Increase In Sexting Within Teenagers (Updated)

increase in sexting

Sexting has become very common among the younger generation. It consists of naked pictures of men and women or showing sexual images of others on a mobile. The trend is rising, and it is time for parents to react. Parents and teachers must point out to teenagers the importance of online safety. Help teenagers and minors to be cautious against this issue. Boys and girls involved in sexting are increasing, with the percentage in the low 20s. Children also engage in this activity without being aware of the repercussions. It can cause issues for the sender and the receiver. Do parents need to find a way to explain to their children what sexting is? Educate them about they should be using technology more responsibly.

What Is Sexting On Cell Phone Devices?

It is a combo of sex and text messages. It is an activity of sending sexual text messages. Sexting is a term for the action of sending and receiving sexual photos, videos, and images on smartphones.

People can do sexting via text messages, including images and short video clips. Sending and receiving naked pictures of themselves or others is known as Sexting. It can also happen via messaging services and DM on social media networks.

Is Sexting Frequent Among Teenagers?

Sexting is on the rise among youngsters at no time ever before. 20% to 60% of teenagers involves in Sexting, according to the researchers. Teenagers believe that more than 90% of their peers love to do Sexting with their lovers.

It shows that Sexting is considered standard among teens and rises after every passing day. People of any age can get involved in a sext. Tech-savvy kids and teens love to do it on their smartphones and instant messaging apps. People are more likely to receive Sexting from unknowns or friends.

Is Sexting Inappropriate & Could Someone Go To Jail For It?

You know laws are different in every state. So, minors or teenagers could face serious consequences for sending sexual explicit photos, videos, and images on their cellphones. In some states it is a crime, and even teens can charge with serious charges, and could face jail. In many states, Sexting considers as a felony and youngsters can face prosecution against the sexting crime. So, sharing of nudes of themselves and others is not a normal activity.

Dangers & Risks Of Sexting For Teenagers That Parents Need To Know

dangers of sexting

Parents should know about the risks and dangers of teens’ sexting activities. They should teach minors and youth about the risks of sharing and receiving nudes:

Teens could share nudes with strangers online.

The most significant risk of sexting involves sharing nudes with someone teens have not met in real life. So, there is a risk of becoming the nudes viral over the internet. Your teen’s online lover can viral a nude photo or video for a few likes.

Further, he can sell the nude as revenge porn. Anyone can hack your loved ones’ cell phones, and they get hands-on with your sent sexting activity. So, it would be risky to send and receive nudes via text messages and instant messaging.

It means sexting is risky, even if you are doing it with the people you trust. So, don’t let someone else see your –rated media, and never capture your naked photos and videos using your cell phone cameras. So, remove your detailed data, digital trash, and from your phone storage.

You know, once people have their hands on your teens’ nude, they could post them on the internet. Further, facial recognition algorithms would tag you. It would break your trust in your parents, your significant other, and the law.

Dangers of Cyber-bullying, body shaming & Slut shaming due to viral Sext

Do you know your teen’s viral nude photos and videos make them the victim of cyberbullying? Teens, school fellows, and others could make them the victim of body shaming. Whenever viral images, photos, and videos pass through someone’s eyes, they will slut-shaming comments.

They will send you IM, DM, and messages with abusive language. They can also post your personal information and your residential location. Also, send your sexting, like photos and videos, to adult websites.

Teens could Also Face Legal issues.

Do you know in many states of the world, sexting considers a serious offense? Underage-age teens could face legal charges, and in many incidents, teens had to face jail for years and months.

Young teens who share someone else nudes could face charges of child pornography. Law could charge your teenager as a sex offender; later on, no one will accept a grown-up child as an employee or something else in society.

Shared Sext photos & Videos will remain forever on the internet.  

Do you know every online user has a digital profile? No matter if your teens share a photo, video, and message, it will remain forever on the internet. People will lose control over their shared media or something else.

