Is Mobile Phone a High–Tech Villain in Our Lives?

Mobile phone high tech villein

Everyone thinks that mobile phones are their friends, but it continuously creating hurdles and diverting your attention in many ways. People own cellphones to execute more tasks in every single day but on the other hand, these high tech devices are without the shadow of the doubt one of the mightiest hindrances to real interpersonal communication. High–tech mobile phone devices are enabling you to stay close to your distant friends, but at the same time, it is separating you from the person standing right next to you. Today, most of the people including youth have the cell phone and they carried it out in their hands rather than in the pocket. Dramatically, nobody likes to be parted from these technological creatures and it would be something terrible if we don’t respond to someone while it rang or vibrated.

When you are in the middle of daily life conversation with your family or friends you have to answer the person on the phone. If you don’t respond to the one on the cell phone it makes the one to feel ignored. However, checking out the cell phone back and forth and responding the caller within the company of friends, you are telling your friend’s person on the phone is more important. So, in a nutshell, the mobile phone is a high–tech villain in our lives.

Huffington Post report: Mobile phone a high–tech villain

Eva restaurant in Los Angeles invites patrons to get 5% discount in-case they become agreed to not using their cellphone while having the meal. The participation is absolutely voluntary, The Huffington Post, 4 out of every 10 customers have accepted the deal. The best thing about the deal is uninterrupted conversations.

Huffington post further says mobile phones are worst companions with the conclusion of the series studies of Andrew Przybylski and Netta Weinstein, researchers at the University of Essex in Britain. “They Say presence of cellphone distracts face–to–face conversations.

Stats says clearly: Cell phone is a high tech villain in our lives

  • British Survey says that average person see their cell phone screen at least 27 times a day, Huffington Post
  • Cell phones have increased lack of work ethics in employees at workplace
  • Every second teens, and tweens have to face cyberbullying through a mobile phone connected to the internet
  • According to the National Safety Council report usage of mobile phone while driving responsible for 1.6 million crashes each year
  • Almost 390000 injuries happen due to texting while driving
  • 1 out 4 accidents in the US happens due to texting
  • To answer a single text message while driving takes 5 seconds
  • 21% of teens driving involved in fatal accidents due to texting behind the wheels

Multiple Facts: mobile phone a high –tech Villain in our lives?

Cyber predators in teen’s life

The modern technology in the shape of cell phones connected to the cyberspace enables teens to perform plenty of activities. Teens do text messages, text conversation, shared media such as photos and videos and author activities with the use of social media apps. Resultantly, young generations approached by the cyber bullies and humiliate them online using abusive language. Moreover, teens trapped by the stalkers on the artificial world and as well as the sexual predators in terms of pedophiles and many others alike due to lack of privacy in the digital world. Online predators & digital citizenship of teens with the use of cellphone are putting youth into trouble.

Rouge Employees at the workplace

The cell phone has made quite tricky to rouge and bad employees at the workplace. Employees in the business organizations can get involved in something fishy and can steal or leak the confidential data of the company using their mobile phone installed instant messenger. Moreover, lazy employees use the company’s owned mobile phones for entertaining and in time wasting activities. Mobile phones are the biggest high–tech devices used at the workplace during working hours. Resultantly, employers have to use costly other –tech tools to identify & stop rogue employees to protect their business security. Because time wasting at workplace become the major factor of loose of productivity. Therefore, a question arises! Is Mobile phone a high tech – friend or Foe in our lives?

Sleepless Nights of teens

The contemporary cellphones that can be connected to the internet are more likely to exploit teens towards sexuality and as well as towards the trend of blind dating. Young teens and tweens remain sleepless at nights using mobile phones for texting, make the plan for a blind date with the online friend and last but not the least get involved in drug abuse by joining private parties in real-life with the people they have met online before. Teens use sneaky texting codes to dodges their parents even if they are present on their head while texting. Moreover, use of cell phone and social media have become tradition while late night and ultimately trauma that needs to be treated is sleepless nights of teens due to cellphone connected to the wired world.

Driving behind the wheels

The millions of fatal accidents are happening every year due to the use of smartphones driving behind the wheels. Having said earlier almost 1.6 million brutal accidents happen every year with the use of mobile phone while driving the vehicle on busy roads. But dramatically, young teens are more likely to responsible for accidents on the roads due to the use of a smartphone while driving. 94% of teen drivers have admitted the dangers of texting and driving and 35% says doing it anyway. Moreover, teens cell phone use while driving 4 times more likely to have accidents as compared to the adults. Parents are looking forward ways to stop teens from texting while driving. So, what we should discuss in order to prove that mobile phone is a high–tech villain in our lives.

Obsession & Health issues

Mobile phones or handsets undoubtedly creating the imminent sense of isolation among the society and you have seen people using their cell phon
es and gadgets sitting in the parks while having dinner and even walking on the roads without thinking what is coming their way. On the other hand social media usage making us unsocial and it is all because with the obsession with the cellphones. Young kids and teens are the use of texting, sexting, make conversations, and share their media in terms of photos and photos. But today youth are less likely to get involved in physical activities. Therefore, health issues like digital dementia, depression, obesity, and anxiety are common health issues among cell phone addicts.

A Mobile phone high–tech Villain: The Traitor in Your Pocket

No matter what how much advanced mobile phone you are using, IOS and other. It is a traitor in your pocket. Don’t be surprised you have read and have seen the right words that I have written.  The question arises how the mobile phone is a traitor? The answer is quite simple but technical in particular. You can spy on any cell phone device and remotely get to know what your target person has done in terms of activities and what sort of data he/she has stored.

You can spy on text messages, with the use of text messages spy app that is available on over the cyber. However, you can bug someone else cell phone and you can get control over the cameras and MIC remotely and further you can record and listen to the surround sounds.

This does not end yet, you can record the live cell phone calls with the user of secret call recorder. Further, if someone has used cell phone spy apps on anyone’s cell phone then your GPS location could be compromised. However, data stored on the mobile phone and social media apps activities easily accessible in terms of logs such as text messages, audio, and video conversation and last but not the least multimedia shared.


People buy cell phone devices and use it for several purposes and think after paying money these devices belongs to you and loyal to you. Unfortunately, mobile phones are not your friends, but worst enemies. But you can also say the mobile phone is a high–tech villain of our lives.

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