Android Tracker For Lost & Theft Device

Use Android tracking app to find lock remove data of lost theft

Use Android Phone Tracker App To Find GPS Location, Remotely Lock Cell Phone, Remove Data Of Lost/Theft Devices

Lost or theft devices can become vulnerable to your data on the android phone. So, people get caught in a situation like that where they can lose their cellphone intellectual property. People opt for many different tactics and methods to trace out the /theft device. They use free android tracker apps, singed into Google accounts all the time and many more. Losing the cellphone can put you in an embarrassing situation if the device is full of private photos and videos. To finding out lost/theft devices, you have to put your energy and time. People ask how I can find, lock, and remove data of the lost/theft device. How can we minimize the possibility of losing any cellphone device?

In this post, we will discuss the two aspects. The first one is what we do if we realize our android phone is missing? The second one is about the ways to track a cell phone. You can find, lock, and remove data of lost devices by using the methods. Further, we will discuss the immediate actions you need to take after you lost your android device.

More than 67% of the cellphone losses happen in Interior locations, 33% when a phone user is moving, according to the report of Prey’s Mobile Theft & Loss report 2020.

Immediate Actions You Need To Take Before & After Losing Android Phone

There are the following actions you can take before and after losing your cellphone device. Take a look at the following.

Secure Your Android Accounts

Most people stay login into their emails, social messaging apps, and on other accounts all the time. The first action you need to take is to secure all android accounts by signing into another device and change the pass-codes. You can change the password of your Google account. Are you sure that you will not get back your lost/theft device? It will empower you to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your social networks and emails.

Note: If you do that action, you cannot use the find my device method to track your android device. 

Don’t Confront Alleged Thieves.

In most cases, people start blaming alleged thieves and often get into heated arguments. To avoid the fight, you can do investigative work. Suppose you are sure about the thief but don’t confront them. You can contact the law enforces to sought out the issue. It is not worthy for you to blame someone, anyone. You have multiple options like to track android devices by using free methods. To find a lost phone, avoid hectic work, and use the android tracking app to get the job done.

Block Your SIM-Card

If you have lost your android device, you can block your SIM-CARD. It will enable an unauthorized person to use your lost phone, like making phone calls, read messages, and get access to social networks like WhatsApp.

Consider Free Android Tracking Methods To Find Lost Phone

Suppose you don’t want to waste the time you can opt for a mobile tracker, and you can use the free method to find, lock, and remove data on lost/theft devices.

Method No.1: Use TheOneSpy Mobile Tracker To Track Lost/Theft Android Phone

To avoid all the hectic and worthless techniques, you can use an android tracker app on your mobile device before losing your phone. It would empower you to find, lock, and wipe out the data remotely from the target android phone.

Install Phone Tracker App On The Android Cellphone

You can install TheOneSpy mobile tracker app on your android device. It is one of the best feature and android location applications that enable you to find, lock, unlock, and remove data remotely from the lost/theft device. Further, remotely create Geo-fence virtually on the phone and track if someone has got hands-on your cellphone device. Users can create virtual zones on the target device and further get the pinpoint location. Users can monitor the route-map of the theft device by using the route map tracker feature. You will receive email notifications if the loss or theft device is in the transition from forbidden zones using a mobile tracking app.

  • You can follow updates of lost /theft android phone
  • You can get the real-time location of the mobile phone
  • You can get the location history virtually on the Map
  • Track android location by sending an SMS on the lost device
  • Remotely lock the missing device to protect your data 
  • Remote wipe out the missing or theft device  
  • Create data back before wiping out the theft device data

Prey report further stated that within 4 to 6 days, you could track your lost cellphone device. Otherwise, you would not be able to get your phone back, and you could lose your phone data for sure.

Method No.2 Freeway To Find Out Lost/Theft Android Phone

Several methods are present on the web to track any android lost or stolen device. All these methods are free, but not effective ones.

Let’s discuss the first method that makes it possible with the real mobile tracker app such as TheOneSpy. 

Free Method: Use Find My Device

The first immediate action you need to take is to use the Find My device method to track an android phone for free. It will turn on if you have added your Google account on your lost or theft device. Let’s get to know how you can track and find out your lost android mobile device by using Google Find My Device free service.

To Remotely Find Location, Lock Device, and Remove Data From Your Lost/Theft Device:

The Android cellphone or tablet device must be:

  • The cell phone must be switched on
  • The Google email account must be Signed-in
  • The internet must be available & connected
  • The email account should be visible on Google Play
  • The GPS location services must be ON
  • Find my device should be active

If you are using lost phone 2–step verification, your phone needs to have a back or backup code. For removing cellphone data of lost/theft devices, you need to visit the official webpage of and sign in to your Google account. In response to taking all that actions after losing your mobile track android phone for free and you can find, lock, and remove data from the loss or theft android device without using any android tracker app.

Find My Device will enable the user to do the following: 

  • Your cellphone will receive a notification.
  • You will see the virtual location of your theft android device.
  • You might not get the pinpoint location of the lost phone.
  • If your phone can’t be found, you’ll see its last known location, if available.
  • Pick what you want to do. If needed, first click Enable lock & erase.
  • You can get help from the last known location of the theft device
  • You can choose “Enable lock or remove data.”
  • You can remotely make a ring on your phone a full volume.

You can use secure your device by using the pin code or pattern password. You can remotely add a message to the screen of your lost android device. It empowers you to wipe out the data of the cellphone. 

Repercussions of using Find My device method to track android (lost/theft) 

  • Once you have removed the data using the Find, my device method will not work anymore.  
  • You will not get the real-time and pinpoint the location of your theft android phone.
  • You can use only to use the last known location of the phone lost cellphone.

Forget all the time-wasting and worthless ways to find out your lost/theft android device. Android tracker is the best solution to find out the location of the lost/theft device. Despite using hectic freeways, you can employ this high–tech tool to protect your cellphone data.

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