Naked Reality about Sexting! Parents Should Protect Teens

Naked Reality about Sexting

Teens are living in the world of dreams, where they think that everything they do is fun or getting entertainment through it. Teens are very interested in the artificial world knows as the online world. They have no reservations regarding sharing the details of their experiences with their friends, family and even the whole world. They always connected with the digital world and perform a number of activities on instant messaging apps such as Facebook, Yahoo, Instagram, Tinder, Line and others alike. The activities teens do such as sending an infinite number of texts, calls, media sharing and others. However always connected with the digital world can prove disastrous. In teen’s circles, sexting is acceptable when they are in the relationship and they date with someone or interested in one another. Basically, teens are the lack of awareness and lapse in judgment, most of the teens have built-in cameras on their cell phone, iPads and tablets and plenty of other electronic gadgets to capture nude photos. Sexting is one of the most horrific activity teens does on social media platforms, and they don’t realize that a single click may come back to teens and haunt them.

What is Sexting?

It is actually sending & receiving of sexually explicit or we can say sexually suggestive images, texts, videos and it digitally happened through text, emails and with the help of instant messages. The sent or received stuff could be provocative, nude or semi-nude pictures of themselves or others through text messages.

Why Teens do Texting?

There could be a number of reasons behind teens do sexting, but here are the following common reasons teens participate in sexting.

To Swank:

Young teenagers especially boys always want to look cool having nude photos, text, and videos of their girlfriends. They share their girlfriend’s semi-nude and nude photos on social instant messenger platforms in order to show off to their friends’, that how girls are crazy about them. They don’t realize that sharing nude pictures can really create a mess for their girls who are in the pictures.

To Seduce Someone:

Teens, mostly young girls send their semi-nude photos and sexually explicit text to their boyfriends and girlfriends in order to create a sparked interest in a relationship. Most of the teens do sexting to start or maintain their relationship significantly without addressing the dangerous outcomes

To Prove Their Loyalty:

Teenagers who are in a relationship share provocative photos, text messages and videos share with each other in order to prove their commitment to their relationship. Young boys usually bully their girlfriends and force them to send the stuff which is based on sexting to prove their loyalty. Resultantly, teens feel insecure if they don’t take part in sexting they may not maintain their relationship. Therefore, most of the young innocent teens go against their sense of judgment and send photos to their boyfriends.

To Humiliate Someone:

Sometimes, when something went wrong in a relationship, partners who have sexually explicit photos or videos share it on the digital world in order to get revenge on their ex-girlfriend or boyfriend. The only aim they have to embarrass or humiliate the girl/boy in the photos just because they broke up because of some odd reasons. Sometimes, bullies capture photos and videos secretly without talking consent by hiding in the bathrooms or locker rooms of others and then post it to the online world.

What Consequences Teens May Face doing Sexting?

Teens and even their parents may not aware of the fact that, sexting may bring some serious consequences not only the person who are sharing photos, videos, or sexually explicit content even to those who are at the receiving end as well. So, there is a dire need to discuss with your kids/teens the consequences along with the legal ramifications. In fact, sexting involves minors, but nude photos considered as child pornography. So, in short sending or receiving sexual messages is a crime. However, following is a little overview of what possible repercussions teens may face emotionally and legally if they got involved in sexting.

Emotional Consequences for Teens:

It is common in teens that they don’t realize that participation in sexting may cause them serious issues, their single wrong move can finish their lives from that point forward. Following are the consequences teens may face emotionally.

  • Serious Humiliation:

When you have sent your semi-nude or nude photo to the person to who you are in love or in the relationship, you will not have the guarantee that it will remain private. A plenty of cases happen every year in which a couple when broke up, the other who feels he/she is being cheated, starts photos among the people by using plenty of platforms to get revenge. Resultantly, the person who is in the photos really got humiliation. It is reportedly stated that the young teens whose pictures is mass distributed feel that they have walked without the clothes.

