Is It Possible to Hack PC’s Monitor Screen without Them Knowing

hack pc screen remotely

The modern technology has enabled the users to hack someone computer machines no time ever before. But on the other hand, are you aware of the fact that your computer monitor or your laptop device screen can be used against someone? Recently, Ang Cui from Red Balloon Security has found a way to hack the PCs monitor that enables a user to monitor the screen activities. A user can use it to attack someone computer and get their hands on personal and private information.

Everyone knows that a computer device whether it is laptop or desktop machine can be hacked. But over the years the cybersecurity experts do believe that you can use someone’s computer’s monitor or screen against someone and can reveal the private and personal information and the activities they do on their computers to hack PCs screen to the fullest. Let’s have a view that how it is possible and what really you can get by using the way to track someone’s computer machine monitor or screen.

How Does The Hack PC Work?

The monitor or the screen of the computer device is responsible for displaying pixels and choosing the input. It is also known as the on-screen display controller. The researchers have created their way for a user to gain the access and implement the arbitrary code execution inside the screen or the monitor of the PC machine itself. Irrespective of it you cannot rely on the output of computer device, it is because the screen of the machine is actually changing the pixel values on the computer monitor.

So, the hacker can redirect the particular website that looks like the website that you may be used for banking; the target person will not be able to see the same SSL lock on the computer device browser. That’s the way the hacker screen monitoring would then compromise the target person computer machine’s monitor or screen and then put SSL lock on the screen.

This is What Hackers do: What Could be There Aims?

The computer hackers actually those are capable of breaking the security of the user’s computer machine and further they manipulate the information according to their needs. They do these activities such as install the malicious malware without having the target person consent or knowledge. Their skilled minds and hell of knowledge allow users to get access to the information that a target user doesn’t want to give anyone. On the other hand, there are some types of hackers for computer PCs in the below.

Black Hat Hackers

The black hat hackers are the ones that are commonly known for their black activities such as violating the computer security for their own gains, stealing credit or debit card information and they also get their hands on someone’s personal data and to sell it.

White Hat Hackers

The white hat hackers did the exact opposite of what black hat hackers do. They also are known as ethical hackers as well, they use their minds and skills to fix already compromised computer security systems. They always get the consent of the victims in order to create solutions and to fix the loopholes existed within the security issues and suggest ways to fix all the damages made by the malicious or black hat hackers.

Grey Hat Hackers

The grey hat hackers are the ones that don’t believe in hacking someone’s computer machine screen or monitor for personal gains. They may operate illegally, but after having hacks they contact the targeted person or business form to fix the security issues within the systems.

Be White Hackers & Hack Someone PC’s Screen/Monitor

The question which is frequently asked us most is how to hack another computer. Don’t be black hat hacker and use such tools that enable you to breach someone’s privacy. Hacking the computer remotely is just an art and there plenty of hacking tools have been invented over the years that allow the user to perform hacking in terms of monitoring to protect someone from online dangers.

On the other hand, an ordinary person can track someone activities in order to boost the business. If you are not an ethical computer hacker and you want to protect someone from any kind of online dangers or you may want to spy on someone activities on the computer screen that ultimately provide you better results in order to enhance your business to the fullest.

Use TheOneSpy to Spy on Someone’s Computer Screen Legally

TheOneSpy is the computer monitoring & spying software that enables a user to behave like white hat hacker. The user can use it for the purpose of parenting and for tracking the employees‘ computer machines screen and monitors in order to know what they really do on the company’s owned machines within the working hours.

Best for Parents & Employer

TOS  Windows + MAC  PC monitoring app allow parents to set the parental control on the kids and teens computer screen/monitor. It will keep parents up to date regarding all the activities young kids and teens do on their windows & MAC computer monitors or screen.

In-short user can use the computer spyware for parenting and for employees monitoring to the fullest. Parents that are looking forward to know the hidden activities of their kids and teens they can use the on-demand screenshots computer tracking app in order to know all the hidden activities on MAC & windows PCs.

How to Hack Someone’s Computer Without Them Knowing

The computer hacker software can remotely captured screenshots of all the activities teens have performed on their computer devices. On the other hand if parents come to know that the kids and teens are getting access to the sexual explicit content online. They can use screen recording tool of computer monitoring app and get to know the activities. They can further use website blocking tool of the PC monitoring software and can put the URLs of the websites into the filters and can block the in appropriate websites .

Ultimate for Corporate Sector for Employees Tracking

Employers always seem busy because they have to deal with everyone within the business organization. They can do and wonder to such lengths to protect their business. Recent online attacks and incompetency of the employees may let employers business to the ground. Over the years plenty of organizations have become the victims of black hat hackers
and on the other hand, employers wasting time activities within the working hours may cost them a lot.

They can lose intellectual property, business strategies, new product design and several negative outcomes such as private and confidential information can be traded to the competitors through unfaithful employees. So don’t let your business to the ground and protect your business without hiring an expert white hat hacker. They just need to bring the computer monitoring spyware that allows the user to track the activities of the employees on the computer screen to the fullest. They can protect the company’s owned private data through computer spying app, it allows employers to make a data backup completely.

In case a user has faced online cyber attackers have got all of the business data, they can retrieve it back through windows& MAC surveillance software by getting access into the online control panel of the computer tracking app. It has the ability to sync all of the data into the online web portal within no time.

Moreover, when it comes to employee monitoring within the working hours, they can use camera bug of the MAC spyware to know who is up to on the device to get to know who is working properly. A user can use screen recording of the MAC spying app that allows the user to record all the screen activities with real-time and employers will come to know what activities employees are doing on the MAC device monitor or screen. Furthermore, User can use screenshots to stay updated about the activities employees has done on the target machine screen.

Anyhow, a user has power to get their hands on all the activities a target user has done within the messenger, emails and in the text conversations. They can use the keylogger for windows to track the keystrokes applied on the computer device and then get password keystroke, messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and email keystrokes.

Having the entire keystrokes user can get access to the employee’s messenger and can view the conversations and email keystrokes allow users to get access to the email running on the target device screen. An in-short user will come to know what really employees are sending and receiving through messengers, emails and through messages on the screen of the computer.


Parents can get their hands on kids and teens PCs screen activities and stop them visiting inappropriate content on their devices. On the other hand, there is no need to hire the cyber-security experts to protect their business from online attacks and for employee monitoring. Just bring the computer spying tool that will work for parents to protect teens and for employers as the cyber-security expert to avoid cyber- attacks and further allow a user to monitor the employee’s windows & MAC screen activities to the fullest.

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