Teens Use VPN to Bypass Spy Apps: Parents Need to Know

vpn to bypass spy apps

Spy Apps enable parents to set parental control on teens’ phones, but if teens get determined to bypass parental monitoring on cell phones and tablets, they will have many ways. So, parents should discuss with teens the usage of spying solutions to safeguard them online. Teens are using VPN to bypass parental controls, no time ever before.

They have many other ways to dodge parents, and they remain helpless to prevent the dangers associated with digital media. You can discuss with teens that the internet and social media are two wild beasts.

It could be manipulative and could harm them at any time. The digital social world, online gaming, adult content, online dating, and other activities can control their lives.

What Is A VPN

VPN is a Virtual Private Network. It can hide the IP address and make other people believe that they are in a different location. People who use the VPN can put undercover their identity and encrypt the data so no one can read data by using parental controls or spy apps. So, people who install parental monitoring apps cannot exploit the target device for surveillance activity.

It is beneficial for businesses. It enables remote workers to use a VPN to connect themselves safely to corporate networks because they don’t trust the in-between networks at their homes and workplace. So, it enhances the online security of employees to prevent unwanted online threats.

It also warns you whenever you access a secure or unsecured site. Contrary to usage, teens are using VPNs to bypass parental spy applications on cell phone devices. They are unable for parents to know what they are doing on their smartphones connected to cyberspace.

Reasons That Make Teens Use VPN To Bypass Parental Control?

Teens are using VPN services to get around spy apps to temper, and juveniles these days have got the best way to prevent parental spying on cellphones.  Here are the following things that teens hide from parents by using a Virtual Private Network.

1) To Visit Inappropriate Adult Websites:

Young teens can unblock different websites that parents have blocked for usage. VPN can easily give you access to the websites that you wish to browse on cell phones. They can change IP address one and after back and forth using VPN services. Do you know? Almost 67% of young boys and 32% of underage teens browse adult sites on cell phone installed browsers. So, parents should realize that teens are using a kind of VPN on phones to dodge them.

2) To Use Social Media Apps & Dating Apps

Young teens are obsessed with social media networks, and they spend hours chatting, messaging, and sharing media files without their parents’ knowledge. Parents have to use mobile phone tracker on phones to prevent their social media activity. So, they block websites like Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, and many more. Teens are smarter than we think, and they install VPN services to bypass parental control apps to bypass monitoring. They use dating apps, social media for dating and to interact with strangers.

3) To Play Online Games

VPN service can easily bypass built-in and installed parental spy solutions on cellphones and tablets. Young teens can access too many online games by changing their IP address back and forth and allowing teens to play online games that promote violence and nudity. Terrorists use audio calls in digital games to lure kids online. It forces parents to install and configure mobile spy software for kids’ safety. However, teens use VPN services to dodge their activity from cell phone parental monitoring apps no time ever before.

4) To Hide Online Activity & Changes Location

Young teens also manipulate their parents by using VPNs on their phones to change their online location. They use different virtual private networks to exploit cyberspace services on the smartphone hide their online activity from parents. Teens can use the internet service anonymously, and they can do risky and inappropriate activities without their parents knowing.

5) To Prevent Web Filter at Schools

Schools and colleges allow kids and underage teens to bring their phones, tablets, and laptop devices. Young teens connect their devices to the school Wi-Fi because educational institutes block social apps, adult sites, and dating apps. However, VPN app allows underage teens to access inappropriate websites, dating applications, and many other risky activities.

Ways That Make Teens Bypass Phone Spy App

Here are the following ways teens can adapt on their digital devices to go around the android spy apps on their phones to dodge parent’s parental monitoring activity:

  • Factory reset to remove spy software on cell phones
  • Use Virtual Private Networks to bypass monitoring
  • Teens also use Proxy servers on their devices
  • Login on their guest accounts
  • Delete Parental control data on the device
  • Bypass home internet networks or Wi-Fi
  • Do searches in private searches like in incognito mode
  • Best spy apps that VPN cannot bypass

How Can Parents Find Out Teens Are Using VPN?

Parents can perform some manual efforts to figure out that their teens have activated a Virtual Private Network on a cell phone device. Here are the following ways you can get to know:

  • Use teen’s cell phone & access settings and visit search tool
  • Type VPN and enter you will get to know VPN has activated or not

Cell phones are more likely to show the VPN’s icon or notification when it becomes active on the target device. Tech-savvy teens can dodge parents by activating it continuously on the smartphone. So, you can check the target device manually. However, spy applications can let you know by using its view installed apps tools. It will provide you with a complete list of the applications installed on the target device. TheOneSpy can easily monitor and let you view all the apps active on your teen’s phone.

Best Spy App For Phones Help Parents To Bypass VPNs

Do you want to set parental control on teens’ cell phones? Usually, spy software fails to address the teen’s online activities active with the Virtual Private Network. Parents remain helpless to know what kids are doing on browsers and online activities. TheOneSpy is one of the few phone spying apps that work efficiently and are most likely to monitor teens’ online activities on phones active with VPNs.

What Can TheOneSpy Monitor on Cellphones Active With VPNs?

TheOneSpy can easily spy on cell phone browsing history and let you monitor websites they are visiting on the web. The application works at the back end of the smartphones like Android and iOS devices. It can catch your teens red-handedly while you browse inappropriate sites when they are using Virtual Private Network.

TheOneSpy may not locate that from where you are browsing adult sites or dating apps, but it still addresses that particular sites you are visiting at the moment. It also can record live phone calls, read text messages on the cellular network.

Moreover, parents can view installed apps using the best spy software – TheOneSpy. VPN cannot stop spy software from viewing browsing activity, installed apps, IM’s logs, and VoIP calls. You can easily log keystrokes on target cell phone devices and crack passwords.

Note: TheOneSpy will work while targeted teen is using a VPN for location changes. Do you want to use spy software to intercept the device internet? It can spy on activity but cannot upload data of the device to the user web control panel unless VPN got off – TheOneSpy CEO said that. Best phone spy apps can hide app icons on Android and iOS devices. It does not give clues to your teens that you are watching their online activity.

Top 5 Spy Apps that Can Bypass VPN on Cellphone?

VPNs are undauntedly providing a great deal of relief to young teens to bypass parental spying on cellphones. However, it allows teens to separate their location in many ways but does not obscure every activity teens do on cell phones. Best phone spy software can ingress to teen’s cellphone to monitor social media, browsing history, record calls, surround listening, screen recording, and record and listen IM’s VoIP calls on android phones without root.

Here are the following spy apps for cellphones that can bypass VPNs on teens’ phones.

  • TheOneSpy
  • OgyMogy
  • SecureKin
  • FlexiSpy
  • mSpy


Most spy solutions do have loopholes, and the same is the case with any virtual network service. However, TheOneSpy is the perfect combination of programming that can manipulate the limitations of VPNs and let parents know what teens are doing online. At least it can provide enough information to parents that can help them supervise and safeguard the digital safety of the teens.

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