Monitor What Kids Are Into It! Infographic

Do you know what your kids are into it? Young minors, tweens, and teens have got so much freedom. They have got cellphones and tablets connected to cyberspace. Playing video games and surfing websites have become a norm for kids. So, they consume media diets at an alarming level. TheOneSpy is a parental monitoring solution that has designed an infographic following ages and maturity levels. We recommend parents set parental controls on phones using TheOneSpy’s powerful feature concerning the ages and maturity levels of the children. Users can use parental controls to capture screenshots, view installed apps, record live phone screens, and monitor what kids are up to all day long on the phone screen. Parents can watch, record, and monitor every activity they perform on their mobile screens. We have categorized TheOneSpy features for preschoolers, big kids, little kids, tweens, and teens. Parents can monitor and controls kids’ screen using our powerful features.

What Has TheOneSpy Covered In An Infographic?

Parents struggle to monitor kids from different age groups, like little kids, preschoolers, big kids, tweens, and teens. They are frustrated due to the inappropriate consumption of media diet, inappropriate web browsing, violent content, online gaming, online dating, and from secretly kids drug abuse.

Here are the following things TheOneSpy covered in this infographic to enable parents to monitor kids concerning age groups and TheOneSpy features suitable for them.

Is it necessary to monitor the cell phones of preschoolers? (Ages 2-4)

How to monitor little kids online? (Ages 5-7)

Is it appropriate to monitor big kids secretly? (Ages 8-9)

Why is tween age risky? (Preteen ages 10-12)

Why do parents find it hard to put a teen’s phone down? (Teens ages 13+)

Get the logical answers to your parental worries and how you can manage to set parental controls on phones. You can know what makes TheOneSpy an advanced and no.1 parental control app for kids’ to monitor what they are into it.

Monitor What kids are into Infographics
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