Samsung Galaxy X foldable Phone – Infographic

samsung galaxy x foldable phone infographic

Samsung is coming soon with its first foldable screen phone. The smartphone will have clamshell –style along with the tablet size fascinating display. Rumors were at all over the world, but last weak Samsung has conducted developer’s conference on November 7th, 2018 this year. Samsung has unveiled its first foldable phone. Let’s discuss about the history of the early flexible display prototype, news, reviews, rumors and years of the making of Samsung Galaxy X foldable phone

History of Samsung Galaxy X

The idea has come from way back (SAIT) Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology. South Korean researchers have designed an early prototype of the foldable technology of the mobile phone since 12th of MAY 2011. The design of the early prototype has its features that displayed folded in a half without disturbing the visible crease in the middle by using AMOLED screen technology.

Results of the early prototype

The Korean researchers were shocked to see that the brightness at the hinge only lost 6% after 100,000 folded and unfolded cycles. The statement was given by the SAIT researcher! Hong Shik Shim to “Results are quite impressive of the AMOLED display panels”. “However, to recognize the technology on a commercial level we have to build different kinds of material and it may take more than two years.

Flexible E-paper display History

There was the number of companies and organizations that have developed and tested a flexible e-paper display a couple of decades ago. The Flexible e-paper display is the actual first ideological prototype. Xerox PARC a research company since in 70’s has worked on the flexible display. HP & ASU known as the Arizona State University has worked and dedicated more than 25000 feet facility to Flexible display. Additionally, there are many others company’s and research centers that have worked a lot on the flexible display technology such as Plastic Logic, Queen University Human media lab, and many others. However, Sony has taken interest fully to develop flexible video display in 2005. Later on, Samsung has finally decided in 2010 Voice president Robert Yi to create 4.5 inch AMOLED display in cell phone products.

The Making of Samsung Galaxy in A Nutshell

Since 2011 Samsung has revealed for the first time at YouTube a flexible cellphone with flexible AMOLED device. The devices that have been revealed in the YouTube were like thin as plastic, but a smartphone that works for cellphone and to use apps. In the year 2012 Samsung has developed a patent application that can be folded in a tablet form. It was like a dual screen device because it can fold from the hinge. The LG has displayed a couple of devices with a flexible screen. The development goes on and Samsung Galaxy Q has come with the rumors that it is coming up with the foldable display and couple of others Samsung devices as well. The rumors were at their peak and finally, official news hit the world by storm that new Samsung Galaxy x is coming up with the foldable screen. Finally, on November 7th at the developer’s conference, the foldable phone finally revealed and rest is the history.

Samsung Parental controls by default

Over the years Samsung has come up with various digital cell phones that have provided users with parental controls by default. It helped out parents to use the parental control features to limit the activities of children and teens such as you may have known that Samsung Galaxy S9.

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