So, people who send and receive sexting like photos and videos are creating their profiles online. Google algorithms will index the data of every person in a category. Whenever a person does search for someone whose nudes got viral would easily get searched with all the shared material.

Another danger associated with teens that do sexting online is true identity. Many technological platforms allow people to hide their true identity, age, and intentions. So, anyone could create a fake profile and link all the inappropriate activities under your belt. So, parents must learn many things to deal with minors and teens sexting on smartphones.

What Should Parents Do Against Teens’ Sexting On Their Cellphones?

Some tips parents can teach their children include decently talking to them. Don’t expose your kids to this issue. Parents can talk to and educate them about it by understanding what they know.

Give your kids age-approximate examples.

Parents should also give their children age-appropriate examples. While taking the first step can be difficult. Parents should find a way to provide valuable examples. Tell them what happens when sexual content goes viral on the internet. Teach your Children and teenagers in different ways. Guide your children that text messages should not contain naked pictures. In contrast, discuss with teenagers more openly as they would know better. Try explaining the problem to them so they would listen and understand.

Teach your teens to avoid Peer pressure for sexting

Parents should know about the role of peer pressure in sexting. Kids engaging in sexting tend to make mistakes that could change their lives. Because of such menaces, parents should monitor their children’s activity on their phones. One way of doing so is by throwing a party at home. Collect everyone’s cell phones before they click or record inappropriate photos or videos.

Make your kids learn about state Laws.

Parents need to help their children understand local laws as well. In many parts of the United States, sexting is a crime that can have serious repercussions. Punishments could include being framed by the police. School administration can suspend children from school. They are even getting your teen’s name in the official records. It would damage your entire life. It also leads to difficulty in gaining employment and could cause job loss.

Warn your kids about the serious Consequences

Parents need to explain a few things to teenagers about consequences. What emotional and physical impact can sexting have on them?  It will help parents to prevent them from engaging in these acts. Apart from this, parents should always be aware and alert to avoid any such issue.

Set Parental Controls On Teens’ & Minors’ Smartphones & Social Media

Parental controls are the best option for modern parents to deal with their teen’s sexting activities. They can use Parental control & spy apps on their cellphones and monitor every action of the teens before they send and receive nudes and explicit videos of themselves or others.

How To Find The Best Parental Spy Software To Prevent Teens From Sexting?

Many spy apps are available on the web, providing services to set parental monitoring on smartphones. Here are a few things you can keep in your mind before you find the best parental control software:

  • I always prefer a remote monitoring app for cell phones to set parental controls on kids.
  • Opt for the Parental spy service that offers various features to prevent kids from sexting
  • Choose an app that offers live screen recording on a cell phone to catch kids sharing nudes
  • Find an app that monitors phone gallery without knowing the target person
  • Select spy software that remote control target cell phone cameras remotely
  • Use an undetectable Parental control application for cell phones
  • Use a non-rooted spy app that also works on jailbreak iPhone devices
  • Install an app on the target phone that remains invisible while setting parental controls

Install TheOneSpy On Teens' Cell Phones To Prevent Teen’s Sexting

TheOneSpy is the best Parental spy service that you can install on any cell phone device. It requires physical access on the target device and takes a few minutes to complete the setup. Further, login to its online dashboard and use the feature given below to prevent teen sexting:

These are the features of our best phone parental control app. Users can use them on any cellphone device to keep tabs on kids’ cell phone devices. It will provide parents with instant results and restrict teens from sexting.


Parents can use TheOneSpy as parental spy software on kids’ cellphones. It empowers users to record live screens to catch sexting. Further, capture screenshots of the cell phone screen, and record keystrokes of sexting. Users can also stream through cell phone cameras when teens are up to sexting in front of cell phone cameras. Users can also share a screen of teens’ cell phone screens to see live sexting activities. Parents can also block IM apps encouraging teens to sext and share nudes. TheOneSpy lets parents track teens’ location and listen to live Voice sexting calls on the social messaging app. Parents can remotely block sexting activities by blocking messages and internet and phone calls remotely.

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