Lockdown Begins to Lift: How Technology is Helpful for Children Safety?

Lockdown begins to lift How technology is helpful for children safety

All across the globe, even in the U.S, in particular, people live with social distancing and at house arrest with their families. Except for some essential trips to store and recreation walks, none of us allowed walking out of the home, and school enclosures are one of them. Moreover, governments worldwide have restricted opening the nonessential businesses; likewise, malls, theaters, sports, salons, casinos, and school has been shut down. On the other hand, only health and safety services are allowed to open, such as hospitals, medical centers, banks, and others. Now, as the news breaks out in most countries worldwide, lockdown begins to lift worldwide but under the new standard operating procedure (SOPs).

The After Effects of Lifting the Lockdown on Teens

The young kids who have suffered and have faced lockdown and school enclosures are at greater risk while coronavirus lockdown beginning to an end. Teens and children will start their activities again alongside the adults outside the house. They will go to school, playgrounds, visit the neighborhoods, and other infected places where plenty of peoples have lost their lives and got infected. Let’s discuss all the issues that could put teens into real danger.

School after the lockdowns begins to end

Soon after the lockdown begins to end parents will have to send their children out there school. Therefore, there will higher chances that teens and children forget about the safety measures, and parents, on the other hand, have to work at offices. Kids can get infected from other fellow children, teachers, and also they will not make sure to wear the masks on their faces. Therefore, kids and teens are at greater risk of coronavirus.

Teens meet up with friends in playgrounds

Children have gone weeks without seeing their friends in their neighborhoods, schools, and even in the playgrounds. They will be supposed to meet their best friends at all cost no matter what parents have permitted them to do that or not. It means that parents have to monitor their kid’s movements soon after they come from school and early in the morning when they tend to go to schools and colleges. So, parents have to know what kids and teens are doing at school and after coming from school, but the question comes in our minds about how parents would do that.

Children will not follow the social distancing

Social distancing is the key element for everyone to prevent the pandemic of COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, parents should make sure to set boundaries for your kids after the lockdown beginning to an end. You have to make sure teens will go to school without hugging their friends and set at a distance from their fellows. They have to use the medications to kill the germs on their hands while playing at school and keep the social distance from others. However, everything is hypothetically is very easy, but when it comes to practical, it would be the very difficult and boring activity for children and teens. Parents have to prepare their children for social distancing and self –quarantine after the school timings.

Bullies will remain bullies at school

Young children always become the victim of bullies beyond the school gates. Bullies are themselves the biggest threat for children, but when they physically tease your children they will violate the social distancing (SOPs). Moreover, there will be a greater number of chances that your child got infected because of bullying because of physical activities besides their friends at school no matter what school administration has implemented roles on the students. So, parents have to educate the children on how to prevent themselves from bullies by complaining to their teachers and they should learn to keep the distance from school fellows.

COVID-19 has made children addicted to cellphones & social media

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus has happened young children have to remain at house arrest and they have to leave their previous activities but to keep themselves busy using the internet. So, they have become obsessed with the cyber-world using their cellphones and social media. So, once the lockdown is gone, it would be difficult for teens and children to leave the digital phones, social messaging apps, and browsing activities.

Parents will face serious issues to perform digital parenting as well. They will force children not to use social media because its addiction comes with a hell of issues. So, we can say that self –quarantine children have become social media addicts over the last couple of months, and parents have to do work a lot to protect teens from the pandemic and social media addiction at the same time.

There is an old saying that “pain inevitable suffering is optional” so, don’t suffer and use technology to protect your children because the lockdown is beginning to end.

What Should Parents do When Restrictions are Lifted?

Parents must do intelligent work, primarily to protect the children and teens who are about to go to live their previous activities. Parents should set some ground roles for their children and have to do the following things to ensure kids’ safety after the restrictions are lifted.

  • Parents should address the lethality of coronavirus with the children
  • Guide your children to keep social distance from school-fellows
  • Tell your teens to wear masks and wash their hands regularly if they have shaken hands with friends
  • Guide your children to wear masks while going outside the house, no matter what
  • Do complain against the bullies at school if someone is trying to physical with you

Use technology to safeguard children from pandemic after lockdown ends

Technology can do wonders when it comes to ensuring the children’s safety after the lockdown restrictions got lifted. Parents can track kids’ cellphone devices to monitor the GPS location of the children when they are supposed to go to their schools. Parents can see their movements virtually on the MAP. You can get to know the route map of the children, their location history, and weekly and daily location history by using the GPS location tracker.

In addition, parents can listen to and record the surrounding sounds, chats, and voices when children are outside the house to know what they are doing. You can remotely capture the surrounding images by taking control of the cellphone cameras to see if they are keeping social distance or hanging out in a gathering. Parents can also visit their social media activities to prevent their addiction to excessive screen time because of quarantine.

You can prevent teens from spending too much time on the cellphone screen, and they can block access to the internet remotely. Moreover, Parents can listen to teens’ live cellphone calls if they are planning something risky at or outside the college. In addition, you can track teens’ whereabouts that used to take drugs and get involved in hookups and parties.


Technology is being used in many countries in terms of a voluntary smartphone app that enables people to identify infected contacts. Therefore, for parents, TheOneSpy cellphone tracking app is the best technological tool to protect teens after the lockdown got ended from the pandemic and cellphone addiction.  Parents can remotely get to know the GPS location, social media activities, cellphone calls, and the hidden whereabouts of teens once you have installed phone monitoring software on your child’s cellphone.

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