak.

Final Verdict:

Parents could have the iCloud credentials of the young kids, but when it comes to the teens, it does not allow you to breach their iPhone privacy, and they might not have installed iCloud on the iPhone to have a backup of the device. Without a jailbreak solution unable to give 100% surety unless you have the iCloud credentials. So, we would recommend opting for a jailbreak solution because Apple devices are very secure devices to spy.

How to Spy on iPhone 12 without having It?

We have already discussed it but with a different statement that you can spy on iPhone 12 if you have the iCloud credentials of the target device. However, spying on the iPhone 12 is not possible without having access to it. You have to use the iCloud credentials on the iPhone spying software working against non-jailbreak iPhone device.

Final Verdict:

It is not possible to spy on the iPhone 12 without having access to it, but having the backup, you can monitor plenty of activities performed on the iOS device. Therefore, we are not going to recommend you for spying on iPhone 12 without having an access method. You have to use a jailbreak solution for sure.

The Best iPhone Spying App to Spy on iPhone 12

You can get your hands on the hundreds of solutions to spy on iPhone 12, but we are not sure about it unless you choose the best monitoring app. TheOneSpy iOS monitoring solution is one of the most advanced and powerful jailbreak solutions that enables you to set parental control on your kid’s iOS devices.

Once you have jailbroken the target iPhone 12, you can install TheOneSpy on the target device and activate its web control panel monitoring and spying features. You can spy on call logs, contacts, SMS, iMessages, Appointments; view installed apps, and many more. It will take a little time to install on the jailbreak iPhone, and then you need to have physical access to configure the installation. Further, you are free to go to spy on your iOS device to the fullest.


We have heard right that time is money, and you are wasting both of it by getting your hands on the spy apps for iPhone that claims to adverts supernatural things. Be realistic and always go for the one that works properly on the target device. You can spy on the iPhone 12 by using the TheOneSpy jailbreak solution to set parental control on teen’s iOS devices and to keep a hidden eye on your business devices.

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