How Does Phone Monitoring Protect Children Online?

how does android monitoring protect your child online

Parents have concerns about kids’ online protection. Cyberspace has become vast, which is alarming for kids’ online safety. Every child in 2022 owns a cell phone device no time ever before. Do you know more than 252 0000 websites get life daily? But, 90% of the websites lack parental controls. So, young internet users get exposed to the dangers. Parents become worried whenever kids use Android phones and tablets connected to cyberspace. The vastness of a child’s daily online activities online is risky. Today, you can learn how cell phone monitoring protect children online.

Why Do Parents Need To Monitor The Android Phones Of Their Kids?

Technology is evolving. Likewise, we have got android phones and tablets. Everyone owns at least one smartphone, and Android OS phones are everywhere. It is too cheap to have it. So, kids can access the mobile phone of their parents.

They can use them all day long. So, parents have no choice but to monitor their child’s phone’s harmful activities. The first detrimental effect of a cell phone is that it is addictive.

It could make them susceptible children to getting harmed by many individuals online. The harmful effects of a cell phone could be sexual and emotional. Young children are more likely to be not aware of online dangers.

Before opting for Android monitoring to safeguard your kids online, you need to know about something. Usually, excessive cellphone usage can put your child in trouble, and they could become the victim of online dangers.

Cellphone & Internet Dangers That Every Parent Needs To Know About

In this section, learn about dangerous experiences every child can face on phones. So, you will realize how Android phone monitoring is necessary for kids online.


Children can use their phones to download instant messaging apps. Likewise, they can download Facebook, Tinder, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, and others. So, they do chats, voice calls, and send media to strangers. In response, anyone could harm them online by bullying them online. Strangers may send your underage teen’s nudes to exploit her sexually. Body shaming and name-calling are frequently online.

Encounters With Online Predators:

A child could face sexual exploitation on their phones connected to the internet. Young kids are more likely to become victims of sexual assault online. The sex-offenders and convicted child abusers usually trap young teens online.

Online Abduction

Many criminals have started chasing the young by connecting with their kids online. They give party invitations to young teens in the nearest nightclubs and bars. Online abductors also trap teens by reading their social media profile information. They breach privacy online, like school names, residential places, contacts, likes, and hobbies. So, kids who share their likes and dislikes online are easy targets.

Drug Addiction

Several types of addictions are possible online. Young kids who remain online in their social world are likelier to abuse drugs. They may start consuming alcohol due to peer pressure. Online explicit movies, gaming, gambling, and chatting are common among kids. So, cell phones and the internet could harm them to the next level. Young children these days seem glued to their android phone screens.

Scam & Malware

Your child’s online transactions could be orchestrated anytime by scammers. So, parents should look after their bank accounts online. So, protect your child’s android phones from hackers, scammers, and bugs.

Can I Monitor My Child's Activity On Android Phones?

Do you want to track your child’s activities on android? You can do it with an Android monitoring app. It will keep you stay informed 24/7. You will learn what kids are doing online and offline. We have got few recommendations for parents to use for kids’ online safety.

Parents can safeguard kids from physical and online harm. Android monitoring solutions can be tech-savvy without parents. They can do surveillance on their android phones and get to know what they do online.

What Are The Top Things Parents Should Monitor On Kids' Android Phones?

Here are the following things parents should be able to monitor on their kid’s android phones no time ever before:

Parents should have a tool that performs screen mirroring. They see an android phone screen.

Parents should have an android monitoring tool that monitors text messages. Further, sync the data to the dashboard.

  1. A single mom can record and hear android phone surroundings remotely from his phone.
  2. Use monitoring software to limit screen time and app usage on kids’ phones.
  3. Parents should be able to track Geo-location and set alerts for Geo-Fencing zones.
  4. You can monitor the list of installed apps with names and keywords.
  5. Read your underage teens’ sneaky texting and sexting codes on their cellphone messaging apps.
  6. Parents should have an android spy tool to record phone calls, IM voice calls, and internet history.
  7. It would help if you saw the bookmarks and passwords on their cell phones.
  8. Also, read your kids’ deleted chats and text conversations on self-destructive messaging apps.

Choose The Best Android Phone Monitoring Software To Protect Kids Online.

Many parents use monitoring and spying apps for Android phones. But remain helpless in protecting kids online. Parents should find the following things before they opt for android tracking apps:

  • Consider an android surveillance app that offers sneaky features.
  • Prefer an application that remains invisible while monitoring on cell phones.
  • Opt for the monitoring solution for android that remains undetectable.
  • Choose an app that works on rooted and non-rooted android phones.
  • Use an application that offers exclusive and remote features after installation.
  • Find an android tracking software that hides the app’s icon on any android OS version.
  • Use an android spy service that a provide mobile viewer app to see instant monitoring results.
  • Avoid all those apps that claim to monitor android cell phones for free.
  • Please don’t go for the apps that claim to track kids without their devices.

Which Is The Best App To Monitor Kids Online On Any Android Device?

TheOneSpy is helpful software for an extra set of eyes. Parents can use it to keep track of their children and loved ones. Use mobile monitoring software for children, such as TheOneSpy. It can end such online concerns that parents have in mind.

Top Feature Of TheOneSpy App For Android:

TheOneSpy is excellent monitoring software. It has all the features required for any spy software for children. These include:

  • Limited screen time and block apps on android phones
  • Block text messages and incoming calls on any android phones
  • Keystrokes capturing and recording in chats, IMs, browsers, and emails
  • Get GPS tracking with real-time accuracy and efficiency
  • See text messages in various mediums of communication
  • View the list of contacts
  • See videos and photos in a phone gallery
  • Recording calls that take place along with the time log
  • Live surround listening and live camera streaming on android phones
  • Record and listen to the Voice calls on IM networks
  • Blocking websites and content on the internet
  • Geo-Fencing to set dangerous and safe palaces for kids
  • Take pictures using the front and back camera with the MIC bug

Visit the complete list of features


With TheOneSpy spy software, parents can be proactive. Parents can check their children’s activities to ensure they’re out of harm’s way. Parental monitoring applications can keep your kid’s online activities under constant surveillance.

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