Increase in sexting within teenagers

Increase in sexting within teenagers

Sexting has become very common in the younger generation and it consists of sending indecent and naked pictures of men and women or showing pictures of others who may be engaged in sexual activities. Due to the increase in this trend, the time is now to act which is why parents and teachers both need to point out to teenagers the importance of online safety and to help them be cautious against this issue.

Boys and girls involved in sexting are increasing gradually with the percentage somewhere in the low 20’s. Children also engage in this activity without being aware of the pain it can cause both the sender and receiver. Due to this, parents need to find a way to explain to their children what sexting is and educate them about they should be using technology in a more responsible way.

Some tips which parents can teach their children include talking to them in a decent way. If they have not yet been exposed to this issue, parents can talk about to them and educate them regarding the topic by first understanding what they know regarding it.

Parents should also give their children age appropriate examples. While taking the first step can be difficult, parents should find a way to give them the right examples about what happens when sexual content is sent via the internet or through cell phones. Children and teenagers should be approached in different ways while trying to educate them; younger children should be told that text messages should never contain any indecent or naked pictures while teenagers can be spoken to about the issue in a more open fashion as they would know better. Try explaining the issue to them in a way that they would not only listen but understand as well.

Experts should be asked regarding the role of peer pressure in encouraging teenagers to engage in sexting. Most experts suggest that engaging in such acts tends to these children making mistakes which could potentially change their lives. Because of such menaces, parents should monitor the activity of their children on their phones. One way of doing so is that for example if your child throws a party at home, collect everyone’s cell phones and then return it to them before they are leaving to avoid any indecent texts or pictures to be exchanged.

Parents need to help their children understand local laws as well. In many parts of the United States, sexting is considered to be a crime which can have serious repercussions. Punishments could include being framed by the police, getting suspended from school or perhaps even getting your name in the official records which could be damaging to your entire life. It also leads to difficulty in gaining employment and could also cause present jobs to be lost.

Hence, due to such damaging consequences, parents need to explain to their teenagers about what emotional and physical impact sexting can have on them and help prevent them from engaging in these acts. Apart from this parents should always be aware and keep alert to prevent any such issue from arising.

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