“Bullying” Beyond the School Gates


Every individual parent wants to send their young kids and teens to school for the sake of getting knowledge and learn to live a well-organized and well-disciplined life. But most of the parents, who don’t have time to go with kids at school timings, often are insecure because of bullies. It was a time when we found bullying at the school gates, now it is present beyond the school gates. So parents need to show convincingly parental engagement in their kids and teen’s issues they often face within the school or outside the school premises. The monitoring of bullying is possible with the two factors, first is the parental engagement and the second one is the teacher’s attainment. Parents should look after the possible changes in the behavior of their kids and teens. On the other hand, the teacher should make a good check on their each every single pupil, in case someone bullied him/her.

Simple involvement in school’s activities does not mean that you have full filled your parenting responsibilities. Parents should consult with the teachers of their kids and teens, if something is getting worse such as your child stop talking, aggressive and irritable behavior, depression, anxiety and many other things.  Parents and teachers should work together, and then it will be the effective way for parents and for the school teachers to improve the child’s attainment, behavior, and the presence of mind.

Factors Which Bullying Involve:

According to the (CDCP) Center for Disease Control and prevention, bullying is an unwanted aggression in school going kids and teens which usually involves an actual or perceived power imbalance. The crazy behavior may have chances of repetition again and again.

  • The crazy behavior is not present in the young kids and teens who are being bullied.
  • The bullying mostly occurs in school going children, on another hand; it may be found in adults of all ages as well.
  • The bully and the bullied both knows that it is actually a power game, no doubt about that the bully is strong, bigger, older and have plenty of friends like him/her. On the other hand bullied is weak, younger than a bully, shy and innocent.
  • Bully repeat its habit by bullying everyone unless found a real confrontation.

Dangers of Bullying on School Going Kids and Teens:

School going shy, weak kids and teens mostly got psychological impacts as the result of being back to back bullied. The kids usually have anxiety and depression, the regular bullying harm them a lot and they will have lifelong problems such as issues in eating, sleeping, working, in their hobbies, even in their romantic relationships mostly with their spouses as well as with their employers in an organization. Most of the young kids and teens try to commit suicide, mostly young teens that bullied in schools or outside the schools. Where bullies, bullying the most:

How Bullies May Approach Young Kids:

bullies can approach to young kids, at the playgrounds like a strong teen girl grab the hairs of weak one and yanks her backwards off the swing, in the lunchroom, where a heavy young kid smacks down their opponent weak or smaller boy tray, snatching his food, in the classroom of a school where a young gangster squad taunts to smaller child of the class. Sometimes school bullies even follow the home of their victim and very often use social networking apps and instant messengers and do bullying by sending threatening messages and abusive language with the help of their smartphones.

How Can Parents Protect Their Kids from Bullying Beyond the School Gates?

Bullying can occur in anywhere, parents can protect their kids from all types of bullying such as online bullying with the help of TheOneSpy monitoring app. Parents need to install the monitoring app on their kid’s device, once it is installed they can record surrounding sounds and can make short videos remotely by using the Bug their phone feature of the surveillance app when their kids present within the school premises. Parents will have a proof, if they are being bullied by someone and letter on they can put complaint along with the logical Prof of short videos up to 15 seconds and surround sound recording.  If parents think that their young kids are coming late in the house, they can track location by using the GPS location tracking feature of the TOS spy app.

But the question arises how parents can protect their kids in school timings when they are busy in their offices or any other work. Following methods can be helpful for parents to look after their young kids and teens and save them from bullies in school.

  • Make a friendly relation with your child, in order to know each and everything happens in the school
  • Go and visit the school if something you judge suspicious with the behavior of your child. Talk with the teachers of your kids and teens or inform the administration if necessary.
  • Identify the bullies; just encourage your child on the daily basis that your parents are always there for you, so there is no need to worry.
  • Once you have identified the offenders, then talk to their parents in a respectful way and convince them what is really happening with your child. Make them understand to take some action and stop their child to do bullying at school or outside the school.
  • Guide your young kids and teens to get help when bullied, don’t keep the matter in their hearts. Convince them whenever they meet bullies and being bullied they will tell their teachers and parents.


It is very dramatic, alarming and threatening thing when parents heard about bullying in schools. Thanks to the media organizations which illuminate the bullying issues in general public. Now everyone rose up against the social issue of bullying. So, everyone is aware of bullying and people can talk the experts if they are suffering with and got awareness too. TheOneSpy monitoring app is always on standby for you to provide you perfect and reliable solutions to meet with social challenges.

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