How To Track Someone’s Phone Location by Number?

location tracking by number

Tracking someone’s phone location by number sounds crazy, and we all think it mostly suits hackers and intelligence services. Over the years, it was unheard of to do that. Now, technology has made its way to the next level, and today, anyone can track phone location by number with the TheOneSpy app. This post will discuss how you can use it for location tracking by using numbers only, like on Android, iOS cellphones, and tablet devices.

Before going into the details, several free methods are floating on the web to trace someone’s phone location using the contact number you need to avoid. Let’s discuss why people want to track phone locations by number and in other ways.

Why Does Anyone Want to Track Cell Phone Location by Number?

Every individual has a different reason for knowing someone’s location, and tracking a cellphone device would be the best option to determine someone’s presence. The following are some legitimate reasons people want to monitor the location of a cell phone.

Parents Want to Know the Current Location of their Kids

For parents, the ability to track their children’s whereabouts can provide a sense of security. Mobile tracker apps offer a solution in an age where young teens may spend nights away from home or potentially engage in risky behaviors. These apps allow parents to monitor their teens’ GPS location, providing a remote and discreet way to ensure their safety from potential threats.

Employers Track the Location of Employees

In the modern workplace, it has become common for employers to track the location of business-owned devices provided to employees, mainly when working remotely.

This technology, which is now prevalent in many businesses, allows employers to monitor and pinpoint the location of their employees during working hours.

By creating a Geo-Fence around the employee’s location, employers can track when employees enter and exit the virtual fence, providing a valuable tool for managing remote work.

People Track Phone Location by the Number of Lost/Theft Phone

Parents, employers, and individuals usually used to track phone location by number when their devices get lost or stolen by anyone. They use phone GPS tracking apps before the incidents on the digital devices and later to track the location of the loss or theft devices and try to save the device and the data stored on the devices. Phone tracking app enables users to retrieve or delete data on their phones if they cannot find the lost device.

How Do You Track Someone’s Phone Location by Number Running Android OS?

Do you want to track a phone location running with the Android operating systems? You can do it in different cases. You can find your lost/stolen device or device’s location by your kids, employees, and others.

Find My Device

You have to have added a Google account active on your lost or stolen device. Besides, you need to have an app known as Find My Device. You can track the cellphone location of your Android device by visiting its settings, and you will get to know about the location of your Android device virtually on the Map. You need to install it and then log in to the Google account, and it will ensure you get the target device’s location.

Suppose you are not satisfied with the location only, and you want to see live location, location history and wish to set forbidden zones. Now you must install a GPS location tracker powered by TheOneSpy.

TheOneSpy Tracking Features to Track Someone’s Phone Location

TheOneSpy Android spying app has multiple features for finding someone’s phone location, either by number. It also empowers you to track the phone location and set allowed and forbidden zones.

See Live GPS Location of the Target Phone Number with TheOneSpy

TheOneSpy location tracker is the best tool for tracking phone locations by number. It enables you to get real-time locations with pinpoint accuracy. You can use the GPS location tracker feature to see the device’s location on Google Maps virtually.

View Location History of the Target Phone Number with TheOneSpy

The user can use Android’s application location history feature to trace daily stories. You can also get the schedule alongside the location history. The application lets you virtually see the Android phone’s location on the Map.

Track Phone Location by Using Number Running with iOS

If you want to know someone’s iPhone location, you must use the iPhone spy app. Once you have it, you need to jailbreak the target iOS device, and then you can install it on the target device.

After completing the setup on the target device, you can activate it. When you install the iPhone tracking app on the target device, it will ask for permissions of the target device MIC, cameras, location, and many more.

It means the user can get the location of the target iPhone device. However, iPhone tracking software enables you to monitor text messages, phone calls, appointments, and WhatsApp logs. We are sure the user will get to know where the target device user is now.

How Can You Find Someone’s Location by Phone Number for Free?

Multiple ways are available on the web to track cellphone location using the target device number only. You can use the best ways to trace someone’s phone location. However, all the freeways to know someone’s phone’s exact location require so much effort and time. Let’s discuss the methods that manipulate the user’s necessities and offer bogus and unreal ways to track phone location using the number.

Method No.1 Track Phone Location by Number by Using GPS Trace

The GPS Trace is known for tracing out the mobile phone location by using its number only. It claims to send an anonymous message on the target device alongside the tracking link. In response, you will receive an email on your account alongside the location-based dip information.

Key Points to Track Someone's Cellphone Location by Number

Point No: 1

When you use the GPS Trace tool, you will send an anonymous SMS with a link associated with the website. The website has nothing to do with cellphone surveillance or spying at all.

Point No.2

The target person once touched the link. It will redirect the website, activate the GPS antenna of the device, and send the location to your email. It further gets the IP address of the target cellphone. However, the target device location comes to you unless it runs with the GPS.

Point No.3

You will receive email notifications, and you will receive two back-to-back emails. One will provide you with the IP address, and the other will provide your exact location via Google Maps.

Instructions to Track Phone Location by Number for Free
  • You have to use your cellphone number and email to enter GPS Track.
  • Choose the message given by the GPS Track.
  • Send the message to the target device using a number and track the location for free.
  • You will see the message preview.

Method No.2 Track a Phone Location by Number using GPS Coordinates.

Tracking a cellphone’s location by number is a breeze with the IMEI and GPS trackers. These tools allow you to monitor any phone’s location, regardless of whether it’s an Android, iOS, or tablet device.

Web is teeming with phone location tracking apps, such as GPS phones or locate any device, that are free to use. These apps can pinpoint a mobile device’s location, even offline. Within moments, you’ll have access to the device’s GPS coordinates.

Another method is to track someone’s mobile location by sending an SMS to their number. These user-friendly methods and apps can be used for a variety of purposes.

The GPS tracker method is your best bet for tracking a phone outside your social circle. Input the number into a web service, and you’ll have the device’s location. However, a top-notch location tracker is essential for precise, up-to-date, and accurate results. While these methods and free apps are effective, they require some effort. Additionally, there’s a risk of data loss or theft, leading to a frustrating and unproductive day.


There are multiple ways and free apps available on the web that claim to track phone location by number. We are not saying that the methods or apps are not genuine, but we would say they could waste your energy because they require effort and technicalities. Therefore, you need to use TheOneSpy for Android and iOS phones and tablets to track location in every way possible.

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