  • Cyberbullying:

It is obvious that when your nude pictures, videos, and sexually explicit messages got mass distributed you possible bullied in the streets and even in the digital media. Bullies are everywhere, they always ready to get a scapegoat to do bullying in the real world and cyber bullying in the online world having your provocative nude photos.

  • Teens Feel Guilty and Shameful:

Once you got a hell of humiliation and embracement and ultimate tragic results just because your sexual messages have shared by someone in public. The victim boy or girls usually called from their bad named. Furthermore, teens mostly don’t bear this kind of embracement and ostracized by other fellow students. Resultantly young teens go for suicide.

  • Objectification:

When a girl pressurized by their boyfriend and to send him nude pictures or something which falls in sexting, there could be a chance of being objectified.  On the other hand, there would be the greater number of chances that teen may be victimized and sexually assaulted when other make the hypothesis about teen’s character.

  • Teens Become Hopeless:

When teens humiliated, cyber bullied and feel guilty and shameful, things escalate around the sexting, and finally, young victims become hopeless, depressed and commit suicide.

Lawful Consequences:

Young kids and teens don’t even bother to think that sexting to someone is an illegal piece of the act. They don’t realize that they may face serious and lawful issues. Following are some legal consequences teens may face while getting their involvement in sexting.

  • Child Pornography is a Serious Crime:

Both sender and receiver of sexting can be charged those who share the sexually explicit content in the shape of videos, photos, and the text message may be charged sharing child pornography and others who received the illegal content can be charged with receiving child pornography, even they did not ask for a video or photo.

  • Teen May Registered as Sex Offenders:

Teenagers may get arrested for doing child pornography and ultimately they will register as sex offenders. Having a label of sex offender, it will be very difficult for young teenagers to bear people
’s negative assumptions and ultimately become very difficult for them to bear the evil label for the rest of their lives.

  • Teens May Shock Parents For Lawful Consequences:

Let’s suppose parents who know that their young kids and teens are doing sexting to the extent which becomes illegal at the certain point and they don’t bother to take serious steps against their teens. Then they also may get face the charges.

  • The Risk of Having Foster Care:

When parents come to know about sexting and do nothing to stop their young kids and teens. Parents may have to remove their teens from their house and have to shift their kids in child protective services in the city or state.

What Should Parents Need to do?

Parents are the ones who can take care of their kids/teens and keep an eye on their activities whenever they want without taking their consent. Following are some key points to stop your kids from involving in sexting.

  • Be friendly with your kids talk to them about sexting. If they don’t know what is sexting then guide them with love and care. Use television programs and other tools to make them understand about the issue.
  • Use TheOneSpy cell phone monitoring software in order to do surveillance on their activities on smartphones when connected to the internet especially. Parents can use the spy on text messages of the mobile phone monitoring app. It empowers parents to see all sent or receive messages, MMS, iMessages, BBM chat messages and Heads up/Ticker notification.
  • Teens usually protect their mobile phone with keystrokes, parents can use keylogger of the spy software and then enable to see password keystrokes, Messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and email keystrokes.
  • When parents will have access to all type of keystrokes such as messenger keystrokes they can easily view what type of instant messages their teens send or received and by whom.
  • You can use view multimedia files of the monitoring software and get your hands on gallery photos, videos and even can get screen shots of their all activities. Parents will easily come to know what type of videos and photos your teens are sharing to their friends online. Parents who think that their teens are using multiple instant messaging apps, and then they can use IM’s Social Media of the cell phone spy software. It allows parents to view all IM’s logs, IM chats and conversations, Media files and Voice messages.
  • Company of friends is very important for your kids, if you want to know what type of friends your kids and teens have, then use bug their phone of the mobile surveillance software. It allow you to capture surrounding sounds through MIC bug, you can make short videos of the surroundings through the back and front camera and you will know the exact location of your kids and what type of activities they do when they away from home. You can even use camera bug of the tracking app which enables you to capture photos of the surroundings through back and front camera.

Conclusion: Sexting is on the rise and young teenagers don’t get awareness regarding the issue and the consequences. Being parents you are the one who should protect your kids from the addiction of sexting and cell phone tracking app enable you to secure your teens future.

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